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National City Bank / ethics, rudeness overdraft fraud

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I have had nothing but bad experiences with this bank. I don't even know where to begin. First off rudeness is there policy. The bank uses overdrafts like scam income, manipulate these charges in weird mysterious ways for profit and don't explain is a straight forward way why they are applied. The magic phrase, not a bank error legally waives away all customer satisfaction. There have been several other issues such as setting up a custodial account as overdraft protection and then removing it without any notification. When the overdraft protection failed I discovered this. When I asked what happened I was told it is illegal to use a custodial account for overdraft protection. They refused to cover the overdrafts when that was obviously their error. There response was this is not thier problem. There have been other things and I even reported issues to the Department of Treasury for investigation and they never even responded. It is so plain to see this bank and the government are thier own self interest groups. In my opinion National City boarders on criminal and after today will remove my accounts. Their service is exploitive. I would rather do business with the mafia.

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  • Ee
      11th of Dec, 2008
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    We deposited a check on Friday and had 4 overdraft fees on Tuesday for 34.00 each! I've sent 2 emails to customer service and my husband went into the local branch and was told that they wouldn't take the charges off!
    This bank is AWFUL about overdraft charges!
    My husband's check is direct deposited every week and still 2 days after the deposit went in they added overdraft charges.
    We are definitely switching banks!

  • Sa
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    I am irate with this bank. As of 2/14/09 I had a balance of 28.00 and a pending charge of 8.00 which had already been removed. I go in this morning to deposit a check and they inform me my act if over drawn $122 and some odd cents. I asked to speak with someone so they could let me know where I went wrong and i was told a firm "NO" we do not assist with overdrafts unless it is bank error. so i just paid it and left. I have been reading online all night about this bank and their scams. I just logged onto my act to see i had another pending fee of 4.56 and my bal was -39.89 This makes no sense to me. I log on again to try and figure things out myself and now my act says i have 0.71 and the 123.00 i deposited today was no longer in there, like i had never paid it. They gave me 2 overdraft fees in 1 day and it says i over drew my act 5 times that day and the next day i "overdrew" it 2 times and they only charged me 1 fee. non the less i ended up with 123.00 in overdraft fees. I am not only confused but extremely mad. i went to one of the local branches for my first deposit and they said since i had not had an overdraft fee this year they might wave it for me but i had to go to the branch where i opened the act. i rushed over there for the lady to be so rude to me it almost put me in tears. This same lady was been extremely ignorant to my sister telling her she does not deserve to own an act when she got her first and only overdraft fee in the 6 years she has been banking with them. I am going into the bank in the morning and closing my act. NOTHNG BUT SCAMMERS!

  • Sc
      20th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Samantha -

    Are you kidding me? Really. Can you be any more dumb? The reason the amounts were changing on the internet banking was because they were updating your account. The reason why they do not show a $123.00 balance is because it went towards the overdraft - to bring it past zero a few odd cents.

    Your account was in overdraft - you know why. Stop being so coy. Otherwise you would have not so easily paid the charges.

    That goes for all of you. Stop overdrafting your accounts and you will not get charged fees.

  • Sa
      20th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    It was not showing the deposit of 40 nor the deposit if 83 that I had put in at all, no where, it should have been in with all of my other expenses. it was no where to be found. that’s what i meant, i did not expect to see it in my running balance. do you have any experience with national city? i have tried keeping my balance in the record book, they even gave me this great big one, i still got screwed in the end, and i left because i didn’t have time to deal with their bs i had to go to work that would be why i am going back in today and as of right now 5 am i have another over draft fee and there is nothing to show in the posted nor the pending for it to even over draw. If i was the only person going through this crap i don’t think over hundreds of people would be posting blogs like this on numerous web sites. How can it go from showing 1 item in pending to it being completely gone and what i had paid towards the overdraft just gone, into thin air? its there then its gone then it appears again a few hours later.

    No one overdraws their acts on purpose. My moms act goes in the red all the time when she gets gas because a certain gas station holds double the amount until it is paid but she never gets charged for it, she also uses a different bank.

  • So
      6th of Nov, 2009
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    i had just under 2 grand in my checking account on 9/30 deposited a pay check on 10/1 bringing to just under 2900. had house payment and another purchase come out same day totalingapprox 550. then on 10/5 overdraft made a deposit into my account when i had plenty of money in there. unknowing to this at the time i moved 1800 to my savings which i still had a little over 500 in my checking account. needless to say this kept going on till i had no money left in my overdraft and when i really needed it it was already used up and i ended up with 238 in overdraft fees

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