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Nabisco / Ginger snaps

1 6775 So Sherman St., Centennial, United States Review updated:

I have been purchasing ginger snaps for many years, today(9/22/15) and the packaging had changed. I compared the new cookies to my older package which I still had a few left in the box. I color is very different about 3 shades lighter, and when I tasted the I could not even taste the ginger, the new ones are almost tasteless. I have a scan attached showing the new and old cookie together.


Sep 22, 2015
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  • Ce
      24th of Nov, 2015

    Nabisco Ginger Snaps WAS my favorite cookie in the morning with my coffee. The new blonde version is tasteless. It's beyond me how a cookie can be changed so much keeping the same ingredients in the same order. I went to 9 stores and bought all the old style boxes, never to buy again until the cookie is changed back to original!

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  • Bm
      1st of Dec, 2015

    I agree with you about Nabisco ginger snaps. These cookies where my all time favorite. I was so disappointed when I purchased a box today. I notice the differences right away, first the box is different and the cookie was so light and thin I had to look at the box to make sure I pick up the right product. Also the cookie was so hard, after eating two I had a tooth ache. This is so unfair when you are paying over $5 a box. I'm not buying any more until the cookie is changed back. Not recommending to anyone. Cookie has to be dipped in some type of liquid just to chew it.

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  • Al
      6th of Jan, 2016
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    I am 69 years young. Ginger snaps were always the cookies my mom gave us. After some time, I purchased the snaps last week. First I was confused about the color of the box because the competitor's box was near the same color. Well last night I opened the box and was SO DISAPPOINTED!! Thin, no color and not the same taste. I used to put the old gingersnaps in my mouth, get them moist and enjoy the taste. This don't happen with these thin hard cookies. I want my old gingersnap back. Here is my message to Nabisco, if you want to cut cost, try giving Directors, Shareholders and Management a cut in your paycheck. You have lost a customer and probably many more will follow when I post my comments on FACEBOOK.

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  • Mi
      24th of Jan, 2016

    Unbelievable for a company as savvy as Nabisto/Mondelez to ouright ruin a time-proven product. You reformulated to remove lead and created dog biscuit in the process. Shame on you. You just lost a long time customer.

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  • Fe
      7th of Feb, 2016

    We have always enjoyed Nabisco Ginger Snaps until our most recent purchase a few weeks ago. Wow they took a wonderful favorite and completely messed up the flavor, shape android texture. The curren cookie recipe took the ginger snap out of the cookie and replaced it with a bland cardboard creation. We are not buying this again.

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  • An
      22nd of Feb, 2016

    I have been eating Ginger Snaps made by Nabisco since 1950. I have tried many alternative snaps but have never had any which compared to the Original Recipe of Ginger Snaps, which I consider to be the best cookie which Nabisco ever manufactured and delivered.

    Much to my shock, dismay and lasting disappointment, the new ersatz version of the original Nabisco ginger snap is simply TERRIBLE.
    Not only is the cookie NOT made by NABISCO, but it is made by a MEXICAN Company called MONDELEZ.
    The recipe is totally different.
    The texture used to be rough and chewy; now it is smooth and hard, not at all pleasant to chew.
    The taste is not real ginger anymore.

    In protest, I am BOYCOTTING ALL NABISCO PRODUCTS until I get my ORIGINAL NABISCO GINGER SNAPS back on the shelves of my local grocers

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  • Ka
      4th of Apr, 2016

    I just purchased a box of Nabisco ginger snaps, what happens? Used to be one of my favorite. Now they are hard, wafer thin and leave a bad taste. I tried dunking them in my cup of tea which just made them very hard and chewy. Won't buy any more .

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  • Sh
      18th of Apr, 2016

    I'm in my 40s and I grew up eating Nabisco Ginger Snap cookies and I bought a box a few months ago that were awful. I thought maybe it was the store I purchased them from so I bought a box Saturday April 16th and these were even worse tasting. The cookies are thin, hard, and almost inedible. They're way to hard and I'm afraid I'll break my tooth on one. There's no molasses or ginger taste to them. What happened? Why did Nabisco change the recipe? Please don't fix something that wasn't broken! I will not buy another box until there back to the old school cookie they use to be!

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  • Gs
      19th of Apr, 2016

    My mouth waters at the thought of your Ginger Snaps, no wait I just had six and was Greatly Unsatisfied, Disappointed, just plain Let Down. Why in the world would you change your cookie into this extra thin and tasteless object. For as long as I can remember someone in my family buy your Ginger Snaps as a surprise treat but this time the surprise was no treat. Do you remember when New Coke came out, I do and I believe it failed. Nabisco's "New" Ginger Snaps recipe ranks right up there with the New Coke recipe. Nabisco Ginger Snaps are more like Fiasco Ginger Snaps.

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  • Fu
      22nd of Apr, 2016

    April 2016
    OMG what have these cookies become. I remember my Mom would make homemade ice cream sandwiches with ginger snaps. I picked up a box since I was feeling homesick. Where is the molasses? Where is the ginger? The box isn't even the same. What have we done to deserve this unwanted change?

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  • Fl
      23rd of Apr, 2016

    I agree with the others. I have been eating Nabisco Ginger Snaps since I was a kid (a very long time). I got a new box yesterday and the new version is TERRIBLE - there is no color, no taste and they are very thin. I always ate your ginger snaps for the sharp spicy taste. You have ruined them!

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  • Br
      2nd of Jun, 2016

    Your ginger snaps used to be delicious. Full of great ginger flavor. They are absolutely awful now. Flavorless, flat discs.
    You took a great product and made it tasteless . You have lost a devoted customer.

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  • Io
      3rd of Jun, 2016

    I agree with the other criticisms listed here. I was a long time fan of your Ginger Snaps and used to love them for their crisp full flavor when eaten dry, and especially wonderful dipped in milk or hot tea. They were costly, but were gourmet. Now, they are pale, thin, compressed and tough now, almost impossible to comfortably eat when dry, and even when dipped in hot tea they remain chewy and tough before eventually turning into mush. They used to be such a treat! The flavor is different now also, spicy in a way but not the same full deep flavor that the darker color cookie used to have with rich molasses and ginger flavor. Please bring back the original recipe! They are not worth $5 a box, I will not buy them again!

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  • Ci
      14th of Jun, 2016

    This was from snackworks... today 6/14/2016

    The formulation of GINGER SNAPS Old Fashioned has indeed changed and I'm sorry you were disappointed with your most recent purchase. We have changed the manufacturing plant where these cookies are made and have also changed the molasses in the cookie. The changes you might note are color, stack height, and ginger taste. This is driven primarily by the molasses change from Black Strap Molasses to Fancy Molasses.

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  • Ma
      21st of Jun, 2016

    There are some things in this world I had grown to depend on at a very young 52 and 11 months I finally sneaked in a box of my all time favorite cookie., ...I open the box I take a deep nasal draw...something is wrong...that smell...where is it???? what the heck did you do to my cookie? is this some kind of joke????? what on gods green earth were you thinking? never mind you weren't thinking...return this cookie to its original state and all will be forgiven and forgotten...leave it the way it is and it shall grow stale in stores everywhere...

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  • Ma
      22nd of Jun, 2016

    I will probably not be buying any more Snaps as I agree with all the above criticisms. Paying $5.29 for a box of my all-time favorite cookies will not be happening again until Nabisco (or whatever corporate ### own it) changes back to the original flavors, textures, sizes. I just returned from Italy where there biscotti"s are plentiful, flavorful and very inexpensive. We here in the USA have been totally sold out, not only with cookies but almost everything we buy: Deceit in packaging, much less in quantities and pricing through the roof. Time for pocketbook revolts????

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  • Bl
      24th of Jun, 2016

    The new Ginger Snap is awful. Very tasteless!I grew up with those cookies and it reminded me of my grandma's house. I will never buy another box again, and I'm glad my Grandma's not here to taste them either. Why would you change that Nabisco? Big mistake!!!

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  • Ir
      12th of Jul, 2016

    The old gingersnaps tastes so much better. "if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it!" They are expensive, but were worth it! I don't think I will buy them again.

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  • Ho
      9th of Sep, 2016

    Product is so bad... will never buy again.. You wrecked them...

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  • Do
      16th of Sep, 2016

    I've been eating Nabisco ginger snaps for 30 plus years. The new recipe is bland and tastes like all the other cookies on the shelf. If you are going to change the recipe at least publicize the old recipe so we can make our own. No one who's tasted the original will ever eat your new product. I'm taking mine back to the store to get my money back.

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