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My name is Mike Creel & I should mention that I'm permanently disabled from living with type 1 diabetes since I was 10; I'm currently 44. I signed up with for a trial subscription which was a 1-time payment at the start of a 3-month cycle at $32.85. I understood that it would automatically withdraw that amount again on Nov. 3 in my case. What little contact info was provided for a few friends I was looking for was from about 15-20 years ago in most cases. I run out of money about 1/2 way through everyonth because I can't work & live on disability alone. I had $33 to spare a few months ago & needed to find a certain friend, so I figured I'd give it a try. I cancelled the auto-renewal feature at on Oct. 13 & received a confirmation email from them confirming that fact. When I awoke Nov. 4 & checkedy email, I received a congratulations from them confirming my auto-renewal & successful withdrawal of $32.85 from my account! These ### are no better than murderers in my book! As hard as it may be for most to believe, $33 can men the difference between life & death for disabled people. I can't pay all my rent & eat, etc. As a diabetic without a home & no refrigeration to preserve my insulin, I'm finished. I'm going to post a petition through on my facebook page which is I only hope I can manage that much in time! This thing is utter ###! They're scamming disabled people! While most of us disabled persons don't consider ourselves victims of anything, many (including see us as easy to victimize. DO NOT sign on with these ###ers for anything! Best wishes, Mike

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