MyFlightSearch.combooking problems - sketchy practices

Booking Reference No.: 78872

This site is the single worst booking experience we have ever had... Watch them because they search the cheapest flights anywhere near the dates you enter and then you get booked on the WRONG DATES without knowing it... Then when you call them, they tell you the rates are almost double of what they are on their website. The guy on the phone had the audacity to say that the airline website was WRONG and he was charging the correct amount.Now completely frustrated, we tell them to cancel the whole thing and they say, sure we'll credit your money back in 10 business days!!! We called back within an hour (upon receiving the confirmation and catching the mistake) and they still need 10 days to return something they took in a few moments. This site is not on the level... stay away!

I expect nor want nothing from this website other than for them to correct their perceived devious business practice. Buyer beware...

Sep 04, 2017

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