MultiChoice Africa / DSTVtransfer of package between home and holiday home

I have been most frustrated on trying to move my viewing package form my residential address to my vacation retreat.
I have a premium package at home and an EasyView package at my holiday home. In the past I was able to disconnect my home package and transfer it onto the decoder at my holiday home and then reconnect both services when I returned home, so that some service, at least, would be left available to whoever wished to use our holiday home.
This option was made very difficult by DSTV when it decided that EasyView contracts could only be connected/deconnected on the contract payment date. The "holiday home" package was financially not an option as I was informed that this meant that I need to keep 2 full packages going : 1 at my residential address and 1 at my holiday home during the time I was on vacation.
This prompted me to bring my PVR with me this time, as you suggested in your adverts, and to plug it in to my dish at my holiday home. This was unsuccessful, even with assistance, and I then tried to have my home package disconnected and transferred to my holiday home. After some 33 minutes spent on my cellphone with DSTV Cape Town I was informed that they were having "technical difficulties" and that they would keep on trying . This morning I still have an error message and phoned again.
After going through the whole identification process again with a person identified as Lunathi, whom I experienced as being rather irritated by me, ( I am hard of hearing and do not follow conversations easily, as explained to her) and 23 minutes on my cellphone later, I was disconnected and had to start the whole process over again. This time I spoke to a lady called Olwethu and, again after some 14 minutes, managed to get to the stage where she informed me that my problem had been escalated to her supervisor who she said, would contact me on progress. I also was informed that my EasyView package, which is paid on the same debit order as my premium package has, mysteriously, been deactivated. This been a very frustrating and, indeed, deeply disturbing experience, not to mention that it has also consumed all my airtime! One cannot believe why this process which is advertised as being such a simple one, can be so difficult . I am presently waiting for the promised assistance and am having to make do with watching channel 100.
I also do not appreciate being made to feel like a naughty child when speaking to an advisor : even if my questions do not seem to make sense to her I would have expected more empathy, particularly after having explained about my hearing problem. Terminating my call was also not very nice at all, as I had to go through the whole process again.
Please improve this service.
Cust No [protected]

May 19, 2017

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