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You are absolutely taking the piss !!.. your BBC repeats are bordering on criminal extortion !!.. "4 brand new channels" ... bollocks !!.. they are 90% all repeats from last year, last month, last week, yesteday and earlier today... .. you should be ashamed of yourselfs !!!... unless... its a cunning plan to get us all to un-subscibe and the head of DSTV programing is to be the new MD of the up-coming competition !!, , , get a grip guys.. be honest with yourselfs and the people that pay your salarys... "US"... and give us some value for our money !!

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  • Ko
      Nov 13, 2008

    I agree. I also wonder why we must pay so much for similar programm broadcasts. No need for a PVR as the same programmes are repeated over and over and over and over...
    Hopefully healthy competition is near

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  • Im
      Nov 22, 2008

    and mostly everybody wants dstv

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  • Gl
      Jan 08, 2009

    If a European or UK company took good money to repeat programs as often as this, heads would roll!!! DSTV can be proud of nothing. It says it listens to us but provides the most trite, mindless, repetitive junk and I will seriously be considering not renewing my year's subscription. Repeat this about 70 times and you get what I mean!!! We deserve competitors and to challenge the dominance of such disgusting practice.

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  • Ni
      May 07, 2009

    I endured a lengthy survey a few months ago, and I see all the above complaints echo my sentiments. Strictly come dancing is one example. We are still watching repeat episodes going back some two years, and I know for a fact that there have been several new episodes recorded as I have already seen them in the UK. I now see that you have taken to braeking into Sky News with DSTV ads which is extremely annoying . I refuse to watch E-news until this station gets reporters etc to speak English properly. The black announcers on Sky TV speak excellent English so why can't ETV do some elicution and training instead of taking people off the streets or so it seems.

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  • Na
      Jun 09, 2009

    I agree with the complaints about repeats.It is scandulous the fees charged by DSTV and then repeating them over and over.The latest being John Steed repeated three times in 8 days.Disgraceful.
    Does the scheduling department think they are dealing with ###s who have see a program four or fives times before they under stand it.
    These people are not able to do their jobs, so get rid of them and replace them with those who can.
    I find your service very expensive for one week's viewing, as after one week it is basically all repeats.
    I think it is time for me to drop your service, as I seem to be watching local TV more and more
    Basically I think your service stinks.
    It is time to clear out the dead wood begining at the top and going down to the bottom as these people are incapable of doing the work they were employed to do

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  • Pa
      Aug 06, 2009

    dstv is a lot of crap, the repeats kill me and my money its a waste of my money, somebody should find a way to put this people in there place, i wish i could if only i knew who to talk to, iwould

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  • I can relate to all the complaints and am pleasantly surprised that we may air our opinions on this website. Thanks for this.

    I have just checked the Style Network's program line-up on their website. Guess what? Programming on DSTV's channel 183 does not tie with the website! We are obviously being supplied with a "loop" of material that has probably been recorded years ago.

    DSTV is a rip-off and I am sad to say that this "practise" will not end until DSTV has some proper competition... What in the world happened to the opposition? These operators have been awarded licenses some years ago and yet we do not hear a thing about the progress?

    Are we not protected by some kind of consumer right? A fair monthly rate (in my opinion) would be around about R125 opposed to R500 as programming is repeated week after week!!!

    We as consumers are unfortunately the reason for our own unhappiness. DSTV should also not be seen as a status symbol or have to have. Those years are long gone as DSTV is now more accessible by means of the various package options.

    I guess everybody wants dstv as it offers more than the terrestrial tv channels, yet, we are reluctant to complian about the content and repeats!

    I hope to check back soon and see some progress / additional comments on this interesting topic.

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  • Di
      Jan 14, 2010

    I recently got on board with the compact subscription which is still very high at US $25. I have been a member for3 months now and my wife as already stopped watching channel 183. The repeat programming is so annoying. What of channel 113 with thos eold comedies like hanging with Mr Cooper. I was thinking of getting a PVR with a sony bravia 40inch and enjoy HD programming to be intoroduced next month but at this rate I will opt to switch to free to air which has very few repeats and FOX movies is available plus other new channels.

    This service offered by DSTV is a disgrace and those running should listen to this views with a view to improving their service

    Disgruntled Viewer-- Nairobi

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  • Vi
      Jan 21, 2010

    hah i see this a very interesting topic i for one cant wait for the new competition this year i hear there's virgin TV and MD that's arriving... oh you guys are forgetting about the repeat of the repeated episodes, i sometimes wounder why we pay so much for a bunch of crap... and who says dstv don't go for adverts they go for adverts as soon as a wicket falls in a cricket match i wont be surprised if they go for an advert every time a goal is scored in the world cup


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  • Kg
      Aug 01, 2010

    Dstv must give compact subscribers Mnet

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  • Th
      Nov 22, 2010

    I think you should do something about the repeats on your movies, its terrible and ridiculous for you to do that
    especially because we are paying for this .I was also looking at th complaints and almost everybody is complaining of the same thing and yet you dont make any changes which mean one thing you dont care about what customers think. You better do something fast this is a disgrace

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  • Ly
      Nov 26, 2010

    at first i loved DSTV but it is so tediuos now as it shows the same damn over and over yet our subscription will definitely increase, i find the movies boring now and repeated we pay a hell of a lot of money but to watch [censor]. might as well stick to SABC as the same [censor] shows there as well.

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  • Ja
      Mar 31, 2011

    watching 2010 programs again in 2011...they don't seem to care or give a [censor]...they are just happy to take our money and think there's nothing any one can do ...well the new consumer act should have some grounds by which we can claim back our monthly subscription fee for lack of service delivery...alternatively..we can start a group on FB to boycott them till they give us new programs on a continuous basis...
    the power is now in the hands of the WAKE UP DStv and get with the program !!!

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  • Le
      May 11, 2011

    How come we can land a man on the moon -- but dstv can't get the volume levels of the different channels all at a 'normal' level? When you switch channels, the sound level on one just about blows your head off (I use headphones) or else it's down to a faint whisper. And then there's the ear-splitting blast when an ad is broadcast... Surely the technology exists to control sound levels at the broadcasting source?

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  • Oc
      Jun 30, 2011

    just want to know why the same movies play over, over, over, over and over again.i sit done thinking this is going tobe a good movie make myself comfy only to find its something that was on 2 days ago.WHAT THE HELL IS GOING your playlist stuck on repeat or what!!!

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  • Na
      Aug 08, 2012

    While you welcome complaint, I would like to submit my complements for repeating some of the movies. In particular I like the movie in National geographical channel (260) entitled "DOWN TO THE EARTH'S CORE". In fact I would like to poses that movie. How do I go about getting a copy of that movie. If it is paying please let me know how much. Unfortunately I do not have HDPVR DECORDER

    Bye NATHAN

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  • DSTV is the only company that gets away with having a consumer pay 4/5 times a week, 8/20 times a month and 96+ times per year to consume (watch) the same movie - And no one does anything about it!
    If we say watch the movie @ R30.00 each -
    in one week to see the same movie will cost you R150.00
    in one month to see the same movie will cost you R600.00
    in one year to see the same movie will cost you R2, 880.00
    So in essence we are paying about R2, 880.00 to see a movie on DSTV!!

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  • Ne
      Mar 04, 2016

    Why do Dstv increase the monthly payment but every day they show the same program over and over again nothing new No new movies or Afrikaanse Flieks or something to enjoy its the same old stories over and over again I am really going to cancel Dstv this is ridiculous to pay so much money for dstv and that for the same things everyday no thanks. You don't give our customers something to lookout for or to be happy with so all I can say is you are going to lose a lot of clients at the end of the day because you don't make it worth it for us.

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  • Sl
      Jun 03, 2016

    I have phoned them 3 times to confirm the cancellation of my connection, but they keep taking the amount of R920 off my account on the 1st of the
    month. It has cost me two reversals of R25 each plus petrol to the bank and back of 10km each time.
    I want compensation for this and I want hem to stop trying to steal from me when my connection is cancelled.

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  • Ja
      Oct 09, 2016

    if i agreed with all the above a trillion times it still would not be enough as to how i feel about dstv CRAP

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  • Sh
      Apr 04, 2017

    Repeats repeats repeats advertising an all new Judge Judy but once again repeats repeats repeats

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