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Account no: a2759200
My internet service has been suspended from april 17th, 2010, without any notice. The monthly instalment of r211 is paid by debit order. The debit order for feb 2010 was not offered by mtnsp to the bank, thus it was not deducted. On march 1st, r211 was deducted and april 1st, r422, probably for the february payment that was not deducted. I phoned with my pay-as-you-go cellphone, to mtnsp's customer care service, but r210 airtime later, no answer. Why do they give a customer care service's contact details, if the service does not excist. I also send them an e-mail on april 23rd from a family's e-mail, which they confirmed has received it, but still no solution to the problem and no internet. Luckily my contract expires in 3 months time and I definetly won't renew it. One cannot even rate their service, because there is no service. Surely I won't recommend anybody to make use of mtnsp.

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  • Jb
      7th of May, 2010

    Hey Petrus, I can help! Leave your complaint on GetClosure and also how you would like them to handle it and they will get back to you.|getComplaintSupplier&module=Complaints&function=AddCompaint&&suppname=mtn&SupplierID=128&SupplierName=mtn

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  • Je
      7th of Jun, 2010

    1. i am sick and tired of mtn too!!!
    2. firstly, my contrct was expired on 5jun2010, i informed them from mtnsp one month beforre. but they still don't want to cancel it for me.
    3. my contrct is R30/month, usually i pay about R50. but from FEB2010, they deducted more than R160. i complained to them from mtnsp, but no any reply!
    4. the eservice of mtn is so poor.

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  • Vo
      17th of Sep, 2010

    I have been an MTN client for 10 years and have not been able to receive a decent signal for most of that time, I used to live in Henley on Klip where the signal was so week I had to make of my calls to cell phones had to be made from a landline, I then moved to Brackendowns which is about 15 kilometers from the centre of Johannesburg and my signal is even worse.I have now decided to cancel my contract which expires on the 5th of October.

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  • Se
      10th of Jun, 2013

    My account has been suspended due to non payment and insufficient funds in my debit account.I would like you to sent the account where I can quickly remit my payments.

    My cell number is 083 384 9440

    Bogopa Sefako

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  • Ba
      27th of May, 2015

    At MTN u say a phone has if a phone has problem I can bring it back for repairs but I took to MTN store the papers did not tell me anything about R350 for despetch or delivery then I call after the time they said I must for then they tell me they detected water damager to repair its r1500 The phone itself cost a R1000 if you buy it so how can I pay more that and I know my phone has never had a swim so I don't know what to do.i am busy paying a phone MTN has, so when I told them to not repair it then they tell me about R350's

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  • Ja
      1st of Jun, 2015

    I wont renew my contract with mtn as well. Their service is pathetic. I have the same problem with them and they dont do anything from their side to resolve it. Im going to them tomorrow again.

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  • Di
      15th of May, 2018

    I am quite feddup by now, I have no idea where to go to anymore. They suspend me weekly, while in contact with their Legal accounts department. I give them all the problems with only an answer as to an amount that I am outstanding... the problem be that I asked them where that amount comes from, they send me a statement where they overcharged me last year and or 2 months I cannot make out what they did. I pay my account exactly according to my statements... They don't give me feedback on the problem, but just suspend me!!! I cannot even phone MTN from my phone, so how do I clear up the mess?

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