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over scratched recharge card

I bought a recharge card of 200 and over scratched the pin number I will appreciate if my account credited to that tune. The seril pin code is [protected]. My phone number is [protected].

unbarred [protected]

My line [protected] was barred this morning due to low credit.I recharge with 3000 naira but uptill now my line is not unbarred.pls unbarred my line to enable me reach out to people.

  • Em
    emmanuella david Jun 06, 2009

    my phone has been barred. i need help,

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  • Nw
    Nwosu daniel Aug 06, 2009

    Pls mtn should unbar my line 08030957355.tried loadin a recharge card sent 2 me, it refused to credit me but the same pin credited my friends line

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  • Ja
    jayo Sep 14, 2009

    Pls my mtn was barred from making international calls. Help pls. 08037174242

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  • Ma
    matthew johnson Oct 14, 2009

    my own line is also bared please help me 07038376352
    email address [email protected]

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  • If
    Ifeoma Umeh Oct 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i missed a number trying to recharge my phone and was barred. pls i need u to unbar my my line 08036061642 name Ifeoma Umeh

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  • Sa
    salisu yusuf Dec 19, 2009

    i want to lock my credit 4rm been use.but later i forgot my password.i tried ccalling the customer care but they did not respond.pls unbarred my line to enable me reach out to people.this is my no 08034645972.these are d no i do call most 07068868524, 08139381958.and i am having 173 naira on it.pls i cant call out

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my line is barred

my line was barred around 6;30am this morning, i recharge with 3000 naira but i am still not unbarred.Ihave tried to reach your customers care but no positive responce.pls unbarred my line.

Joseph John Hayab

  • Bu
    Buhari Lawal May 26, 2009

    my mtn line was barred, i cant make a call with it please unbarred it.this is my number 08037416383.

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  • Bu
    Buhari Lawal May 26, 2009

    my line is barred on tuesday 5th of may, 2009 around 11.00am i have 99.01 naira in my line.i tried to call your customer care but is not going. please solve this line number is 08037416383

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  • Ad
    adisa joseph Jun 20, 2009

    my line is barred since last two month i cant be able to call out but i can receive.i have tried to call the customer care but is not going pls i want you to help me to unbar it because is my buisness line .this is my last recharge was 100 naira but when i cant call out i have use it for browsing.pls help me out.

    from adisa joseph.

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  • Eb
    ebuka Jul 25, 2009

    my line was barred one and half week ago. I can't call but can receive calls, I tried customer care but not going through please help me unbar number is 08063352471.I loaded #100 recharge last.Please help me out. Thanks 4rm John.

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  • Ge
    GEOCORP Mar 13, 2010


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mtn &15& competition

The new "37187 MTN" competition is so not a good competition. In fact it draws all your money out with the...

content provider

14 may 2009

Drea sir / madam

Service delivery - mtn cellular provider

We are the legal owners of a cellular contract with the above provider. Recently one of our accounts escalated in fees resulting in us querying the astronomical fees charged. The additional cost was fees charged by what they call "service providers" for items such as banking, porno videos, music etc.

This letter is not to complain about the fees but the process and the ethics behind the procedure followed by the above company. Let me also state I am sure they are not the only company that "provde this service.

To give you background, we took this contract out for our teenage son as he travels to pretoria virually daily to attend up and he needs to be able to contact us if an emergency arises. As responsible parents we put a limit on the usage on this contract to prevent any abuse as young people do not always understand the meaning of "moderation". I our opinion we took the necessary steps to ensure we would not end up having an unpleasant surprise and for more than a year this was the case.

However, due to this provider's fees we decided that we would not renew the contract when it expired and bought our son a cellular contract with a cheaper provider. The mtn sim was locked in our safe until such time the contract came to an end. Was our surpise great when we discovered the bill has increased virtually four-fold. Upon querying this they informed us this contract was subscribed to several sites for games, music, etc. After explaining to them we wanted them not to continue with this, they promply informed us to contact these providers directly. When asked how they could bill this amount when a credit limit existed on this contract, they informed us the credit limit did not cover content provider subscriptions - something they failed to mention before. We then had to go through the painful process of contacting these providers to cancel these conent subscriptions and explain to my son free games and music sites are not free. Further to this we instructed mtn to cancel this sim and to stop any transactions on this sim.

To our surprise this was not done and yet again we have to pay money to conent providers who did not provide anything as the sim is still locked in our safe and mtn assured us this sim is blocked.

We want to know why do they mislead the public by allowing a credit limit to bypass it by saying this content does not get included in the limit. Furthermore, we want to know why they do not contact the legal owner of the contract to get permission to activate this service when the legal owner has to authorise everthing from address change to itemised billing on the account.

In our personal opinion, this behaviour borders on criminal behaviour and needs to be addressed urgently. We implore you to review this matter and put the necessary steps in place to prevent other consumers from this greed and unethical behaviour.

Thanking you

Charmaine moore
[protected] (H)
[protected] (C)
[protected] (F)
Moore. [protected]

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phone not avalaible

on the 20th of april i went to the store to get a phone on contract, they told that they did not have the phone in the store but that i would be able to get it on tuesday 28 april. Tuesday came and went and still no phone, then they reassured me that i would get it on friday 8 may but friday came and went and still no phone. now they are telling me that the phone will be available on tuesday 12 May but now I do not belive anything they have to say . If they copuld not get hold of the phone they should have said so instead of making all these excuses and i still do not have a phone

  • Jo
    Joem101 Jun 25, 2013

    I had the same thing with MTN. No store had stock of the phone(experia V), eventually found the phone at Rosebank. Been waiting for 3 days for the contract to be approve. Not getting hold of the store when you phone and when you do their system is offline??

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over charged

Willem & Estelle van Rensburg
Sell: [protected] // [protected]
Fax: [protected]

I contact MTN and send them emails and they don't even respond to my inquiries they just ignore my complaint

HI This is now my 6th inquiry
My Previous contract was a my call 100 and my account always closes on the 11th of each month. On the 16 /02/09 I have migrate to a R350.00 any time contract 5 days after the previous months bill have already closed however you have invoiced me for the new 350 any time contract and I was supposed to pay just for the previous my call 100 contract R149.00 Not R449.00 that I was bill for. So from the 11/02/09 I have received my free minutes and again you have charge me for the new contract R449.00 HOWEVER my account was billed according to my old contract,
With previous calls to the call center they promised that they will rectified the problem and credited my account but up to date my account is still not in order.
You have charged me 2 months for the 350 anytime contract but I didn’t received this airtime.

Can you please rectifies my account otherwise I will get legal advise against MTN
Willem van Rensburg

number does not exist

This N750 Recharge card Pin No. [protected] ID N0. [protected] does not exist as confirmed by mtn customer care as an error.Pls kindly correct and recharge my mobile phone [protected]. Customer care promised loading this card in vain. This card was bought in my biz center and the money had been refunded to the customer.I am LtCdr FO Ofem of the Nig Navy residing in Calabar.

phone scam

My Mom received a call on her mobile telling her her number had been selected to win a prize of a R7000 holiday. In order to receive her prize all she had to do was top up her MTN Account with R180 Pay As You Go Airtime. This she did and then she received a text/sms stating she had to enter in the given number to qualify for her prize.

She did this and received another message saying her airtime, yes, all R180, had been transferred to the guy who initially called her about the prize.

We are still in the midst of trying to resolve this issue but I would like to warn other people to be careful.

extremely poor to worse internet access or data transfer

In the past years i have been working at home and to be connected to the outside world i need internet access. I had adsl before but then the telcom guys were continuiously reparairing stolen telephone wires and i had to cancel.
Then i heard of MTN Broadband and got me a modem. In the beginning at the start of my contract with them all data transfer was super.
In the last eight months i started getting "request timed out" messages. Or i would download a file roughly about 1.5mb, and right at 99% it would "request time out". At first i though something is wrong with my computer, and took it in to a computer shop which repairs computers. They found nothing wrong, no virises, my default firewall was disabled, and my bit defender was up to date and installed properly.
In the beginning i was able to download a 10mb file and it would take roughly about 8 minutes to download, or vica versa to upload a file roughly the same. then as mentioned earlier eight months ago it started to frustrate me to such an extent that to download a file as big as 0.634kb will take about 4hours . and then as soon as it gets to about 99% then "request times out" .
To top things up i get accounts reaching R1500.00 for a R350.00 odd package of 1 gig.
This is daylight bloody robbery i tell you. I visit the mtn offices, and they dont know what is wrong, i go to my contract provider, Altech they cant help me, i try to get hold of the mtn's main office and there is just no bloody way i can either get a email address or telephone number or nothing. Once there was the network signal department who phoned me to install a "YAGI" which i did and signal strength has improved . But data transfer, email checking, well that dont work. I get reference numbers from thier offices that they will get back to me and man o man out of the six, only one will phone and blame it on me saying im expecting to much or i must work after 01h00 am .
When i look at the web site of mtn i get to read complaints of mtn custermers that complain about more or less about the same issue i have. Arnt mtn's people doing something about those complaints ?
Look guys i have change my settings from "GPRS PREFERED to 3G PREFEREDetc" but to no avail.
Last week i go to mtn website and on my screen pops up a parser error line 81, thats a error on thier server or something, but one cannot even get to thier website.
### man what the hell is going on?

Well i am forced to go find me someone else now but hey is this good advertisement?
I am going to give mtn one more chance now and if this is not correctified within one week, i will take drastic measures .Honestly this is way out of bounds for a company like this.
you can contact me at [protected]

See what you can do


very bad customer care

I have been an MTN cell phone contract subscriber for the last 14 years.For the last 3 months my itemised bill & statement have been arriving approximately a month late.The latest one I have not even received yet, which is way overdue.The irony of the matter is that I phoned the customer care and was promised on three ocasions that the itemised bill would be emailed to me, on the 4th ocasion I was even promised that it will be faxed to me.It has been a week now and I have received absolutely nothing for a service that I am paying for.What I would like to know is what does one have to do to get mtn to deliver, it appears that no one at mtn cares a hoot.I have now decided that cancelling my dealings with them is the only option.

  • Vi
    VICTORIA NWAORIE Nov 17, 2009


    200 ESUT

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  • Zh
    zhmts35 Feb 02, 2010

    I'm also very long with them I think from 2004. I am furious in Dec2009 they suspended my line because according to law every body needs a limit of R250.00. Fine I actually ask them but why wasn't I informed wrt this by email, sms or the like.

    Then I asked the person forgot his name will my account be activated and he said no, because of their Billing system it will only be activated in the new month being Jan2010 and that I will have a minimum limit set to this account.

    So I got really angry and told him to fly. Then I phoned again and spoke to another fellow by the name of Thabo explained everything and he told me "but your account has never been in arrears" and it should be active, I thanked him and tried again and all of a sudden I could phone.

    Now in February we only received sms that informed us that MTN had double charged us on the data bundle and would be rectified. And my account has all of a sudden jump from an average R500 in 2009 jumped to a R1100.00 on the one account and R480 to R900 on the other.

    What actually surprise me neither my wife or I did actually phoned much during Dec09Jan10, and where is the limit now that so call were implemented by government.

    I am totally dissatisfied with the service & support from MTN and really thinks to change from this pathetic service that we get.

    Zirk Roarty - 0837882784 & 0834651723 & 0828065136.

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  • No
    nolene Aug 10, 2010

    I agree that MTN do had worse customer care i'd phone yesterday to blacklisted my phone on my IMEI number the lady who talk to me didnt give her name at all and wasnt helpfull I didnt know why they hire poeple who couldnt do they jobs I will go and open a new contract with vodacom there the people is more helpfull.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Naidoo Apr 04, 2011

    I Phoned yesterday for help, i dialled 173 as well as 1555 hoping for help and assistance but the lady on the other end spoke in Zulu.
    MTN must catch a wake up because not all of us understand Zulu. We are busy people and got no time to go find a translater.

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  • Lm
    L M Blayi Jul 05, 2011


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  • Bu
    bujeno Dec 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm Busi Nonyane, today i have a nightmare service.i was buying a battery and paying with my debit card.amount (R333)they make double transaction and they don't want to refund me.they say i must go to my bank.Absa says to reverse they will charge me money and because is the purchase, they will refund me after a week because they must first investigate.NOW R666 IS GONE, I DON'T HAVE A BATTERY, NOTHING FROM MTN TO PROVE THAT THEY MADE A MISTAKE.
    BUSI 0833833722

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I scrached off my recharge pin

i bought a recharge card of #400.00 but in the process of loading it was scrach, i have been trying all...

account reactivation request

I entered into the Top up 75 with MTN in June 2007 and agreed upon stop order payment. Somewhere around June 2008 due to insufficient funds in my bank account my payment bounced. I made arrangements with MTN and deposited the required money into their account. I was not aware that MTN would no longer take money from my account to settle the next installments. This went on for about three months and I was alerted by the letter of demand from VVM Attorneys. I made a payment of R200.00 and another one of R175 into MTN to settle the matter but the attorneys continued to demand payment from me and even threatened to had my account to credit bereau. I faxed confirmation of payment to them but the threads did not cease. In January I continue to receive SMSs from the attorneys informing that I made arrangements to pay them R165 per month to settle R6000.00 that was alleged to be owed by me. I was amazed at the allegation and began to call both the Attorneys and MTN. The frustration in the matter was number 1 - MTN was always promising that my account is clear from the legal status and that my number will be reactivated, notifications to the reactivations department were made to that regard. Number 2 - VVM Attorneys insisted that I still have to continue to make the alleged arranged payments. It was clear that there is no intergration of information between the attorneys and MTN. Bear in mind that I wanted to continue to use the line. In the process since January I have visited MTN outlets without a solution, I communicated to several call centre assistance and still no progress is made. One promise gives birth to another unfulfilled. They never call back if they promise. In January I was told to wait for 5 working days for my line to be active - guess what. In february I was told to wait for 5 working days for the line to be active - guess again. This time I was yold to pay R400 so that the line can indeed be activated. The payment was made to no avail. On 05/03/09 I communicated to Mashudu who requested that I wait for another 5 days for the line to be active. Today 18/03/2009 after 10 days when I made a follow up on why the line is still not active I was told by Prudence of MTN that my account has been completely terminated and that the option is to enter into a new contract altogether and that I have lost all the outstanding airtime. I was concerned about the remaining four months (my contract is supposed to end in June 2009) as to what's going to happen with the monthly instalments and she adviced me to refer that to the Legal department. The same today Andre ref: [protected] told me to wait for another 5 working days for the line to be active. I am lost without direction.
Cellphone no. [protected] - MTN Call Reference no. [protected]

My contact no. [protected]

  • Se
    SELECT Feb 24, 2010

    I entered into the Top up 75 with MTN in August 2008 and agreed upon stop order payment. Somewhere around November 2008 due to insufficient funds in my bank account my payment bounced. I was retrenshed and had no money to settle my accounts and i phoned mtn to notify them about my situationI dint have moneyto settle the next installments. This went on for about three months and I was alerted by the letter of demand from VVM Attorneys. I phoned MTN and i spoke to a guy called Cesious and he told me to fax all the necessary documents . I faxed confirmation . In January I continue to receive SMSs from the attorneys informing that I made arrangements to pay them R165 per month to settle R7000.00that was alleged to be owed by me. I was amazed at the allegation and began to call both the Attorneys and MTN.But now i am working and would like to settle my account before they send my name to credit Beareu

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overcharging & not returning calls

I refer to a debit in my account for R1350.00 for the above contract. Kindly explain to me how is it possible for a cellphone contract be so high when its used 8 times a month. I have returned the cellphone & contract to MtN that was under the above contract & I was not aware of I don't understand why one has to pay so much for a contract that is not utilised. I want my money refunded before the end of this week & want this contract cancelled with no charge to me with immediate effect as MTN has failed to service my needs and has in the process pushed its agenda of day light robbery & please if you require to speak to me I work foe a Bank & can not sit on a cellphone or phone for 320 minutes fighting a losing battle with MTN. I need the money credited to me account by the end of this week or I will be referring this query to a further level.


  • Sh
    Shellee Mar 12, 2009

    I wish you such luck, friend. All the large companies in SA are thieves, as per my own/family/friends experience. And exactly why they unwittingly inspired me through their disastrous, customer-unfriendly actions and behaviour to cut up credit cards, close down accounts, use Pay As You Go for my cell and make cash payments. You've no idea how much easier my life has become...
    Also write your complaint up at the SA consumer site, With more than a 1 000 000 monthly hits, it's no wonder so many consumers check out other consumers experiences with businesses BEFORE parting with their hard-earned cash!

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  • Ja
    Jackiedew Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problem with MTN. They are overcharging and do not respond to my queries. I am busy taking legal action.

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  • Pa
    P.A.Els Nov 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have made numerous calls to MTN for e-mailing my account to me promptly every month.I have done this in-store as well.I have done this in-store in Parys, Rustenburg and Lephalale.BUT, NO RESPONCE.Today I received my current account, but I still have not received last months account.WHY ??????????I need to send my account in to my employers for refunds on company calls.I have to do this BEFORE the 5th of the following month.Can somebody PLEASE HELP??????
    e-mail: [email protected] (0832387189)

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  • Ma
    Mahlako Jul 07, 2016

    I agree MTN will try by all means reap where they did not saw. We work hard for ;our money for them to just steal it. Not acceptable.

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mtn sp technical services - disappointed

To whom concerned

My heart goes out to all the other disappointed MTN customers who have to endure the torture of going to MTN for service.

Unfortunately my Nokia 5610's screen went blank and there was a crack in the camera lens. On the 31st of January 2009 I took my phone to MTN Canal Walk where I was informed that the phone would have to be booked in. Because of my previous experiences with MTN I contemplated taking it to another repair centre, but I was informed that my warranty might lapse. I therefore booked the phone in and provided my proof of purchase together with my ID.
I asked the consultant how long it would take and he (Clinton) pointed out that it will take no longer than 2 weeks because their repair centre is now located in close proximity.

The 2 weeks past and I was phoned to come and collect my phone [protected]). Before going to Canal Walk for collection I phoned the MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) to confirm whether my phone is indeed fixed and to get specifics thereof. They confirmed that the LCD screen was replaced and that the camara lens was fixed. On arrival I took my little number and waited to be called, patiently sipping on my free coffee. I was called and was informed that I will have to pay R449.00 for the repair because it is not convered by the warranty. I asked the consultant lady (Emfrid Hansen) whether I could first inspect my phone before paying and I was told that it is company policy to first pay and then peek. I obediently swiped my Nedbank card and when the phone arrived, to my horrer, the camara was not fixed, only the LCD.

And here the shuffle and shape shifting started.

I asked to speak to a senior and a consultant gentleman (Tyrone) was asked to intervene. He confirmed with a Seduck at the MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) that the repair will be done free of charge. A confirmation e-mail was also forwarded to a Natalie White [protected]) and the R449.00 was reversed. I asked how long it would take and they stated that they will prioritise the repair, again.

And I waited... On 26-02-2009 I was phoned to pick up my phone. I again phoned twice to MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) to confirm whether the phone was fixed and they confirmed that I can pick up my phone. At MTN's Smartserv Building, Canal Walk I took my number. The consultant gave me papers to sign and I received my phone. It seemed the crack was gone and I went home. I was extatic, just to come back down to earth.
The 3.4 megapixel camara can now only take foggie photo's (as if everything is behind a white cloud). At least prior to submitting it for repair to MTN the picture was clear with only a noticable crack. On 27-02-2009 I returned to MTN and obviously I was told that they will have to book it in again. I told them that it was getting a bit out of hand specifically because I need my phone for work and also to take photo's at site inspections. I was given a phone (bottom of the range) which I was told can only receive sms's and your standard phone call. What could I do but except it? I was told that it will be prioritised in the que for repairs.

And then I waited again...

On 05-03-2009 I again phoned the MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) and spoke to a gentleman (Andre) to check on the status of my phone. He confirmed that the phone was delivered to MTN's Smartserv Building, Canal Walk the day before and that I can pick it up. I aslo phone the same number again to speak to a different consultant just to make sure and she also confirmed.
On the same day I went back to MTN Canal Walk at about 17h00 to pick up my phone. The consultant lady filled in all the forms, accepted their loan phone back, made a copy of my ID and disappeared to the back. On her return after a significant wait she informed me that the phone was there but was taken away by another MTN employee, Natalie White. In a nutshell, my phone was there on the 04-03-2009 and on 05-03-2009 was manually remove from the shop without a new job card reference number. Now I am standing there in amazement.

Now Tyrone (who I previously dealt with) assists and gives me numbers to phone and promises to get back to me personally. He could not believe that this matter is still ongoing. He also gave me the number for Natalie White. I once again leave MTN, but this time I had no idea where my phone was. At Canal Walk they say my phone is with Natalie and at the MTN High Volume Repair Centre ([protected]) they say the phone is at Canal Walk. Neither Tyrone nor Natalie have since contacted me.

I left messages on 06-03-2009 at [protected] for Natalie to phone me. According to the lady who answered the phone she was either busy taking stock or their system was offline, or she cannot e-mail Natalie now, or I am at the switch board and I cannot reach her now.

Please imagine my frustration. This is what causes heart attacks and/ or heart palpitations.

It is today09-03-2009 and they are offline again.

What do I do? This is a disgrace!


  • As
    Ashley89 Oct 18, 2010

    MTN is the has the worse customer services. Vodacom never let me down once. Every month my contract sim gets suspended!!! for no reason whatsoever!!! It is irritating the crap out of me now! I informed them about this but none of those dumb idiots could give me a reason for the suspension! MTN should close down seriously and i wouldnt recommend anyone going to them!

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  • Ex
    Ex MTN customer Nov 30, 2010

    Strangely I have exactly the same problem with my Nokia 5610 Xpress Music phone. It's been working fine until 2 weeks ago when my husband accidentally bumped it against a rock and the LCD screen cracked, so it had a black blotch and I couldn't see. I took it in to MTN Paarl Mall who sent it in for repair. Today I phoned to check on it and they say I can collect it. It was not repaired as the repair costs were more than the value of the phone. Totally ridiculous! You know what, they say the replacement value of the phone is R2900 and the damage (remember it's only the LCD screen) is R6400!!!
    How crazy is that? How come "gdmnb" only paid R449 and they charge me R6400 for the same job? PLEASE EXPLAIN that!!

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  • Ex
    Ex MTN customer Dec 01, 2010

    Well, I phoned the Nokia repair centre in CT and they can fix my phone's LCD screen in half an hour for around R400. Now that's service!
    Thank goodness MTN is out of my life!

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  • Yo
    Youridiotfortrustingyou Nov 11, 2011

    Today I wanted to sign up with these useless monkeys

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business package - accessive account charges

In Feb 08 Cellphone account shot up with about R1500.00
Next month the same about R3000.00
Requested Itemized billing but not available due to Business Package
Third month - Account creeps up to more and more and at middle of 2008 sitting at R12 000.00
Phoning MTN was not successfull at all. They could not provide me with itemized billing to see where the problem was. I have phoned them, email them and logged calls on the MTN website.
I have spoken to a local consultant which has put me in contact with the local support.
I then went in at the local branch ad then there was a response
They came back and said the calls was validated and charges is correct. Now, i have asked them to please provide me with prove to no avail. They could not, same answer: because of the business package itemized billing is not available.
I have asked a consultant I know from previous work and she has given my details thorugh to the local manager. Again they came back but this time that the account is to old. The account is currently sitting at R 28000 plus. When I asked the local manager can they prove in court that I made these calls she said yes. If so, why can't I have a copy of this prove? All I wanted to know is what caused this account to go so huge. Yet, the second number on this conratc are very low. Where to now?

breach of contract

I suffered a burglary in the early hours of Thursday, 22 Jan 2009. My cellphones were stolen, of which one was a MTN contract phone. I immediated called the MTN call centre to cancel the sim and blacklist the handset. The call centre was closed and would reopen at 06h00 (2 hours later). I called again at 06h00 and was told I cannot blacklist the handset and should call at 08h00, however, the sim card can be cancelled. This was duly done. At 08h00 I called again and the handet was blacklisted (hopefully). I was informed that I would need to do a simswop at any MTN service provider. Activation could take anything from 2 hours to 48 hours. I duly did the simswop and provided the required documentation, e.g. copy of ID document. 24 hours later I called to enquire how much longer it would take to activate the sim card, this call was made from a pay-phone and more than R60 later, holding on for the call centre and speaking to a consultant, I was still not able to get an answer and my sim card is still not activated. Customer care consultants/call centre personnel are extremely rude, incompetent and just a total waste of time and energy. Made several calls to the call centre subsequently, some calls were answered, mostly went unanswered and FIVE DAYS later, I am still not connected and still left stranded with no communication. I am a contract customer and MTN-SP are not delivering a service they are suppose to and contracted to. They are in breach of contract by not delivering a service they are contracted to deliver to me.

  • Fi
    fireblade Jul 06, 2009

    Service center personnel are extremely arrogant.
    Has a complaint on a different note, but was told that I should not tell them what to do. Extremely frustrating trying to deal with them, will now resort to e/mail

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  • Nk
    Nkosinathi Jul 08, 2009

    I totally agree and am also faced with the same situation at the moment. I have been calling the call center for the past four days and each day i am told it will be activated soon and it should take "2 to 24" hrs yet still i am still not connected.

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  • El
    Elna Lush Sep 11, 2009

    I am on contract with MTN on a mycall 100, and my basic fee is stipulated as R79, 00 pm. For the past year, I have been billed R118, 00 per month. I have also been trying for the past year to get an answer from MTN as to why I am paying R118 pm instead of the R79, 00 as stipulated in my contract. No-one can give me an explanation. I have faxed my complaint in writing to them, giving them 12 hours to respond. They ignored me. I am now going to the press. I am sure there are millions of MTN users who are conned by MTN. Join the party and let us nail them for their non-existing service.

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  • Re
    ready shikwambana Aug 31, 2010

    today i realised that my phone has been suspended.i tried to phone the whole day but to help.i am deciding to look for another service provider.i use to rate mtn as my number one.

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  • Ra
    RAMOND MAKHADO May 24, 2011

    My name is Ramond Makhado
    I have contract with mtn last month a pay of R414-00 went through from my account of which am given 75mb and R27-00 airtime per each sim card, now last week i requested for a top up of which they did and i only used this for some hours and did not finish the mbs and airtime, now am surprised to find that all my sim card and moderm have been suspended please help me, am very much sad about this because am real dependant on this service or should i look for a better service provider.My e mail address is [email protected], cell 084417984 and 0725713657

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membership fraud and scam

In january 2008 rick jorgenson/mtn was recruiting members promising high returns with running/managing advertising campaigns on internet.
He charged for that membership fee of us$7, 500.
His initial results were awful.
Then in may 2008 he agreed to refund the fee to members who requested it (Most did).
Then month after month, rick jorgenson has been giving different excuses and the fees were never refunded.
It has been one year already since he stole members money, sending emails with lies and false promises, but refunds never came.

Here is info about this scammer:

Rick jorgenson, ceo
Mass traffic network
[protected] x201
[protected] (Fax)

  • Lu
    lucile hazen Sep 30, 2009

    This man has been a rip-off artist all of his life. Currently promoting debt credit repair and pretending to be an environmentalist. Can you believe it? He has been evicted from numerous rental houses and apartments for non-payment of rent. He has filed bankruptcy three times. Please do not get involved in his consumer rip-off scams.

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  • Ti
    TiredOfFraud Feb 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not trust Rick Jorgenson! He's a sociopathic liar who is utterly reckless with other people's money. He will sweet talk you into trusting him until it's too late and your money's gone.

    Then he'll move on to his next "business" and a new round of fresh suckers.

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  • Do
    done that Jul 29, 2010

    Rick Jorgenson will say and do anything to get someone to give him money. You know he is lying when his mouth is moving. He doesn't know or care what the truth is. Don't believe anything he says. He promise everything and delivers nothing.

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I went for an upgrade last month, the device i wanted was a sumsang i900, the lady there made a copy of my id and took my contact details and promised to call me back during that coming week, then she didn't. Then as i dnt have much time to go enquire myself i went there after 3weeks, guess what? When i got there i found another lady, and explained to her and she told me they don't have the device i'm looking for on stock.

Guess what happened again, she took a copy of my id and my contact details again and promised to call me during the week and she didn't. I am not a complaining type of person bt if my account has been debited and havent recieved device i was looking for and no one cares to call and update me whether the phone is there or not, somebody has to complain. When you promise to call a customer u should honor and respect that.

  • Af
    afisher Feb 02, 2010

    I on the other hand was due for an upgrade on the 29 jan anyways got there the store tells me i cant get an upgrade because i am apparentley in arrears with my account. the arrears they talking about is crap as i made and eft for november and december and forgot to use my cell no as a ref no. but i made a payment and called the call centre to notify them of the error my side and the payments has still not being alocated to my account. After this incident i spoke to more than three people at 808 and all of them have different stories either my account is in arrears by two months or 90 days and i havent made a payment sometime in that year and according to my invoices i am not in arrears with 90 days just with nov and dec they havent allocated they are skelms id say someone has to do something relating there bad service the government needs to intervene...

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If you receive an email from MTN Telecommunication Network, please do not give them any of your information. There are a lot of scams out there. Any company that "says" they are giving you money for absolutely nothing, when you did not sign up for a drawing, is a scam. People are trying every angle on this, but if they ask for your name, address, number, etc. do not answer their email. Please spam that email.

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