MTN / mtn active not responding on validating code

Oct 14 2009 I reset the pincode for mtnactive. On 19th when trying to logon using the new pincode it responded with a validation request which I submitted, after which I received a sms with a validation code. After typing this validation 5 digit code website responded: could not validate login, contact 1761. When phoning this number it dropped on me, so I phoned 808. The lady could not help me at all and only confirmed that the 1761 number was indeed not working. She tried several times to get me to logon to mtnactive again without any result. I was left empty handed and cannot access mtnactive at all. I was recommended to try again as most likely there was a technical problem. So mtn personnel dont know for sure whether there is a technical problem? I think I may have to go through the process of resetting the online pin code again and wait for another stupid 48 hours before I maybe can get access to my account details again. I am getting tired of poor service from mtn. That's why I canceled last year my email invoices as half the time I didnt receive them at all. I want my access to mtn active back right now and dont want to spend half my lifetime resetting pincodes.


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