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personal information access

I'm not sure if this is the right complaint department. If not please send me the correct one. The...

Non delivery of item and no refund

This company is not honest. They took my payment for an item and never shipped it. After two months I asked...

wrongfully charging download charges

My cellphone was cut off and after phoning mtn I was told that my number or simcard has been downloading ringtones and information. Short of my phone being a robot this was not possible as I have not left my phone so that somebody can download things off it. I have also been overseas where I did not have roming and could not access my account and even try to download. I did not subscribe to anything and yet mtn let my account be run up by some other company (The provider of ringtone, ect) and they are taking no responsibily what so ever. I cannot use my phone and that means mtn is loosing money as I can not make calls. Lucky me. Bad business for them. They will not get a sent out if me till this account is sorted out!!!

contract at mtn

My wife contract expire on the 4th of august 2008 she was on my choice top but she still receive money on her phone her cell nr [protected] she receive it on the 13 september when i was at your office in nelson mandela drive they it will stop the contract was R35 for R105.What will they deduct from my banking account?PLEASE LET ME KNOW BEFORE THE END OF THIS WEEK!!! Mtn please help!!!

  • Li
    Limakatso Adelinah Maile Dec 10, 2010

    My name is Limakatso Adelinah Maile and cell numaber is 0732343973 is contract phone. Sins i sign 2 year contract with MTN I never paid under R150 .00 always R300.00 and abave. I dont know the contract that I sign is soo expensive, the thing thet I know is R100.00 per month and for R100.00 air time nothing more. I went to MTN office to request the limitation of R50.00 but still paying R450.00 or more, what exetly is going on. Why did I pay soo much for the air time of R50.00. I really need explanation on these matter. The people that are working there are taking advantage of the customers because they knew we dont know anything about the service that they ofering there.
    I phone yeasterday to this number, they said I have another contract with this number (011-4616318) to my knoledge I know nothing about those people, so the person that she give me the service that time she is responsible for this. Ireally need explanation

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cellphone repair

I took my cellphone in for repairs on 20June 2017 as I couldn't make or receive calls and send sms. I...

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airtime voucher

Can you believe...
I bought an airtime voucher from a shop in claremont, cape town. I stay in somerset west, 35km away from this shop. I scratched the voucher to reveal the voucher pin code, after a number of attempts to load it, I phone the 173 number to ask for help.
Mtn then told me that the voucher pin had been loaded 3 weeks ago. And that I had to drive 35km back to the shop and complain to them!
How can they expect me to drive so far back, being a student, to claim back a misprinted voucher? The fact that the voucher had the seal on it, protecting the voucher pin, was in my opinion enough to establish the validity of the voucher... Yet clearly it was not.
Mtn was no use to me at all; it came across as tho I was at fault...
How was I to know that the voucher, tho sealed, was useless?


I am a MTN client since 1993 and as the years go by the service has become worst and worst to such an extend I am contemplating closing all business with them. The reason for this is my present experience dealing with MTN. I applied for a Data contract which includes a laptop modem and data card. The sales person, Amanda Beasley, was what I thought very helpful and efficient, but little did I know what was to come from the business deal.

After my credit check and signing contract the modem and data card was courier in a flash; the laptop was to follow two to four days after - NO LAPTOP! After numerous phone calls, some I am still waiting to get back to me after 10 minutes, well it is now almost two weeks, shame do these people work so hard that their 5 minutes equals a week! my laptop arrived. Atechnician was send to install the notepad and whatever goes with it only to discover the following:

1. The optical drive was faulty.
2. The unit given to me was not installed correctly and there was already a username and password on the notebook!
3. Windows Vista was given to me and not XPHome as stated in the package.
4. There was a red warranty void sticker and not the green and white which is usually stick onto the packages.

By the way the company supplying the laptops is INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS situated in Johannesburg and it takes two days to courier products down to Cape Town - NO stock is available in Cape Town. The same story happened; phone calls ect and the discovery that between MTN and INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS there was no order form for the laptop. So a process which was suppose to take between two and four days, and all of a sudden working days were NOW calculated in hours which means four working days equals 12 days!!!, and even it was the case I should have had the laptop delivered to me by then.

After being in contact again worth INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS, all of a sudden the working days were back to how everybody knows it and two days later the new laptop arrived with the same technician, smile on his face, because the laptop is number one! Wow can one person be so lucky... or not! MTN supplied the wrong MODEM instead of a FASTLINK E220 I received a E800 not compatible with the laptop, which the sales person should have known.
The package I was offer was as follows:


What made the situation even more of a joke was the phone call I received a survey about MTN. I told them that each and every person I dealt with in the last three years at MTN haven''t got a clue what they are doing. Do people not get trained to deal with every aspect of the job, because the only answers one get is usually not what you asked. MTN you have become the worst nightmare for any of your clients and I do not know what you going to do to compensate for this frustration and incompetence.

  • We
    Wesley Parkin Apr 24, 2008


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  • Pd
    PDH Apr 26, 2008

    I have learned to find a specialist sales company to give me customer service on a lower level because of the incompetence of the ordinary MTN service staff at their main service branches. MTN still have best technical and connection service. In PE and many centres I use Mobile Solutions who have the high end voice and data trained staff to give me the support. They are also able to access the valuable backbone of technical people MTN still possess at upper echelons.

    This is my suggestion... call Mobile Solutions ...Armand in JHB or Leon in PE

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  • Du
    Duke Yish May 05, 2009

    Try getting a E220 Modem that fails three times in a row and then get soemone to assist you! I had a similar incident and the Service center in cape Town is Excellent, the 808 Staff are incompetent and have no idea what is happening with you your order or the world around them, because these services are outsourced to Call centers who deals with several companies queries.

    They bluntly refused to put me through to a Supervisor after I repeatedly requested, well, I destroyed my modem in their public service center and lodged a complaint with

    Guess what, 808 referred it back to MTN Service center, who once again was extremely curteous and helpful and suddenly I can now upgrade - How do I trust them or their products now?

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very unhappy client

this was my complaint to mtn & up to today i havent heard anything.
To Whom it may concern

is very unhappy with the service that im getting from mtn staff members.
my sim card number [protected] was suppended & when i phoned i was told that they didnt receive payment for a few months in2007 and i was reffered to legal department. At legal department i spoke to HAPPY & happy asked me to fax her the proof of payment, which i did more that five times & she confirmed that she has it in her hands. [removed]
than she said shell try & sort it out.
Then she never got back to me.
Then when i phoned again i got through to a guy named KOPANO, which was no help to me at all & at this stage i was starting to get very frastrated & Happy was never availible.
Then i asked them to put me through to the banking department & i spoke toa lady but i didnt get her name.She checked for me & she found that my payment was received but they didnt know who's it was because there was no reference number,but on my journal i clearly stated my name, surname & number. then i spoke to KOPANO again & he told me, that i mst wait 72hours for them to open my line& it never happened.
& he the only thing he could say to me was MISS [removed] WE SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE WE MADE. & i accepted.
Then i wanted to upgrade my phn & to my suprize i found out that i was still at legal & my line was now disconnected.
I spoke to MANDY & she said that she will look into it & see what she can do for me.
Then my line was reconnected again & i could upgrade.
but then i got a bill for R373.56. I was now being charged for reconnection & prorata fees & stuff which i feel i wasnt liable for & phoned in again. I spoke to such a lot of people & no one was any help to me all the could say was that i mst speak to the legal department.
i finaly got through to a guy called Nimalin Vythilingam & he agreed to look into it for me.
then he sent me an email to say that an amount of R202.64 was reversed. & i only now i owed mtn R443.92.
which was including the month of august now which my bill was R273.
i asked him for a breakdown of it & he failed to do so.
The R202.64 that he claims that was reversed was in actual fact MY CREDIT. I WAS IN CREDIT WITH THAT AMOUNT OF R202.64.
Then today i decided to phn again jst to follow up & i spoke to GERALD.
Gerald is at legal deparment, & i had to expaint the whole story all over again coz HAPPY was again not availible.
he requested me to send him now the proof of payment which i dnt hav with me at this stage. & i wil try to supply him with it tommorow.
the same proof of payment that i faxed to HAPPY & KOPANO REPEATEDLY.
im really dissapointed & frastrated. jst for the fact that i have been stuggling for months now.
& i feel that it is wrong to charge me pro rata fees & reconnection fees when it wasnt even my fault that mtn didnt allocate my payment & that i got disconnected from the network & my name got dragged though the mud by being at legal deparment not only did it make me look bad at mtn,but i had a bad record now because of people not doing their work properly.

I trust that i will get the help i need.


To whom it may concern.

Since the 23 october 2007 i laid a complaint against mtn on get closure & i havent had any help. i was asked to send proof of payment which i did & feedback i got back, was "thanx we investigating"
up till today i havent heard anything which is very frastrating to me!!!

i made payment on the 20 november,
R159.00 to mtn's account.
but i ddnt make payment for the amount of R373.00 because that is the whole reason why i laid a complaint.
i was being charged reconnection charges which was not my fault. mtn didnt locate my payment & i have proof of payment.(please refer to the email below)

& then this morning i received a call from YAmkelwa at a collection company for MTN COLUSA on [protected]. mtn gave me over for the amount of R5485.70.

i really dont understand where this is coming from, but i would really appreciate help at this stage.

hope to hear from u soon.

  • Ge
    GEETHA BHOLA Apr 23, 2009



    MY CONTACT DETAILS ARE: 0795230689

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  • Ly
    Lynette Jones Nov 17, 2009

    I am so frustrated with the service at MTN that I can pull my hair out. MTN made an error with my October invoice, they charged me for data used as National calls. Each call up to R700 per call, even though I had a @ gig data bundle. I phoned & emailed them to rectify the problem- they said they could see there was an error and would forward it to the billing section, who inturn forwarded it to IS. As I had no response from them dispite several follow up calls, I paid the amount that my bill would have been had there not been an error. Today I get my new Nov invoice, and they made another error with my data usage as well as there being a huge discrepancy between the totals on my itemised billing and my invoice. I phoned and emailed my queries and once again it was logged. I then phoned head office in JHB and asked if someone could please let me know what was happening with my October account, they have yet to get back to me... but they thought it justified to suspend my cell this afternoon for the outstanding amount. I must have phoned them 20 times in the last 2 month - I just dont know what else to do now.

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  • Th
    THANIEL Jun 13, 2011

    My name is Thaniel my mom bought for me a blackberry 9300 at Amercan Swiss on the 05 May 2011 it gave me problems not even a month ago i return the phone on the 05 June 2011. I am very unhappy becuase i went to the store and the lady told thare nothing she can do they are just selling the phone for mtn. We are very unhappy they cant assist us and we no that the credit act say that if the customer is not sattisfied with the product he/she can return the product. Mtn service delivery suck i will encourage people to not to buy from them they are quick to take our monies but when we need help with they unsatisfied products they cant help us. Im just gone leave you guys in the lord hands.

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  • Ho
    Honda sub dealership Jul 15, 2013

    I am sanjay solanki from didwana city teh. in nagaur dict. rajasthan. Last 3 year runing Honda showroom in didwana city. Last year Honda sub deal ership apply for
    s.b.automobile. ( my file name) . I confirm for my file go to nagour. At Bajrang Honda. I am sock Bajrang Honda propritar tall me. Honda sub dealership give to other party. I
    request you Honda company plz give me my. Honda sub dealership in didwana city. My mobile number 09166256446 @ email id. [email protected] Com. I wait your answers

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blacklisted phone


My phone was stolen so i blocked it but when i wanted to unblock it they request so many documents which i did fax as they. But my phone is still not working & it has been 9 workings days already. I did speak to 15 different people & each of them had their stories but none them sorted out the problem. Someone suggest what to do.

  • Ba
    balltron customer Oct 30, 2007

    I have phoned MTN help desk many times but they are unable to help me connect my phone up as a modem or connect my email to my phone. (using) bluetooth.

    They supplied me with a Samsung e 250 which they did not supply a USB cord and I am unable to purchase one at all stores I have been to.

    What type of service is this??? How do I change to another network???

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  • Mr
    Mr MV Majola Nov 17, 2008

    My girl frnd bougth me a phone nokia 6230i early i 2006 it was my birthday on contract she gave me everything except the receipt and the sim card of the phone.late in 2007 when we broke up she went to blacklist the phone and said the phone was stolen.So can i just forget abt the phone or try to reconnect it how?pls help me i like this phone.

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cannot get porting right

Made the mistake of porting an 084 (Cell c) number to mtn. That was some weeks ago (Four).In that time, I have learned that the dealer in clearwater supplied his head office with the wrong number for porting. As a consequence mtn has screwed up all along the line. For example, you cannot use a telkom landline to reach the ported number. I took my new mtn-supplied nokio back to the dealer on numerous occasions only to be advised that stupid me had chosen the wrong setting. Anything to get rid of a problem customer I suppose. On friday, I wasn't able to reply to a sms from wife. The phone advised me to contact my service provider. Living nearby, I visited mtn's headquarters and met a charming and most courteous lady who agreed my problems were long overdue for solving and that friday was the day for it!. Guess what its monday and my ported cell phone number is still up to maggots on the mtn network. And, I cannot get my charming contact at the company because her number is not taking calls. Ho hum!

pathetic service!

I must say that I am totally disgusted at the pathetic service received by MTN SA. I have been a subscriber...

very poor service

I am a contract subscriber to mtn south africa. Over the last six months or so I have tried to get the...

unsatisfied with the phone given

My contract was up for a possible renewal with mtn. I went to mtn the glen to renew my contract. I chose a...

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