Mr Tire Vestal & Customer Service Depr / damage to tire sensor

My vehicle showed low tire pressure, so I stopped and found a tire was low pressure. Assuming I picked up a nail, I drove to Mr Tire Vestal location. The manager told me that During removal of the tire, the tire sensor strap was broken, but they were repairing it and I had a bad valve on the tire which was being replaced. I drove off and within the same week, my vehicle dash showed, "faulty sensor". I called Ford and was told the straps on the sensor can not be repaired and was broken during the valve repair at Me Tire. He knows this because the vehicle dash did not state "faulty sensor" when I took it to Mr Tire, it said "low tire pressure" which meant the sensor was working. Additionally, Mr Tire admitted to the strap being broken during the valve change. Ford suggested that I go back to Mr Tire for reimbursement of $220, but Mr Tire Customer Service Supervisor denied any wrong doing and told me the Vestal shop denied the incident.

Jul 25, 2018

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