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I went in to the Mr. Tire Center in Columbia MD to get two front tires on my wife's CRV. We're trading the car in the spring so I didn't want to spend alot. The salesperson found tires that fit my needs in both price and quality. At no time did we discuss or did he even mention any other service. Yes, I did sign the paper he gave me to sign, no I didn't read it. He said ok, sign here at the X, and I did. When I returned to pick up my car I had been charged for a front-end alignment, $89.99. I didn't really need the alignment. The car doesn't pull and there was no uneven tire wear on the old tires. I complained to the manager and he didn't seem to care. I agreed to pay and gave him my credit card, telling him in no uncertian terms that I would never shop at Mr. Tire and ain and I would make sure I spread the word about their way of doing business. Finally, when the discussion got a little loud and other customers started to notice he agreed to take the $89.00 charge off of my bill. Fine, fair enough, finally professionally handled.
When I got home and had a close look at my bill I found that in addition to the so called 'on the rim and out the door' price I was charaged an "Road Hazard Coverage" charge of $10.26 per tire. Again, this was never mentioned by the salesperson. It just turned up on my bill. If I wasn't trading the car in March I might have purchased this insurance. But I was never asked, never given the option. I think these deceptive practices were intentional. I am so done with Mr. Tire. I e-mailed the corporate office but I doubt I'll hear from them. I remember the old adage, "A satisfied customer may tell one person, but a dissatisfied customer will tell five." Every time I hear the Mr. Tire commercial saying 'on the rim and out the door' it wil remind me to keep telling my Mr. Tire experienc.

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