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I posted this yesterday on the Mr. P website
This ticket has been rated as Bad, I'm unsatisfied
With the following comment:

I can honestly not complain about the service I received because I did not receive any service.
I enquired twice, see below the response I received. "Samukelisiwe Mchunu (MRP Help) Nov 28, 14:07 SAST Good day Please assist to advise where would you like me to check the size for you. Regards
The question from Samukelisiwe Mchunu (MRP Help) might as well have read: "Will you please do my job for me. Will you phone the stores?" If I knew where to look for the pants I would have done it myself.
The question should have been: "I will check on the system which of our Mr. P stores/branches has this product/item in stock & get back to you" .
To date I have not received any feedback. My original request was sent on the 21st or 22nd of November, I included ALL the details, including the store I could not find the size - I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY FEEDBACK. I send another enquiry & got this ridiculous response from Samukelisiwe Mchunu - see above.
Kindly advise me now: Should I give up on this request or should I keep going at it until somebody finally gives in and help me?
Any suggestions on how I can get an answer... any suggestion will do?
In the meantime, do you think there is any chance that I will get the pants I enquired about?

Dec 02, 2016

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