Mr Price Group / MRP / purse was stolen - mr. price clothing - clearwater mall

Gauteng, South Africa

Good day Mr. Price,

I am say I am absolutely not happy with the security guys working in your store.

I had very bad day on 13th October Friday 0630 pm. After I finished my shopping in Pick n pay I walked inside Mr. Price Clothing Gorund Floor and was standing at the hand bag section and checking. My purse was inside my handbag which was stolen when I just turned for 10sec to check something.

I immediately went to the front security and I told this and requested her to check with the customers who were moving out. But she asked me to check everybody which made me look like fool in front of everybody.

I just checked two or three people since some of them dint allow me to check.

That security lady she dint help me atleast to explain this to people wat happened to me and help in checking.

But she just told some other colleague to check in the camera footage. But eventually the guy after sometime he said that the camera dint cover me where I was standing.

And also they said their is no camera installed upstairs in the store so and no security also so lady must have vanished.

If the security was bit strict and if they would have acted at the right time I would have got my Purse.
Because of the negligence, no immediate action, no camera, no security upstairs all I must say is my purse was gone.

The incident really depressed me and still depressing and couldnt accept wat happened.

Their was R400 + 100 Dollars + R400 worth of other currencies. Indian Driving Lisence, Election ID, AADHAR id, Bank cards, My photos and all shopping cards.

Some action must be taken on this else I would say I am going to escalate this to Executive Director and take action on this legally for what happened.

Also find attached my police complaint Affidavit.

I need reply immediately. Still regret entering your store MR.PRICE such a helpless security.

Mr Price Group / MRP

Oct 16, 2017

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