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Good Day

On Saturday ( 03.12.2016) i placed an order online ( order number :#[protected] ) and paid the R45 delivery fee to have it delivered to my address in 1-3 working days, thinking it will be processed and given to courier on Monday and delivered by Wednesday (07.12.2016) . It is now Thursday (08.12.2016) and Its only been given to the courier company today ; when tracked it shows how it hasn't even left for delivery and it's also in Gauteng. If i do My calculations right Friday ( 09.12.2016 ) it will be on it's way to Cape town, it would be delivered on Saturday nor Sunday because that's weekend and it will only be delivered on Monday ( 12.12.2016), that is 6 working days .
That is utterly outrageous .

I have tried calling your delivery department on the 07.12.2016 and this morning ( 08.12.2016 ) but no one answered. So i sent 3 emails, one on the 07.12.2016 and two on the 08.12.2016 but i have seen no reply

Unfortunately i will be leaving on Monday morning and urgently needed these items of clothing . i will now have to go to your Store and purchase them myself as its takes 6 working days to deliver my order which should have only taken 3 working days

Thank you but i feel you really need to up your game on your online orders because some people don't have the time to walk after your company to find there orders . Ordering online is supposed to make my life easier and it has actually made it quiet stressful.

This hoping my order arrives by Friday
Thank you Kock

Dec 08, 2016

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