Motherhood MaternityTerrible customer service

Do not order from this company. There are so many other cuter maternity clothing stores that have their ducks in a row and who care about their customers and remaining in business, unlike Motherhood Maternity. I had the worst experience I've ever had with a customer service rep from Motherhood today, and the worst ever experience with a company that I've ever had in the last week. It all started with a simple swimsuit order. I receive someone else's order from across the U.S. a week later. I call in and tell them, they say they know already because the other person called already to let them know she received my order. No one bothered to let me know. I received no apology - the rep just babbled on about how she sent me a free shipping label to return the item that wasn't mine (obviously), and that I need to send it back within this time frame or I'll be charged for the item. Huh? This is your mistake and you're threatening me with charges if I don't hurry up and get it back to you, when I've never even received my item yet. She tells me I need to order my item again, doesn't offer to process it for me due to their mistake. Nothing. Fails to send me the free shipping label. Fails to process my refund. I call back three days later and wait on hold for 30 minutes. Still no swimsuit. I tell another rep what's going on and that I really prefer not to have to continue to have this on my plate since again, not my mistake in the first place. She says she can send someone to pick it up from ups. Great, sounds good. She tells me to be available the following day (at home) so they can come get it. I remain available... they never show. I call back and let them know about the no-show and that I still haven't received my expedited shipped swimsuit as I was promised, and my refund still hasn't been processed. No apology, she says she will process the refund, which still hasn't showed up on my account. I tell her this has been a hassle, and I'm about to keep the item that was sent to me by mistake due to the trouble. She says I will be charged if I do that. I ask how I'm supposed to return it without a label and if I can talk to a supervisor. She transfers me to the rudest woman I've ever talked to. Caroline. Caroline states that a shipping label has already been sent to me and that I need to go to ups to return it. No shipping label was sent to me. I tell her that if they can't figure out how to send me a label or have someone come get it, and since this is their fault in the first place, out of pure frustration, I am about to keep the item I don't even want. She tells me I will be charged. I ask her what Motherhood does to rectify situations gone wrong which they are responsible for. She says nothing. I tell her this has been a lot of BS and I have still never been apologized to. She tells me to watch my mouth and that I can't talk to her like that. I asked for her name and remind her that maybe this is why Motherhood has such terrible reviews. I remind her how other companies work, and how I've never been treated this way and never had another problem, and that I will never order from Motherhood again based on my experience. She says she doesn't care. I ask her if she gets paid based on customer reviews of how she helped them. She says nope. I say I can tell. So currently, I have no swimsuit, and have paid for 2 of them. I'm about to get charged for ANOTHER item I never ordered due to Motherhood's mistake. I never received a free shipping label so I'm expected to pay for shipping on an item that isn't mine. I was treated poorly, and have wasted my morning on this horrible excuse for a company. They definitely need to be a little more selective when it comes to hiring if they ever want to stay afloat. This Caroline lady should be fired immediately.

May 10, 2017

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