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The whom it may concern,
Today unfortunately I had the worst experience I have ever dealt with in customer service in one of your locations in Bellingham WA.
I am 37 weeks pregnant and I have purchased every maternity item I have worn with your company spending countless dollars and beyond extremely loyal.
I was completely taken back whenever I brought in a bra I had bought a week prior trying to exchange the item. The bra did not fit so I wanted to exchange it for a larger size.
It took a week to bring back because I live on an island that is an hour and a half away AND I woke 40+ hours a week So for me to drive so far to one of the locations takes careful planning and time. So when I take my time to make a 3 almost 4 hour round trip I expect at least adequate customer service.
The worker not only did not great my friend and I when we walked in she was no where to be found. There was not a single associate to be found for up to 15 minutes.
I had to go search for her in the back while she was on her phone.
When I went to exchange the item she refused to return in because the tag on the item was on it but the little barcode fell off. I asked her if there was anything she could do and she said that no it was against policy.i was so upset because it's silly to expect a barcode that is already made to fall off easy to not fall off. I explained how upset I was because I had just drove so far, I could literally have the baby at any point, and that it would take me at least another week to make it out there. she said "my manager would probably make the exception but she isn't here, soooo" and then trailed off.
I asked her what she could do and she said nothing "I don't have the codes for it"
I asked her if I took it to the other store at a different location if they would be able to and she said "maybe, but I can't"
I purchased the shirt I was holding and waited for my friend to exit the dressing room.
My friend then went to exchange an item she bought online that she had still in the packaging and before she could ever get a word in the girl immediately said to her "sorry without the receipt I won't return this for you" and my friend looked at her dumb founded and responded "I was just finding it on my email please give me one second"
"Sorry but we can't do it that way"
Which isn't true and my friend told her to try because at this point we were both beyond irritated.
Turns out she could do it, I just want to make it clear I am beyond upset. I work in customer services at a bank and it is our rules to ALWAYS at least try and help to customer. I wouldn't have been so upset if she at least attempted.
I will not shop at the Bellingham store again, the customer service was terrible and honestly people could have walked into the store and stolen items while the employee was sitting in the back room nowhere to be found.
She was unprofessional and unaccommodating. It would be one thing if I wanted my money back but all I wanted to do was exchange it for a different size.
What happens when tags fall off in the store, will you not sell the item?
I could go into labor at any point and I have to take another long trip to a different store, wasting gas money, to exchange a bra for one that will fit me so I have one when my baby is born.
I really really hope you consider this persons further employment with your company, I would never usually write a review and expect someone to be fired usually, however I was pretty amazed with how terrible she was. I do plan to call customer support, I do plan to speak to a manager at the employees store, I do plan to write a review.

Thank you, again I have been an extremely loyal customer spending my money only at these stores so I really hope you consider that and really consider how your employees are trained on handling customer dissatisfaction.

I would also like if motherhood maternity could exchange my unused unaltered bra, I am willing to do whatever checks necessary to prove the bra has never been worn.

May 7, 2017
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  • Wi
      7th of May, 2017

    I had to stop reading. How long you drive to the store, where you live and how many hours you work do not have a thing to do with this store. Not being greeted is not the end of the damn world. You are not there to make a friend. The bar code fell off. They can not take it back. How hard is that to understand? Pregnant or not, you are not special.

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