Motel 6motel 6 weed ca.

Weed, Ca.

Red head employee booted me from property because she feels bad about her lowly position in life, and was attempting to make me feel lower. She is an ex con w/ bad credit--and many in this small community have had similar experiences w/ her. The "manager" did nothing to solve the issue. Despite years of loyal patronization of Motel 6's nationwide--this girl (like a psycho stalker) had me placed on a national do not rent list regarding this chain. I've had zero issues at other locales, and had stayed for several days on multiple occasions at this particular location. This nut needs to be dealt w/, or I will sue Motel 6 for emotional damages, and costs. Take this seriously, or I will seek at least $1 million in court.

Jun 17, 2017

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