Morrisonscharity boxes

We are a very small local Charity to Larkfield and today I visited the store and noticed an RSPCA food donation box, I adked if it would be possible of for a couple of weeks perhaps our Animal Charity could be helped as we are part of the local Community and sadly I was told probably not as you only stick to one charity which I think is very wrong as all Charities need help not just one.
I am not saying take it away but small charities are important to and do not get the help that they need.
We get some help from our local Co-op and Sainsbury's Larkfield but Morrisons are much closer to us.
So I am asking if you would consider changing the charities that you collect Animal feed for so that lots of Charities can benefit and not just the big ones.

Rosina Animal Centre

Apr 30, 2017

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