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Monitronics Security Systems / Updated alarm system charges!

1 OR, United States Review updated:

Monitronics is ripping off their customers stating the FCC has made changes from analogue to digital and they have to come out to your house to change your security system. They give you three options to choose from. A letter states those three options as follows:

1: "Monitronics will install a new $350 digital transmitter for FREE in your existing security system. All that is required of you is a $30 trip charge and a $69 re-activation fee.

2: Monitronics will install a new $350 digital transmitter for FREE in your existing security system. You only pay a $30 trip charge, a $19 re-activation fee and agree to a 6 month extension on your Monitoring Agreement.

3: Monitronics will install a new $350 digital transmitter for FREE in your existing security system. All you pay is a $30 trip charge and agree to an 18-month extension to your Monitoring Agreement."

None are of these options are acceptable to me. I don't want their service any longer but under my contract I have until 8-2008 to finish the contract. I am told that my system will not work after Feb 18, 2008. However, I have to pay one way or the other for them to come out and change from analogue to digital even though I do not want their service, but they are going to continue to bill me for the alarm system even through it does not work. I DON'T BELIEVE THAT IS LEGAL--I have to pay even through the system does not work. I should have an option to discontinue the service especially when it is not going to work. I already paid once for this service, I do not intend to pay twice. Please advise smb!

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  • Sa
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    They are doing the same thing to me too! I have three businesses and they are all being monitored by them. I can't even explain how upset and unsatisfied I am with this company and how it has cost me money$$$$. They took more then 10 minutes to contact the police after I gave them the go ahead to send them out and my store got wipped out. In one incident they didn't register my permit number on their end and they refused to call the police becuase they said the police would not go. UNTRUE! The police can't refuse to come out when a crime is being committed and I did have my permit Monitronics just didn't record it. (IDIOTS) The police had my permit number and Monitronics lied to me and said that they did contact the police and they refused to go. The police never recieved a call. Why would they lie? So, I am refusing to pay to upgrade my systems becuase that is BS and there has to be something we can do. They are taking advantage of consumers and their has to be law to protect us. Anybody have any ideas?

  • Jr
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    I agree with what is being said here. I too have come up with the same kind of problem but with another alarm company. My system stopped working right after February 18th and the key pad began to beep. I then called customer service several times but each time I was kept waiting. The longest wait time was 45 minutes which is just wrong. We should not have to pay for a piece of equipment that is needed in order for the alarm to work. And why is it that when we try to get a hold of somone we can never speak to someone. Well guess what, I put a stop payment on my account and they were quick to call me. I had a very agressive conversation with the biling person and afterwards she sends me to technical services. After ten minutes went by I hung up.

  • Ja
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    I had a Monotronics Alarm System installed in my home about three years ago. Almost immediatley I had problems with the system. There were problems with my phone line, wires left exposed which I till this day have not been repaired. I also recieved a letter from Monotronics that my system was installed incorrectley and was told a service reprsentative would get in touch with me to set up a date to fix the problem which to this day they have not. I made several calls to the company and the problem has still not been repaired. I stopped making payments for a system that did not work and now I get calss weekly from the company and have been reported to the credit bureau. I made payment in full so this would not go down as me not complying with the contract and to keep up what until now has been an excellent Credit Rating. Can someone give me a idea which is my best way to pursue this problem and have it resolved. Thanks

  • Ed
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I CANCELED my contract with monotronics recntly because the batteries blow on a weekly basis. the problem is that they are expensive and they cannot be found.

  • Jo
      14th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I think everyone should consider the fact that you will be required to buy a convertor box for your television or it will stop working at the beginning of 2009. It is the same situation with the alarm system. I paid for my upgrade without having an issue with it as I will do with my older televisions. Also, everyone has to realize that Monitronics just monitors the alarm system, it doesn't install or service the system. The dealer I had with ADT was terrible so I switched to Monitronics and my current dealer has been great. You have to look at the company that handles your installation!!

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