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Monitronics International / Canceled contract, still billed!

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We moved in June 2006 and requested a system move. We were told we would be contacted by an independent contract, but after a month we gave up on that, 1 month NO monitoring service. We contacted them a second time and requested the service, still no contact, a second month of no service... THEIR poor service. NOTE: Still paying the bills and don't own a house with an installed system because they haven't lived up to their agreement to move the system. Third month we request cancellation and are told that our service is canceled... now get this, we THEN got a call from an independent contractor wanting to install a system for Monitronics based on a work order dated the day I called the third time. By now it's September 2006 and I call them a 4th time very upset that an install was canceled and I'm told that my account does have a note about the cancellation. October comes and with it another bill... so I call a fifth time and I'm given explicit direction on how to cancel the account and stop charges immediately which I follow to the letter (and have records in my file). I receive a bill in November and call... only they can't find my name or either address in their system (canceled right?). I continued receiving bills and continued calling and it took until August 2007 and a very IRATE discussion that this needs to end NOW to connect me to their Executive Response Group who refuses to acknowledge any of my past contacts or the information they provided and proceeds to tell me that I owe over $400 in monitoring fees. She acknowledged the cancellation letter (which by the way stated that charges would stop effective the date of the letter that was sent or they would respond... they never responded).

I called for a simple account payment history so that I can confirm that their records match mine and it takes 20 minutes!! And to top that all off, the customer service person thought she had me on hold and said, "My customers are not very nice today. In fact they are getting on my nerves"... HELLO your company has been getting on my nerves for over a year now, you get 5 minutes of my attitude and if you don't like it get yourself a job with a reputable company!

MONITRONICS is about as shady a company as I have ever seen. They violated the agreement which was given when service was started to 1) provide customer service, 2) move the system free of charge, 3) provide honest business.

Monitronics to this day is completely NON responsive to a Better Business Bureau claim... typical, they are non-responsive to everything! Alarms, contract cancellations, complaints, service calls, etc!

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