Monitronics / Billing Statement and Transfer of Services

FL, United States

I moved away from the house in AZ that I had their services set up. Sales rep mentioned that in case I move, the services will be transferrable. I asked for service transfer to new home in FL. They told me I have to renew the contract for another 3yrs. Since it was a rental home, I was not sure if I would stay with the new house for such period. If I move again, I will have to renew the contract again for another 3yrs. In the end, I will have to stay with their services indefinitely.

What's worse? They never put the contract period on the bill so I don't know if I am paying for the service beyond the contract. The original house in AZ stands empty for 2years now and I had to disable the security to avoid police service charges in case real estate agent couldn't disable the alarm past enough when they are showing the house.

There has to be something to make these people to be responsible.


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