Moe's Southwest Grill #953cold/stale food w/o refund

On 6/28 I placed a to go order at this restaurant once Iarrived home the food was cold and stale. I called them immediately to tell them the problem no manager was there and the workers Jaselle and Rene was very rude. I spoke with a manager the next day and he was telling me that all the food was at normal temperatures but I explained that this food was terrible. He continue to argue saying what do you want me to do. I told him to replace my food and my husband asked him to refund our money. Bud the manager said he didn't have time for this and said do what you want. And don't come to our store again. Without doing neither one replacing the food or refunding the money. I was willing to hgive them a second chance but he was bodaciously rude and uncooperative. He just didn't care and this is the example he has set for his employees also. I informed him I would go through all the channels to get this matter resolved and a full refund.


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