Mobil Gas Stationprejudiced against our elderly disabled veterans

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i went to get my wife's truck inspected today Wednesday June 1St 2011, 9-AM. at Mobil Service station. first off let me say i am a 100% service connected disabled American Veteran i can not be in the heat in hot weather in any inclement 's due to the meds i take for my service connected disabilities. the clerk at the Mobil service station on the corner of Ella & 34Th asked for my keys & my insurance papers & advised me only (one)1 car in front of me. i handed him my insurance papers & i informed the young man that i was a disabled veteran & that i would be in my truck with the air condition on, due to my disabilities i could not be in the heat for any length of time. the young man told me again i need your keys & that i could sit inside in the air condition i advised him there was no where to sit & i had no problem waiting in the truck. at this time the young man asked for my keys again. now like i already said the young man at Mobil informed me that there was only one car in front of me to be inspected. i sat in my truck over a hour & fifteen minutes. i watched as a lady pulled up on each side of my truck. i observed those ladies hand there keys to the same young man at the Mobil station that had asked for my keys earlier.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Houston, TX both of those ladies had there car inspected before my truck which was there first to begin with i asked this young man that had asked for my keys earlier & he informed that he had asked for my key to my truck earlier & that i should have handed him my keys when he asked for them the first time. this is not the first incident with this same young man. i took my motorcycle to the same Mobil station on Ella & 34TH to get a screw tightened once before. this same young man (as mentioned above see above) when he was finished i said thank you & was fixing to tip the young man. at this time he informed me that it would be ten dollars just to tighten a screw that took him not even a couple minutes to tighten. the screw was easy to reach the screw was in plain sight. no problem except that the young man put the money in his own pocket not in the cash register at the Mobil station. i feel that this young man is highly prejudice against elderly Caucasian males & also disabled veterans that have served this great country we live in. this is totally unacceptable in today's times that we are now living in. we all need to come together as one great nation as did our forefathers to make the United States Of America the great nation we are living in today. i am looking forward to hear from you on this matter of extreme Prejudice AGAINST OUR DISABLED ELDERLY VETERANS
Jack R Brewer D.A.V.

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  • Ca
      Sep 23, 2009
    Mobil Gas Station - Broken Tire Valve
    Carol Stream
    United States

    Mobil on the corner of Geneva and Gary Avenue in Carol Stream.Daphne who calls herself "the manager" pretty much wrote me off when I asked why my tire valve was leaking air after using the tire pump. She told me that no service was available and there was nothing she could do. I pointed out to her that maybe the air machine needed to be checked so that this didn't happen again to the next person that came by and while winding up the hose and replacing back on the hook agreed with me and walked back into the station. Nice customer service Mobil!

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  • Ch
      May 10, 2010
    Mobil Gas Station - Illegal
    Mobil Gas Station
    4804 W. Madison St
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    They sell cigarettes with no stamps on the bottom and there are rats near the food station.
    Drinking while on the job., And having customers sitting there have drinks with employees. I personally thought it was illegal to smoke in public establishments., They seem not to care. The bathroom is either always out of order or its dirty.Seriously who lets there employees do this and get paid under the table as well, very illegal.

    im sure they are doing other illegal stuff and someone needs to take action on this place.

    The DEA has already raided this establishment, one of the employees was selling drugs.

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  • To
      May 10, 2010

    It's Chicago ... what do do expect /want ??

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  •   Jun 01, 2011

    Well, did you tell anyone else about it? This issue is more directly with the "young man" than the Mobil station itself. Maybe you should tell someone else that works there about it.

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  • So
      Jun 07, 2011

    Im back!!! Where is my GOOD FRIEND Louise Gibson? I gotta a new complaint about I need to idscuss with him...

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  •   Aug 28, 2013

    HE asked you for your keys and you said no. That is the proper procedure.

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  • Ro
      Nov 19, 2018
    Mobil Gas Station - Mobil gas station on rt 62 & 25 in algonquin il
    United States

    Mobil gas station is advertising gas with car wash for $1.93 but when you want to they say it's not working and this has been going on for over 2 weeks now.
    False advertising and something needs to be done.
    Remove the car wash pricing

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