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Mitsubishi WD52527 TV / terrible tvs

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Mitsubishi televisions wd-52527-purchased 5-28-06 took back on 7-8-06 1st one completly gone blank no pic nothing, received another new tv,6-19-07 replaced lamp free of charge from store purchased b&b appliance.
June 22 2007 problems arise again tv changing color to red then goes completely out warner electronics warranty company picks tv up and complains of smoke smell in tvat our home we are smokers tells us this is why it went out, very persistance, told them my son has a samsung tv for the same amount of time with no problems or issues, whats going on here. They kept tv from 6-22-07 and returned on 7-24-07 and did not operate warner electronics took it back to replace the lamp! Now didnt they check this out before it left the shop?? Kept another 10 days. Ok I turned it on and found a decent picture but the lcd screen was stretched or wiped throughout the whole screen then later seen a mark on the right side, I didnt call them back too stressed at this point between fighting for my home in cleveland courts and my wife going to the hospital and having problems for for the rest of the year till she healed we enjoyed our holidays everyone is healthy now, and we managed to save our home no thanks to home eq but that is another story, mitsubishi did give me an extended warranty. On 2-13-08 I did get a chance to call mitsubishi because now there were blue and purple blotches and a dimming picture on top of the stretched or whatever is going on with the screen itself. Warner electronics came and picked up the tv and as I am sitting here writing this I have not yet heard from them or mitsubishi feb.17-2008. Also when mitsubishi gave me the original factory warranty again they sent me a letter stating on july 31 2007. Apologizing and they agree to pay for repairs normally covered up to 07-08-2008 quote{in addition mitsubishi digital electronics will offer a credit toward the purchase of a new unit if there is a recurring problem within the above warranty period}in the meantime the original store I purchased this tv from b&b appliance droped mitsubishi from its line of tvs they sell, do I call mitsubishi and demand a full refund and I dont want this tv back, I do have all documentation on hand, I need an opinion here and thanks for hearing me out

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  • An
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    Reference & reply to your complain about your experience with Mitsubishi.
    I agree 100%, I got my Flat panel 46 inches Mitsubishi in September 01/2008, from 6th Avenue Electronics=another nightmare especially the one on Carle Place Long Island New York, once they get your money, they do not care nor have any willingness to help or keep you happy, same school as Mitsubishi in California. It is March 28/09. and still having problems with the TV. The HD channels do not come up when they should and a box, similar to PIP on right hand corner appears with different colors and finally the picture. Have been on the phone and have had more people come over to look at the problem and still not resolved, the attitude of management is pathetic, so are the employees, who hang the phone or disconnect you so many times I have lost account of how many. The head of Consumer Relations seems to go out of her way to antagonize you, and does not take your side or even fake trying to and also hanged up the phone on me March 27/09.
    My LCD was replaced about a month or so ago, the problem persisted, I was promised by management a replacement of the TV only to find out the next days that the Technicians had to come back again and confirm that there was a problem, then I was told no replacement since the TV was fine as reported to them, this is a lie, since the box still shows. All I received was a lousy letter from the above mentioned head of Consumer Relations, stating that if anything would happen in the near future they will replace it (this is the same person with no customer service whatsoever that hanged up the phone on me).
    I will take this further until I get some results and will make sure that anyone I know will be aware and to keep away from Mitsubishi as well as 6th Avenue Electronics location in Carle Place Long Island New York. Since I have gotten some cooperation and customer service from the one in New Jersey with a completely different attitude.
    MITSUBISHI TV 46" MODEL LT. 46244 Keep away from it. I would not recommend any of them from the ignorance to their product showed by the Main Office in California and all involved and the headache it has been to me since September 01/2008.
    Looks like another AIG.
    If any solution to my problem is resolved I will update this comment.
    Andrew Castro

  • He
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    I agree it's a tendof problems of these TV.What can I say I'm so frustrated. I brought my Mitsubishi 1080P TV on 2/07 from Chucks Furniture City, on 01/08 one month shy of a year the Lamp went out it was replaced by a company called Tekno in Lake Worth.I found it strange that a new TV can have an issue verses other TV in my home are pulling 9 years and counting. On 6/17/08 5 months after the lamp was replaced the lamp went out again, I filed a report to BBB and I also contaced Chucks Furniture City to let them know they sold me a defective TV, at this time I had $ 1, 600.00 remaing to pay off the TV, I suggested they take the TV back replace it with another or give me back my money which they refused.I find it poor business that one month shy of a year the lamp went out, they refused to replace the T.V when I told them they sold me a defective T.V. I did what they said use the warranty to replace the lamp which I did. I was advised by the manufacture Best Brand Plus my warranty expires 3/2012. As of 6/29/09 this is the 3rd time the LAMP HAS GONE OUT AGAIN, it gets better the warranty refused to replace the lamp stating that a lamp was replaced already, I told them they replaced 2 lamps when did this take effect and my contract does not state to replace 1 lamp only, what's the point of having extend warranty if it doesn't cover the item. Bottom line is they are aware of the defect the TV has and I'm sure of it now after reading so many online complaints about the Mitsubushi 1080P TV my model WD-52631 and other models of the same nature. Now I'm stuck with an expensive TV that doesn't work and have to pay out of pocket to replace the lamp which isn't fair esp if ti seems to me the LAMP goes out every year. Per the TV manual gives directions to replace the lamp, in all the years I've had other televisions and I've never came across instructions to replace parts. I've had better service with Fingerhut when my Magnovox TV went out, they were unable to fix it so they replaced the TV, now that's service, took place 1990 up to 1 1/2 yr ago that TV went out. Now tell me what's wrong with that picture. If anyone plans to file a lawsuit please let me know, I plan to take action against Mitsubishi Electric Digital Televisions

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