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We purchased a Mitsubishi projection tv 11/23/04 less than a year I had to replace the lamp assembly. This Febr the tv failed again I purchase another lamp assembly after discussing the problem with their tech support 2 times. The first assembly fail to fix the problem. I called tech support again and was told that the lamp was probably bad I sent for another lamp assembly and that one did not fix the problem. Not I sent the first one back and I still have the 2nd assemble costing 229.00 each plus all the shipping costs.

Mitsubishi DLP are not very reliable if tyou have to replace the lamp every year. Now the TV has failed after 3 plus years. I would never recoment a DLP to anyone.


  • M
      Sep 12, 2010

    hi i puchased a mitsubishi 57 diamond dlp tv in 2008
    it has a beautiful picture until a few months has gone by I noticed a white blob spot in the middel
    of screen made a servise call and tech replace dlp light engine about 800 dollas
    so I ve exended warranrty for one more year then after 1 year I noticed flickering on right side of
    screen call servise looks like they said that dlp engine is going out agian and warrenrtyis up
    these dlp screen tv are a piece of crap never buy a diamond agian

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  • J
      Oct 27, 2011

    I purchased a 65 in dlp 3d ready Mitsubishi tv and paid over $3500.00 and I replaced the lamp after that I now have white spots all over my tv.WHATS UP MITSUBISHI you need to recall all of these tv's and give the consumers a replacement tv. This is not right

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  • F
      Dec 13, 2013

    I have a 73 inch DLP purchased in 2008. The lamp was projected to burn out after approximately 1 1/2 years. I just replaced the lamp (now 5 years old) with one purchased on eBay for $35 versus $99 from Mitsubishi. The white dots started appearing last year and I initially thought the pixels were burnt out like on a laptop display which are not fixable but has to be replaced. After the few white dots became hundreds of dots - both black and white, I was willing to trash the TV which costs $2000 in 2008. But the web saved the day - it is a manufacturing defect with the DLP chip from Texas Instruments and not the screen. The chip is available on Amazon for a little over $200. Plus I found a 10 minute video on how to replace the chip. Then I decided to call Mitsubishi and they offered to provide a free replacement chip but I would have to pay a service repair person a $200 fee. Since my hands aren't very steady any more, I opted for the repair guy. It took about a week for Mitsubishi to ship the chip to the repair shop and they in turn called me to setup an appointment a couple of days later. 10 minutes after they arrived, the chip was replaced and the picture is brand, sparkling new. Hard to buy a new 73 inch TV for $230 so it was well worth it.

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