I have owned my suv since new. I went in for a recall on the vehicle and sat for 3 1/2 hours. The dealer could not provide me with a car. I had to sit there. Recalls are the fault of the maker not me! Most recently I went to the dealer in countryside Illinois with complaints of taillight not working, I was told nothing wrong with it. I got pulled over again and went back there only to be told nothing was wrong with it again. At that time I also complained my key fob stopped working and prob needed reprogramming they would not reprogram my fob. That service dept avoided doing anything I asked. At that time had sched an appt for a chip repair to my windshield. I was given an appointment time and the guy was 3 hours late. I reported them to the general manager, and was given a vehicle to use only because I was so upset. Then decided to go to downers grove dealer to get taillight fixed and oil change. Sitting there for 2 hours. They ordered the part and told me I had to come back when it came in. In the meantime my husband talked to service and told them the problem was in the switch. Service told my husband we know what is wrong with it. My husband also told them the vehicle began to have the low tire light coming on and noticed that one of the tires in the rear had a slow leak. My husband also spoke to service and told them that issue. The part came in I took another day off and spent hours up there only to be told all tires are fine and tail light fixed. Service also reprogramed my fob and it worked perfect but my second fob quit working right after that. 2 days later the low tire light came on and that same tire was low as my husband told them before and got pulled over again due to taillight out. So none of the original problems were even remotely fixed. I called service and reported all of this and was told I would get a call back. That was last week and still have not recieved a call back. This morning I was trying to leave for work only to find my battery is dead and the tire is flat. Missing work yet again. I'm very disappointed in Mitchu[censored]i. I paid a lot of money for this vehicle. And I have had only hassles. I have missed so much work because of these issues. But still have to keep paying on this vehicle. I would like all of these problems fixed ASAP. And some kind of reimbursement for the hassle and missed work. Maybe this vehicle needs to be traded in cuz it's junk to me right now.

Dec 10, 2018

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