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Do not buy. Do not buy. We bought a wedding dress from them and am very angry. The dress didn't look like the picture at all. The materials was very heavy and thick, making anyone wearing it look fat. Customer service was terrible — couldn't return dress even when we offered to pay shipping. Worse customer service — if you can even reach them. They don't answer emails / phone calls.

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  • Ja
      6th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I have to disagree. I purchased a dress on against my better judgement. But for the price, it was worth a risk. The dress came and it's beautifully constructed. Taffeta IS a heavy fabric, so if you're not into heavy fabrics, look for another style of dress. The dress came exactly within the time frame they said it would and the measurements were exact to sizing on website. I brought my dress to a seamstress friend to be altered and she couldn't believe it.

    The dress you get may not be 100% exactly the same as the picture, it's true. But it's a very close match and a well made garment. And if you're a budget conscious bride, it's definitely worth a look. Spend the time to read descriptions and really pick a dress that's for you.

    Sorry to the other person who had issues. I'm just saying, i'm thrilled. This site saved me more than $500!!

  • Lo
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    -3 Votes

    I also bought from Same story, budget wedding, and I couln't justify paying over $100 for a dress that I would wear for no more than 5 hours. I paid $109 for my wedding dress including shipping.
    The dress I chose from Milanoo I expected to be constructed in a heavy fabric, it was, and I am happy with that. It seems to be a great quality. Stitching is all there, fabric color is nice (I chose ivory, very light off-white instead of the ugly yellowish colors I was afraid of) it is even lined (which if anywhere I expected skimping, it would be there). I did the custom size option, and the dress fits like a glove.
    the dress is not 100% like the picture, but really, pictures are very deceiving. I am still very happy with it...and as the last poster already said, it is close enough for me!
    I wil be ordering from again.

  • Ka
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    I disagree with Jag1975. I purchased a dress from milanoo and they sent me the dress in the wrong colour. They would not issue a refund and promised to send me a repalcement dress and guess what it never arrived.

  • Mj
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    I ordered a wig for Halloween on October 12th. I was sent an e-mail with an estimated ship date of the 19th and receipt date of the 23rd. It is now the 26th and I have not received it. I contacted customer service via e-mail with no response. I just finished a chat conversation with a live customer service rep and they were virtually no help at all. Transcript of conversation:

    You are now chatting with 'Peggy'
    Peggy: Welcome to Milanoo. How may I assist you today, please?
    you: Hi, I placed an order over 2 weeks ago, have not received it, and need it for Saturday.
    Peggy: Please tell me the order number
    you: I'm unhappy because I have read online that this is a common problem
    you: ***order number removed for privacy***
    Peggy: One sec please
    Peggy: We will ship it to you soon
    you: okay, how soon, because I was sent an email saying i'd receive it three days ago
    you: If I cannot get a definite time frame I want a refund
    ----at this point there was a near 5-minutes of nothingness and no response by them----
    you: hello?
    Peggy: We will give you a full refund if we can not meet the time you need
    you: I want a definite ship date
    you: I've read online that your company is also bad with refunds. I expect better service than this--the ship date in the e-mail was a lie
    you: I need to know NOW if you will meet the date I need it for because I am RELYING on your company for this item
    Peggy: Yes we will meet the time you need
    you: Can I have an e-mail notification to confirm the shipping with a tracking number?
    Peggy: Yes, as soon as we ship it out we will give you the tracking number to send it to your email
    you: Okay thank you I will expect it by tomorrow since I need it delivered in the USA by Saturday

    And then the rep signed right off with no other assurances or offers to help, and not even a goodbye. I would NOT recommend this company as they seem extremely unreliable and their customer service is virtually useless. I am not pleased.

  • Mi
      6th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    yeap, this company not factory, just office at Chengdu. he just sell others designer picuture. so risky for dresses. hope you can see clearly with big eyes.

  • Mi
      6th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    and his not HK company. just write a name. just warning.

  • Ca
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    i Need serious help with my shipping and ordering information, i have ordered a dress for my daughter for prom and after i printed my redeipt i got no order number and it said i had no shipping adress!, but i put my wrong email and the donot answer phone calls. i do not want to have to tell my daughter that she cant have her perfect prom dress please help me get contact from them without the email i used on their site.

  • Ms
      20th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    its horrible! I ordered all my brides maids dresses from here and each one had to be altered, my brides maids even did the custom size and they still messed up on them. All of them had to be altered, and one brides maid they sent the completely wrong size. In the end, i could of gone to davids bridal, spent less, and it would of been faster!

  • Wi
      22nd of Oct, 2010
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    I ordered a silver metallic catsuit October 5, 2010. It has not arrived. I received no confirmation nor shipping # All I have is to contact. I did got no answer, yet.

  • Wi
      22nd of Oct, 2010
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    Don;t understand this question.

  • Wi
      22nd of Oct, 2010
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    How do you contact this company?

  • Li
      7th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Milanoo is crap
    Dont be fooled
    I cant understand why PayPal has NOT cracked down on them
    Clearly they are scamming people with the slick site ... got me fooled
    They send us wrong size boots x 2 of them

  • Ja
      7th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Milanoo is from China... what else could you expect?
    My daughter ordered a bridesmaid dress from them and when I found out it was in China, I was immediately saddened. First of all, when you purchase items outside of the United States, they DO NOT have to adhear to the laws we are governed by. Therein the multitudes of "FRAUD" and I say fraud because thats exactly how they operate. My daughter contacted their "customer service" on the 2nd day after receiving her dress because it is very poorly made, lopsided darts in the front, threads were much darker than the material in the dress, the color isn't even close to the picture and it should have been made of satin and was made of chiffon. They said, they needed to review it and would send her the RA (Return Authorization No.) via email, which is required for ALL returns. On the 7th day, she spoke with her credit card company, sent them copies of her emails the their responses. They told her to return it on the 8th day (with or without the RA #) however, returning it via UPS will cost her $119.00!!! The dress was only $79.00, this is how they perform their FRAUD tactics and continue to get away with it because no one is going to pay that much to return it hoping they get their refund!! STAY CLEAR OF THE COMPANY FROM CHINA

  • To
      15th of Dec, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Thanks for the tip, you can try Ordering in Chinabuye for your gaming needs, they ship fast and always in good condition. you can use paypal for faster transactions.

  • Ye
      2nd of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes - Ordered from them over a month ago and still haven't heard from anyone
    United States

    Ordered from them over a month ago and still haven't heard from anyone. I emailed them like 3 or 4 times and tried the chat which is never availble. I would not recommend this site!! Their rip offs!!

  • Ml
      15th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Waiting on dress ordered 3/19/11. Was suppose to ship 4/8/11. Needed for a prom on 4/30/11. I don't expect it to arrive in time and am going with Plan B (order from a US company). Have tried "chatting" with a rep online which is = to sending an email as there is no "chat" session. Anyway, I have received NO Response. Doesn't appear to be a reputable company.

  • Bu
      29th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes pink sweetheart halter satin chiffon sash prom dress - not the right size
    United States

    i ordered the dress about 2 weeks ago on April 13th. i thank the company for sending my dress faster than i though ti would be seeing as it was supposed to take 30 days to deliver but it was delivered about 2 weeks later but, today April 28th, when i got the dress, i put it on, and having ordered the dress a size larger than my actual dress size, i thought that it would fit well, even if its a little bigger, i would be able to alter it, but when i wore the dress, it was far too small for me and the color wasnt what i thought that it would be. now i have my senior prom on May 14th and between now and then, i have AP tests to study for and finals and other school work that are stressing me out and my hope was to have my dress be perfect for prom so that it would be one less thing to worry about. I understand that it is not favorable to accept returns and give refunds to people but please I beg you, this dress does not fit me and I have been doing all I can so that I do not have much stress in may because I have both my AP tests and Prom with in the first 3 weeks. I do not want to be frustrated and more angry because of this dress and it would be extremely helpful if I can just get a refund so I can buy a dress from a store. Please, I am asking you to please give me a refund so I can return the dress that I ordered because I really cannot wear a dress that does not fit me to my senior prom. i thought that buying this dress would be perfect because it was cute and for a great price seeing as though i cant afford to "go all out" for my senior prom. the lady named Ashley from the site told me to take pictures and send it and i have done so, please consider my reasons for wanting a refund and please give me a refund, i do not want to stay home on prom night and like every other senior girl, i want to have fun in the night that is supposed to be perfect. Please give me a refund so i can return you dress, please, it would be greatly appreciated. the bust is a little less than 32inches (I am 34 inches bust, but I ordered 36 I wear a low c cup)
    the waist is about 25-26 inches (I am 26 inches waist but I ordered 27 inches waist)
    the hips is about 37 inches( I am not sure what inches I am in hips but I wear I size 6 or 7 jeans and I ordered 39 inches hips)
    the hollow length is the same, all of the sizes that I measured not falling under the size 8 that I ordered. I am considered short (5’4”) so the dress was longer but that isn’t really a problem and I am also generally considered “slender”.

  • Tz
      3rd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    OMG!!! After reading all these complaints & horror stories, I'm literally $h1tt1ng my pants! I placed an order with Milanoo & I'm so worried the dress will be too big, too small, the wrong color--- maybe even the wrong dress! I have not yet received my shipment but I will be sure to let everyone know what happens. I'm so sorry to all the girls with proms, weddings, and any other special occasions where they expected their "perfect dress" to be shipped on time & in tact. I'll be honest if my dress comes in & isnt the right one, I'll suck it up & "garage sale" it for a couple bucks--- 2 WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT--- for the mean time--- I DONT THINK I'LL BE ONLINE SHOPPING @ MILANOO EVER AGAIN! I'll keep you girls posted on what happens to my dress--- that is, if I receive it!! Until then--- OFF TO DAVID'S BRIDAL I GO!!!

  • Ja
      4th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I must thank you all for your advise about this company. I was just about to make a wholesale order for my retail shop which calculated to $4, 750.00. I will not now be making that order instead, I will make the trip and organize an inspection company to go check out the companies and inspect my production from the start, middle to finish before it ships. This seems to be the only way NOT to be cheated, it will cost me but in the long run, it will save me a lot of worrying and keep my reputation in tact with my customers...I am hearing every day about manufactures and supplies out of China ripping overseas customers off and it's a shame because they will be on the loosing end when they find that they cannot sell their goods like they used to because the overseas market does not trust them and its a sham for those companies that are trading professionally but as the saying goes, '"the good suffers for the bad". Thanks again, you are all most appreciated...

  • Ju
      9th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Maybe you try this one, I ordered a dress from them, i like it, and also their online service is good..

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