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They charge you £20 for fast shipping of batteries and every time then they then send you an email saying that because they are dangerous good, they will be delayed. No mention of it before hand. There's nothing you can do.
They will also tell you that the order is prepared by the warehouse therefore cannot be cancelled and you can only return it when you receive it, but then you have to pay for return shipping and re-stocking fee.
Shocking isn't it?

missing items in the order

The Hobbyking order #[protected] dated 18 Jul 18 had items missing and even after communicating for three months they haven't resolved the issue.

There have been numerous emails from me and Ms Pallavi Singh to hobbyking on the matter. The package received had only the MiG 29 glue and go kit . The other three items were missing and not received causing a loss of 45 $.

It has been requested so many times to respond and resolve the issue by giving store credits to my account with email [protected] But hobbyking customer executive are refusing it. On asking FedEx they are asking the shipper to file claim. Hobbyking is not doing that also.
It is very dissapointing for a customer to receive an order with missing items and the company not accepting the mistake . Ultimately I am losing out my hard earned money and the website / company is not being held accountable.
Such websites need to penalised and ask to pay damages for the trouble and agony faced by the customer as well along with making good the loss.

missing items in the order
missing items in the order
missing items in the order
missing items in the order
missing items in the order
missing items in the order
missing items in the order
missing items in the order
missing items in the order
missing items in the order


did not receive my order

I order a rc airplane from hobbyking back in november 2017 it is now february 15th 2018 and after several emails have been informed that my order cannot be shipped to my address even though I have ordered items that where delivered in the past. I have never been told buy any online company that they don't deliver to my address as we live within 30km of melbourne. My emails where ignored by the person I raised the issue with it wasn't until I complained to the customer help again that they told me they could not send my order. This has been a terrible experience as it involved quite a expensive item.
My advice to anyone considering making a purchase from hobbyking is do not. I have not yet received a refund from hobbyking yet?

my money is lost

I am a regular customer who's placing my complaint against their business that frustrated me more than...

scam company

Ordered an item as a gift from and it never arrived. I waited patiently and finally decided to cancel my order. So I went online and contacted hobbyking customer service and asked them to cancel my order and they said that it was not possible since my order was already shipped. When I asked where my order was and when it will arrive they said that they have no idea.
So they refused to cancel and I contacted paypal and opened a dispute. Even after that they still refused to cancel and said that I need to be more patient. These people are ridiculous! I have waited for my order for over a month!! And as I said it was a gift!
Terrible experience! Lost my money and never received anything!

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my order was lost

I have ordered a remote control car as a birthday present for my son and my order never arrived because it was lost! I paid for the product, for fast shipping, custom fees and taxes and it was quite an expensive purchase. Contacted hobbyking customer service and they said that they can ship me another car but I have to pay fees and taxes again! I told them that i'm not paying for that for the second time and they started to blame me that I am trying to avoid customs!!! What a ridiculous company! Asked for a refund but they refused. Have no idea what to do now!!

poor service

This company is misleading customers when they say free shipping. Be very careful when you buy something. If you purchase something from hobbyking pay attention when it is written free shipping, because it is not free. They will also charge you for it. I made an order and they charged my card. Later I received a call from my bank and they said my card was charged again. So I contacted hobbyking customer service and they said I was charged for the shipping. When I mentioned that information on their site stated that shipping is free they said they can cancel the whole order. So they cancelled the whole order and refunded me. But they did not refund the shipping expenses. Very poor and unprofessional service.

never remove the paypal complaint against them

I purchased a turnigy accucel-8 150w 7a balance/charger from hobby king on 07/21/2015. Prior to the purchase, I inquired about the charger, it's capabilities and included components. I was directed to a hobbyking website that contained the operations manual for my item. After reviewing the manual, I purchased the item. It was shipped quickly and I received it sooner than I thought. As soon as I opened the box, I noticed that quite a few items were missing that included the connecting cords and temperature sensor. I tried to use their 24hr online customer service but received nothing but being told to wait. For what, I already had the item and it was missing the cords. I initiated a complaint with pay pal and hobbyking's attitude immediately changed. They "ordered the missing parts". They asked me to remove the complaint with paypal so their rating would not be affected. I was stupid and ended the paypal complaint. I was stupid; do not ever close the complaint!! After 33 days and numerous attempts by me to get a resolution, they gave me some options such as wait an unlimited time for the parts to come in (I had already waited over 30 days,), pay to have the item shipped back across the us to the arkansas factory, purchase the missing items and send them a copy of the receipt or accept $10.00 in lieu of the missing parts. The cheapest thing for me was to receive the 10.00. I assumed it would be credited to my paypal account but no, I had to accept hobbyking credits. To purchase the missing cables from them (yes they have the cables for sale individually) would cost me 19.77 plus shipping and tax. A loss of 9.77 plus. I will never do any business with them again and I advise you to do the same. If you do purchase anything from them and use paypal, stick to your guns, never remove the paypal complaint until you have the object in your hands.

Rma #174868 - order #[protected]

not able to get my order or money refunded

I placed a order with hobby king warehouse west. Order#[protected] it showed items in stock, paid for item...


I bought this f4u corsair, because the advertizing guarantied a superb model of the highest quality, after waiting weeks for the delivery, it finally came, (first issue), the tail wheel was broken, after several times trying to reach the customer service, (live chat), finally they responded, requesting me pictures of the faulty product, and I comply, after another long week of waiting they have the nerve to email me, stating that they have not read or heard from me, and if I can consider the issue solved, what a nerve!!, anyway, another week passed by, and my issue whit the broken tail wheel was unresolved, then they asked me to ship to them the faulty part, using the less expensive postal service, I complied again, I spent around $.12 order to have the item shipped to them, more time passed by, and again the same mail, stating that they did not read, or hear from me, anyway, finally they sent just the tail wheel replacement, but not the main part that I sent to them, several times I tried to contact them until I found the ph, # of the washington warehouse, thanks to the willingness of offer a good cust, serv, they finally sent the missing part, (the nightmare continues)
Resuming the assembly of the plane, I found that the spinner was undersized, (spinner is the part that holds the propeller in place), after this was reported, they ask me to send pictures of the undersized part with the shaft at the side, well, guess what, there's more!!!, I just decided to forget about the spinner, (found a good nut to serve the same purpose), now that I resumed, the assembly, at the time to try the electronics, one of the servos that moves those parts, is seized, causing overheating of the both of them, again I reported this new issue with a "operator" named henry, wich in an very unprofessional way showed me how bad they care about the costumers satisfaction, he just left the live chat and let me in the middle of my writing, I personally regret the very moment I decided to take my business with hobbyking, their products suck! And the quality of their products sucks!!, I would not recommend this company as a good one, hope you can help me with this issue,

their low prices do not mean anything if you cannot get what you ordered

This site is absolutely terrible. I placed an order over 3 weeks ago. The credit card was charged immediately, and the status was switched to shipped within 3 days ago. Almost 3 weeks later, I can not find any information about where it is. I have tried to chat many times, but before I can even type what is wrong, the chat session ends. I sent an email 2 weeks ago, and have not got a reply. Of course there is no telephone number. I will try to get the credit card company to refund the money. Do not do business with this company their low prices do not mean anything if you cannot get what you ordered.

english of stuff is so so and company policies are the worst regarding customer service

Terrible nightmare! They steal your time and in case of problems your money: Parcels returned to them from their carrier w/o delivery to the destination address that don't have tracking simply disappear. so you never receive anything even though you paid for the order.

English of stuff is so so and company policies are the worst regarding customer service.

Prices are good, but this company compensates by charging high shipping charges.

Out of 30 orders, there had been problems with 5 of them. Only 1 complaint was properly handled. The most ugly thing is they change a support team member and you will have to start from zero. Real time stealing. I guess that's tactic. Who is going to run after 5-20 USD if the chances are like that, that you are going to spend one or two more hours and maybe have to start all over again.


let's show them doing business is not just taking the money of the customers

I order approximately twice a week from china from various sellers. I've been doing this for years. It is the first time it is that bad. First, they are lying about their stock levels. I ordered only items in stock to get fast shipping. However after I paid I found they were not shipping the items for 5 days! I asked them twice, and they then told me "item is out of stock due to factory error". Why did not they tell me this straight away???

Second, one $96 item I received did not work. It could never have worked, it stopped working immediately. Either they don't test their products, or they knowingly sell broken items. Anyway, I asked them about what we could do... They told me that to get support I need to send them their garbage item at my cost. I proposed to send a video of the issue so that they can check if I did anything wrong... They refused! I think they know their products do not work, they are not interested in seeing what's happening because they already know.

I tried to get them find a solution... And they closed the live chat session.

I am now in the process of filling a paypal complaint and I encourage all people who have issues with hobbyking to file paypal claims. It seems that money is the only thing that they are interested in. Let's show them doing business is not just taking the money of the customers, you also have to stand behind what you sell.

  • Ve
    Veler Apr 04, 2012

    Warning: Do not buy from, bad service, poor shipping times and bait and switch advertising.

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  • Ra
    Ransoo Nov 05, 2012

    They suck - ordered a plane it came damaged waited a month for it - we then contact them only tobe told they want photos - sent them and since then no reply we now have to go thru paypal to get our money we will never ever do business with them again.

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  • Ra
    Randall King Nov 09, 2012 is the worst run so called company I have ever had the dis-pleasure of spending my Money on. I have had to wait before for my items to arrive in the past and I've always given them the benefit of the doubt (even when specific items have been in stock it took well over a 2 weeks- then you get killed on shipping charges -customer service is lost in translation ie...communication barrier, , really bad they don't understand ANYTHING except getting our MONEY after that they DON'T care whether we get the MERCHANDISE WE PAID THEM FOR...they say they pack and post orders from 9:00am-5:00pm M-F normal work week w/no overload on business I would hate to see them backed up..the SO CALLED US WAREHOUSE IS JUST THAT WHERE ARE THEY ??? they are as bad as the company overseas -they never have what you need in stock...they say most items take 2 weeks to come back into stock that IS A FLAT OUT LIE...i ORDERED 2 ITEMS that were IN STOCK AS I USED MY CRED CARD and pressed the button to pay THEM as soon as it processed I went to the items i had just purchased now they are out of stock...then they say you have 7 days to return an item when it takes THEM 1 1/2 -2 weeks at the LEAST to recieve your item IF you're lucky to even get what you ALREADY PAID FOR...IT HAS BEEN 38 DAYS counting today that i ordered 2 items that were in stock, ORDER WAS MADE BY ME ON OCTOBER 1, 2012 PAYMENT WAS RECEIVED AND APPROVED BY THEM ON OCTOBER 5, 2012 and I have the Proof that IT DID through my BANK NOW these CHEATING THIEVES REQUEST THAT I SEND THEM A COPY OF MY CREDIT CARD...WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER, and that WILL NEVER HAPPEN you can trust and believe that.

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  • Do
    Don't Tread On Me 60 Jul 12, 2013

    I also have had problems with Hobbyking. One was like above, I ordered and when the order was posted after I paid it was out of stock. I was ignored until I filed a complaint with Pay Pal. I have to agree nothing gets their attention more than doing this. I had just received an order in which a small but vital part of a plane was missing from the package.and I have not gotten any reply but a run around even after sending in pictures of the order. I have now filed another complaint with Pay Pal, just in time before 45 days have past. I waited over a month for the order after paying for it. My advice to anyone with a problem with Hobbyking is to file a Pay Pal complaint. One other thing is that when I filed the complaint they deleted the order from my history. Luckily I had taken a screen shot of it before I filed. You should do this before filing. Perhaps this will force them to get their act together.

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  • On
    One piss off Robert Nov 29, 2013

    I ordered some A123 battery's order showed a tracking number but when you with to Swiss Postage site no such number existed it has been now 65 business days. I also filed a paypal complaint but was convinced to drop it so that they could investigate. Another 4-6 weeks! Then I am told they were only going to return the cost of the product and not the shipping. Of which has to date occurred. Everyone needs to know this is a lying bunch of thiefs. Unless you want to make it your new hobby writing and hounding them about the product DO NOT buy from them.

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  • Al
    Aliengrey Apr 06, 2014

    An order that I made with HK in September 2013 never arrived. They fobbed me off until the 45 day Paypal complaint time had expired, with promises of action. Eventually I tracked the order with Sing Post and they assured me that the order had been returned to HK. Hobbyking have now acknowledged this, but despite many promises from them and emails from myself, all they can say is that they are awaiting permission from "higherups" to refund the money. Six Months later I doubt that I will ever get the refund but please be aware that HK as stated above do not have any "Honour" in making right their mistakes. ONLY BUY FROM THEM IF YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE A CHANCE

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  • On
    One piss off Robert Apr 06, 2014

    It is always a problem when a company responds with the same phrase over and over. The shipping is so slow that you forget what you bought it for. Swiss Post is a joke rather than send it the shortest way possible it has to cover the Eurorpean nation then across the Atlantic to New York I live on the west coast. If they don't lose the package. I have purchased many Items from Hong Kong and received them within 2 weeks why does it take 30-45 days? Not worth the trouble

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  • Cj
    cjensen715 Apr 28, 2014

    I placed my first order with HK 4 weeks ago, my payment went through quickly and after about 2 weeks the website said my order had been printed and sent to the warehouse.This must be the slowest warehouse in the world. I keep contacting them about every two or three days. The customer service rep tells me they will escalate my request up to the warehouse supervisor. But still my order sits. I am amazed that almost everytime I contact them the ask me if I want to cancel my order. What kind of a company does that??? I have a feeling that something is out of stock and they don't want to tell me and they won't ship partial shipments. I am very unhappy wit HK. I placed an order with another hobby company the same day as I placed this one. I received that order from China today and I am still waiting for my order from HK US warehouse.

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will never ever order anything from

Ordered a set of products from them. They took my money and started claiming that they don't have the money. Customer support supposedly keeps sending messages to their accounting and accounting never replies. This has been going on for more than a week. Daily chats with customer support end up with nothing. Will never ever order anything from

I did not recieve the product

I have ordered turnigy 1000mah 3s 30c lipo pack for 2, turnigy 2200mah 4s 40c lipo pack for 2 and turnigy 500mah 2s 20c lipo pack for 2. Insted of those items, I got turnigy 1800mah 2s batteries. They wanted wrong batteries back to hong kong, and I sended back to them. Since then, I have no reply from them. I have not get what I ordered. I did not want waste my money just for nothing. It cost 96.83usd for product, shipping cost for wrong product 77 usd and my handling cost for 100 usd. Total of 273.83 usd. I need my money back and can you help me with this trouble?

  • Rc
    RCflyer Jun 13, 2012

    I feel your pain. Hobby King cannot be trusted. I ordered a Bixler ready-to-fly plane from them on 4/15. It arrived weeks later with a critically damaged wing. There was no external damage to the box. It may have actually been damage from the factory. First they accused me of accepting a damaged parcel, and have since not been able to get me the critical replacement part (two months and counting). I filed a dispute with Paypal, and HK started extorting me, that they would not help me with a dispute open in Paypal. If you let 45 days go by you will have no recourse with Paypal (45 days has now long passed--no wing). Hobby King responded to the dispute by offering a $20 refund (on the $180 shipment). The plane is not flyable without the part, so they expect to give you $20 and be stuck with an unflyable plane. I refused the $20 offer and Paypal ruled that I should get a full refund, but that I would have to ship the parcel back to Hong Kong, which costs well over $60. That's a pretty steep penalty for HK's inability to supply simple replacement parts for a damaged shipment. BEWARE! Don't say you weren't warned! It's a total crapshoot to deal with Hobby King. You WILL regret it.

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  • On
    onehitsniper56 Sep 07, 2013

    what a sad thing. if I knew about this very bad reports about hobbyking, I swear to God I would not buy nothing from them, , , I wish I read this before the 45 days passed by without making a complaint to pay-pal, , , , because now it's too late for me to make it. anyway, I hope there will be done something about this liars, , , , yes, , , LIARS!!, , in the advertizing they offer you a superb quality product, when the reality is other, , , , ( their gain, our loss.) I'm still stuck with an unflyable plane due to the issues encountered, shop smart!! don't buy hobbyking products!!

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  • Ch
    charles e fields May 04, 2014

    Well hobby king ripped me off too.I ordered a mini saturn servoes a battery and a reciever.I was sent a mini swift only After three weeks they decieded they wanted mini swift back shiped at my expence.As soon as they recieved mini swift they closed the case I filed a complaint with pay pal.Its been over 30 days so hobby king ripped me off for 102.00 any ides how we cwn get our funds back?

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  • Pa
    pashki Jun 23, 2014

    Hello, it is sad about hobbyking. I had several orders ok but the last one paid is not shipped for more than 30 day. All item was on stock at order time an they are on stock an now. I do not know were to make a complain.

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  • Vi
    vic`s upset Sep 19, 2014

    i ordered the pursuit with all up grades ran it four times and the esc burned up, , aquastar 160, , junk, , no warranty, , also when mailed me package no receipt, instructions, the battery charger never worked, i just wish i got a different one from a hobby shop closer, , , 572.42 wasted

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  • He
    hel_hob Oct 24, 2014

    they have nice web page and Youtube videos but those impressions dont count! customer service are like robots with standard replies and frustrating. how bad can it get!
    I had a 2nd disappointment when a Walkera QR X350 body shell was delivered without 2 fastening nuts on one of the arms. its completely useless without them and being machine installed. a $30 purchase and was offered with a $5 credit. further chats were futile and they dont understand the feelings of hobbyists. they being in the hobby business!
    1st disappointment was a damaged carrying case delivered. they offered a replacement but never came! offered a credit but in that I lost $45 of delivery charge and now $9.99.
    hobbyking is definitely not a merchant for subsequent purchases considering their service and customer service whom are good in checking delivery dates. not suitable for disputes.
    I still have credits with them and they can keep it!

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