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Few weeks ago I lost my LG K10 and purchase the upgrade LG K20.
Using the LG K20 the sound was bad to the point I was having a hard time understanding people talking. I found the LG K10 and decide to switch it back. I was told it would be a $15.00 charge to switch the LG K20 back to the LG K10, and agreed it would be okay.
When the employee (ID: Sonya) was taking my case off my phone she broke the case. I said, there goes the $15.00 you were going to charge. I did expect the store to replace the damage case they damage.
(I am including a picture of the damage to my phone case by the employee).
The employee went and got two items from the store shelve:
Item 1) Tempered Glass Motorola E4, Sub-total: $5.50
Item 2) Motorola E4 Kickstand blue, Sub-total: $5.50
First I am thinking she was getting something to replace the damage case. When she told me the products would be $11.00 I'm thinking I was getting the items to replace the damage case and the $15.00 is going to be waived. After purchasing the items and ready to leave I ask what about my purchase items? I was told no you don't get the items these items will not work on your phone. I didn't know this until after she used my bank card to pay for the products. I guess she was thinking this was the way in giving me a $3.00 discount for damaging my phone case.
(See copy of the invoice).
I paid for these items I didn't get and don't even work on my phone, the question is who will be getting what I paid for?
I am going to have to go to my bank and file case against this store and make sure they don't use my card information to make other purchases.
I hope this problem can be solve to prevent this from happening to other people.
Thank you!


Oct 05, 2018
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  • 9w
      Oct 05, 2018

    would of refused the parts she grabbed and got a manager in regards to the damaged case by the employee
    as for your phone I would think as is most often that just putting the sim card in the other phone should be enough
    would try that
    would also go back and get a refund on the items

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