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Damaged product and poor after sales/customer service

I recieved a damaged Steelbook in an online order, i spoke to Puneet on Cex Facebook messenger, i asked for another copy to be transferred to my local store so i could exchange it, i was told " transfer of stock from one store to another is at the store's discretion" but then was asked to go talk to someone else by Email (Robin), who then told me they cannot transfer from store to store for security reasons ? and to take it back to store, get a refund, re-order.So heres the next problem, they only had 2 of this item in stock, so i explain that if i take it to store for a refund it will go back into stock and when i re-order it i will have a 1 in 3 chance of getting the same damaged item.Then i am told by Robin that they will get in touch with the other 2 stores (mansfield and trowbridge) and check on the items quality and get back to me, eventually i am told the items are in perfect condition and pictures (which i never recieved) were attatched to show this, and to BUY it AGAIN, then take the damaged one back ! After being messed about i order it AGAIN, only to find out that Barnsley has bought one in, and the store who were sending it to me was Barnsley !!! so i am now taking a gamble on this one being in good condition otherwise i am in the same position !!.
I cannot believe how much hassle this has been for a Damaged item i just wanted to exchange.A damaged item should be Replaced with no hassle, if i buy online i should have piece of mind that it will be sent with minor cosmetic damage and not a BIG dent and crease on the FRONT and i should not be the one having to order a 2nd copy while i already have the first copy, to then go into store and get a refund.I Realy hope the replacement is in good condition !!! but its a gamble...

Damaged product and poor after sales/customer service
Damaged product and poor after sales/customer service

Sale of Ipad

I have been into Bletchley branch this afternoon with my iPad. They said it failed on visual check SIM card tray. Came back to store and changed tray over from another ipad that...

customer service in store

Today (17/02/2020)I went to sell some AirPods which I bought two days ago and I hadn't used from o2 but couldn't take back there because I had lost the receipt, as Cex is usually easy to sell to I thought I would give it a try. When I was in store asking to sell them I was told they where a class A and where worth £97 this was written on a piece of paper and I was asked to sign this if the information above was correct, therefore I did. I was also then asked to sign a receipt to say that £97 was the correct amount for this. Everything was completed and I was happy with this until roughly 30 minutes after leaving the shop I had a call on No Caller ID which I was hesitant to answer, it was Cex on the phone saying (which is unusually that I am being phones on no caller ID making it difficult to phone back). The women on the phone then said to me that the AirPods are no longer class A and are class B as there was a ‘scratch on the back' meaning they are worth £84, on the phone I thought it was a waste of time going back to sort it out because I had already left the town. However, now thinking about it, firstly I had signed sheets confirming the information was correct and the money they where worth, secondly if the ‘scratch on the back' was ‘so big and obvious' as the women said on the phone, how come the person who dealt with me in the shop didn't notice this? thirdly, I think it is stupid how you decide to contact your customers on no caller ID which makes it a hassle to ring back and harder to find the phone number to call back on. Overall, my experience as Cex was awfull and I think the way I have been treated as a customer was rude and disrespectful and I will not be shopping here or selling my producers here ever again unless there is some compensation for the way your staff behave, and the way how my signature has been used for the wrong purposes and for things I havnt signed for. This makes me feel uncomfortable as to how honest your company is, especially because the product I was selling to you today was un used and still in packaging there is no way there was any scratches on the back.
Thank you

CEX Shop — re: no reply email product issue

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Shops The issue that I have experienced was: I brought a i9 9900K from CEX on the 14/12/2019 as part of the part...

tablet purchase

Hi, I've just been in store to sell my Huawei mediapad M5 with bluetooth keyboard. I've been offered only £46 cash, yet £75 voucher, and you are selling it for £190! How...

michael kors smart watch

613654 My husband bought me a smartwatch from the wythenshawe branch for christmas i opened it up on christmas morning set up the watch and charged it when iremoved the charging magnet...

computer says no! assistant can't think for herself!

Tried to sell two items today and buy one (I would have also had to give them additional money). *Computer* wouldn't accept that the first item (an Aukey 4K "Go Pro" style camera...

CeX — Not making a refund; iphone 7plus

Dear Customer services, Thank you for your support about the recent case I opened. You were really supportive. However, my concern was not considered as I presented my case to...

selling online service

I personally packaged my items making sure all were in situ and in mint condition and packaged them well. I waited over a week and then logged on to my account to see that almost all items had been marked as damaged or missing which is completely untrue! There is also no phone number to call and the online contact form does not work! I am shocked and disgusted to day the least and have today posted a letter of complaint but whether this will be answered remains to be seen. I am currently owed at least £40 by this company.

item: sxb1500gb003 - xbox one console, 500gb./customer service

Order number: 6800067 Please refer to my emails with Ritesh(customer service). Ordered and payed for on the 29th Oct. Received with a missing lead. The unit immediately displayed...


I was today at cex Ilford to see what happened with my hp elitedesk 800 mini G2 that I bought 10 days ago, the desktop machine was not powerin on anymore, the till girls were...


Hey I went in to the skegness shore on Halloween to go buy a ps4 Xbox one a laptop and a new phone to be ignored by several off the staff there we are regual customs a we spend a...


I bought AirPods off the online site, on arrival I saw that the case was damaged, along with the inside being filthy, and the AirPods themselves having incredibly poor sound. Clearly and old damaged pair that was never properly tested. I expected some level of quality deficit to a brand new pair, but not to this extreme extent. I am very disappointed that proper testing of products is not carried out, and clearly faulty products are sold to customers.

bought a damaged game

I purchased call of duty black ops 2 from a coventry store and when I went to play it I found out the disk was broke and keeps freezing, there is visible damage to the disk. I live in nuneaton so I can't get back to Coventry to return it, can I take it to my local store and will they swap it for an undamaged disk? I have the receipt as only purchased today.

unethical behaviour

I took 2 consoles and all connectors and controllers to cex to see about selling them i went shopping while they tested my items and on my return was told they could not buy them...

iphone 8 plus

I bought an iPhone 8 plus from your store in Stockport after being told that it was in perfect condition unfortunately this turned out to be untrue as the speaker in the phone wa...

dvds and xbox 360 controller

I have been to this store 3 x and 3 x I have had multiple problems ... controllers not working guitar not working games not being able to be read and dvds are scratched and play...


I placed an order for a dvd FAIR GAME with William Baldwin a couple of weeks ago and have not yet received. This is the third time now I've not received an item. Please can you check up on it please. I love shopping with CEX but this on line shopping isn't any good. If you dont receive the item you've ordered that's money wasted for a dvd at £1.50 delivery. It needs sorting out asap.

samsung monitor

613654 My autistic son bought a monitor today from Erdington thinking it was a tv the lead wasn't packed in the box so i took it back straight after asked for it to shown working or to...

xbox one game

613654 When I went into cex today to Sell my games, the man behind the counter had his hands all over the discs which is triggering in itself. I then continued with the trade and bought...


Hi I purchased a ps3 from your Bradford store on 24.07.19 I went to trade in the ps3 at your Leeds white rose store but they failed it saying there was a crack on the side they were very unhelpful and basically blamed me .i bought it as discounted. it is not the first time I have problems with the staff in store mainly in the Bradford branch I would like this sorted out please regards David jepp

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    El Chupacabra Feb 25, 2020

    Their description on the website for 'Discounted' -Grade doesn't mention "cracked" and if they can't prove they mentioned it was cracked, then within 6 months (which it is more than, this is for others' benefit of education) the item is presumed to have been sold in the state it is returned in and they'd have to prove otherwise (and if you catch them admitting that cracked items are sold discounted, it helps prove that it is far more likely they sold you something based on a lie of omission). Actually, you tried to return it (or sell it back) to them within THREE months, which could help prove your claim in a court. Mention this to them. Learn your rights.
    If you never realised it was cracked, and didn't cause the crack yourself the PS3 was arguably not as described. You have up to 6 years to claim under general contract law, specifics under Consumer Rights Act 2015, and easy to win, these clowns just profit from people not knowing their basic consumer rights.

    Tell them you'll take them to court for the item cost, plus lost income for every minute of your time from inital purchase to testing, to returning it more than once, to preparation of legal information and advice, to writing this complaint, and court fees, (small and the loser pays) to travel and off-work lost earnings to travel to the Small Claims Court. No need for a lawyer as long as you're careful to check specifics.
    Ask them to roughly calculate what that will be (£lots) and see if it's more profitable to just refund you as per warranty - after 6 months, to the current cost. But you could claim for the full initial cost, less use, but plus travel costs and court costs to deal with the issue. Courts don't tend to be kind to businesses who could have sorted it out before it got to court, fairly clear-cut, but don't manage to, thus waste their time. Especially ones with the reputation of Cex.

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  • El
    El Chupacabra Feb 25, 2020

    Games consoles:
    "Discounted - Poor condition but must be fully working. Chips, dents and scratches are acceptable providing function is not impeded. ***Cracks or missing/broken casing is not acceptable"
    There you go, from their own website:

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    El Chupacabra Feb 25, 2020


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graphics card, customer service.

613654 Dear sir/ madam, My name is Andrew Lanham and I am writing to head office with a formal complaint. On the 28/09/2019 I went into CEX ( 103-105 Armada way, Plymouth) to enquire...


I was selling my Xbox for cash all going fine apart being slow (trainee not his fault) once agreeing an amount and informed me I have to come back because of testing which was a...


613654 I brought a tablet in 30/07/09 from Cex, the next day I purchase something from Argos. One day apart and once again your receipt has severely faded. I had a receipt with money on...

customer service

Went in today to sell. Arrived at store to be told last time my I'd was updated was in 2017. This is 100 % false. And on any other occasion, if I am selling something and have to...

attempted to sell my xbox one in store

The xbox one was rejected over what they claimed to be a loose hdmi port which I tested when I got the product home and there was no such issue this is after i had to wait around...


613654 Ok so Iv purchase a phone from your shop on the 09/08/2019 at 15:00:49. My daughter took it out the case a couple of weeks later for the screen to pop out. So when Iv tried...

blu ray walking dead 1 - 7 box set

My son had some birthday money he wanted to spend and went to cex to trade some items in and buy walking dead 1 - 7 boxset. When he went to buy the box set on blu ray the item had two prices one for £25.00 and one for £35.00 shop assistance turn around and charge us the £35.00 one. I thought this was disgusting as the week before it was priced at £25.00 but couldn't get to store to buy this item, also while he was trading is items he nearly lost out on £10.00 because assistance didn't scan every item in, it was only that he had some some research of how much he would get re trade that we new. Feedback code 097af766 and selling items feedback code is d695d31e

iphone 6

613654 16th september this year (2weeks ago) I bought Iphone 6 After that I bought silicon cover as usual for new phones. 2 weeks of using during charging just stop working ! Stop...


I bought a iPhone in October last year last month the phone started playing up would not turn on unless it was on charge as soon as I took it off charge the phone would go off I...

cex - iphone

Good morning, Today I have been to CEX office because of my phone's malfunctioning for poor quality health, malfunctioning touch when phone in charge and malfunctioning home...

toshiba laptop serial no. 2e09588ou

Screws have come away from the bottom of the laptop causing the laptop body shell to come away and now unusable.. Product is still in its 24month warranty (bought 23rd Dec...

xbox one game

Brought a game today 18 of September forza 2 from cex in Lincoln opened it up to find the disk has a big crack straight through it took it back and tried telling me it didn't...


Hi i been a member since five years yestarday i been to your shop in glasgow cause i wanted to sell my iphone 7 the girl on the desk start arguing with me cause my id is from...

staff at store.

Very rudely staff.. they even don't check my laptop for selling .. had a very bad experience.. must teach your staff how to deal with customers.. without checking any device how...

selling phones

On two separate occasions I tried to sell a phone back to CeX Staines after not needing them anymore. Both phones were purchased at the same branch a few months before. I...

ps4 game

613654 I bought a ps4 game from your store at castleford west yorkshire on friday 23rd august 2019 and when I got the game home the console could not read the disc so I cleaned the disc...

ipad mini

Bought the ipad mini a few months back for my course work. But the bloody thing doesn't do anything it's supposed to because it cannot update. I can't even use apps like ebay or YouTube. If they can't be updated to function properly then they are not fit for purpose which is a legal requirement of electronic sales. So I would advise rather than selling expensive bricks you set up a recycling scheme. I know this is not the fault of cex and more the fact that since Steve jobs died apple has become greedy and idiotic but as tech suppliers on this scale cex should consider the functionality of the products they sell. I would like a refund or store credit to compensate this inconvenience.

terrible customer service

I recently bought a mobile phone from the forge store in Glasgow, was very happy with my purchase and when I got home but the mobile on charge. Checking it later I saw it was fully charged and left it for a few minutes longer yet when I went back to it I found it unresponsive, I tried everything but finally out it back the box provided when I brought it.

Having work during the week I went down to a closer store to me on Union Street, Glasgow. I explained to the male staff that served me and he said it they would test it and it would take 30 minutes, having a look around at some items I came back to the desk at the quoted time and was told that they couldn't get the phone to turn on but they wouldn't give me a refund or exchange as the moisture meter had been triggered. When i said it had been left in the box provided and not been near any water he shrugged and said not my problem really, I found myself getting angry with him so I asked to speak to the manager and was told that there wasn't one though I had seen him walking around behind the next and out the back not long before.

After leaving that store I headed straight to the other store in the forge shopping centre, where the staff were amazingly friendly and helpful. I told them what had been said in the other store and they checked the moisture meter hadnt been triggered and after plugging in the mobile it flashed up that it was charging after 10-15 minutes. They told me if I had anymore problem's to bring it straight back and to be honest though Union Street is closer I would rather go further to The forge and get the great customer service than have a rude unhelpful and quite honestly lying staff.

terrible customer service

sold a google pixel two weeks ago

Hasn't even bedn tested yet and CEX have had it for 9 days now.

No contact numbers to raise a complaint.

They take 4 days to respond by email.

I'm depending on the money to get basics for the month and would never have used you to sell knowing how bad this is. Testing and payment is supposed to be within 7 days of receipt of the item, they responded 3 days later when i chased saying they had higher volumes- so you didnt have the decency to let a customer know, a customer that's depending on the money to get to work and back.

Never using again to buy or sell from.

Despicable bunch of ignorant idiots.