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MetroPCS / 4g data

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I am on the $40 4G plan. I had gone over 250MB for the month of MAY 2012. It took me abut 3 weeks to go over my data limit for the month of MAY. So because I went over my limit, my 4G data was being throttled/slowed down to very slow speeds. After the MAY billing cycle ended, and the JUNE cycle started, I had the same throttled 4G speed since DAY 1 of the NEW CYCLE. I tried restarting my phone, taking the battery out, etc. That did not correct the problem, so I called customer service and they told me I had already reached 100% of my data limit. I know this was wrong, so few days later I went to the metropcs store (corporate) and tried to resolve this issue.
The manager told me that I had actually used 221% of my data limit. I even showed him the data monitoring app on my phone which stated I had only used 4 MB.
They told me it's the applications that are "hogging" data, but I am not a beginner user on tech products. I know that the meter did not reset. Of course, I was pressured to upgrade, which I did not. I see this as an unethical way/method this company is trying to do bussiness in order to make more money off their customers in order to : Appeal to their investors (PCS shares are at a very low price in years) and to pay off their debt and costs the company has for their 4G network.
I am not a heavy user data user. I used to be on the $50 plan with 2GB, and had always ended the billing cycle with around 2-5% data usage. I know that for the month of JUNE I would be surpassing the 250MB limit, but not on the first day when I had barely used the phone.

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  • Ad
      10th of Oct, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I have MetroPCS 4G Unlimited x Unlimited $70 plan and I am VERY upset at how slow I have been throttled down to! I feel abused and burglarized. I have 2 lines with metro that I have kept faithfully for well over a year, never missing a payment. Now that I have spent over $400 on a new phone and purchased the most expensive plan available I am being mistreated. My 4g connection was excellent until they decided that I used "too much data" now, my speed has been choked down to slower than 15kBps!! Thats right, 15kB!! Less than 1/20th the speed of the 3G on my other Metro line. It is absolutely rediculous! I pay top dollar for Unlimited everything and just two weeks into the billing cycle my connection has been all but shut down. I am outraged! The primary source of my data consumption is Netflix. It is also the main reason that i purchased the service in the first place. Now watching Netflix on my 4G LTE is not even an option. It is impossible. I called 611 and spoke with a supervisor, at which point I demanded that they terminate my 4G immediately and pro-rate my bill for the data service that I am no longer receiving. He was unable To comply with either request. In order to resolve my issue I was directed to submit a handwritten letter to the corporations mailing address or to compose an email to After several emails I finally received an automated response which only reiterated the txt that they had already sent me the day before describing why i was being punished. It stated that due to the unusually high amount of data that i had consumed my data speeds will be reduced. A gross understatement!! My complaints have been ignored. It is completely. unacceptable . It is not like data is stored in a bank somewhere and will soon run out. No, data is UNLIMITED. and so is my data plan. I am paying good money for bandwith not data. Yet they have the audacity to constrict my bandwith down to a trickle in the middle of the month. If you ask me that is STEALING!! It is not stated anywhere in the Terms and Conditions, the Service Agreement, or the Unlimited package that after a certain amount of data my speed will be reduced. Especially reduced so much that I cannot download an app or check my email. LESS THAN 15kBps!!! ROBBERY!!!

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      10th of Oct, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Here are my results from

    Test Date: Oct 10, 2012 2:28:12 pm
    Connection Type: Lte
    Server: Wellington, KS
    Download: 14.8 kB/s
    Upload: 16.1 kB/s
    Ping: 160 ms

    External IP:
    Internal IP:
    Latitude: 38.00000
    Longitude: -97.00000

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:

  • Ja
      13th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    i have unlimited data for my 4g lg motion they slowed my internet said until the next billing cycle it will b back to normal now its next billing paid my phone still slow why do i have unlimited data for if its no use thats false information and promises to customers i call and get no explination accept email i am waiting for a email back from them hows that going help me

  • Me
      15th of Feb, 2013
    +1 Votes

    im in the same situation I have the unlimted plan and Im in GA btw. before I payed this months bill my service was fine and fast now all of a sudden just like the guy who has been seriously reduced they did it to me too. No warning or nothing been with this company for 7 years seriously.

  • Cr
      11th of May, 2013
    +2 Votes

    Wow I thought I was everyone else, I have the unlimited plan. And only 2 weeks into my cycle I got the text saying that they think I have used excess usage of data.and reduced my speed.the only reason I have the unlimited plan is for my Netflix and now I can't steam a video..I had the lower plan a few months ago and the guy in the store told me I needed unlimited for what I use it for it will NEVER run out, well it has been perfect the last 3 months I'm not using any more than before so how in 2 weeks I used more.I feel robbed, lies to. I have been on the phone for 2 days with metro and they have tried everything from refreshing to reset to manual reset and then the manager tells me to email the serviceagreenent site they can't help me..this is messed up.I am not understanding if u say UNLIMITED all the sudden your going to say no I've decided your cut off u used to much...IRS there anything we can do?

  • Fi
      8th of Aug, 2013
    +3 Votes

    please let us come together and file a class action law suit. WE WILL WIN!!!

  • Cc
      10th of Sep, 2013
    +3 Votes

    Oh yes, I can see now that I am not alone. I intend to investigate a possible class action suit immediately. This is an outrage! I'm so angry I can't express... and if I hear one more foreigner say they "are very sorry for the inconvenience"...

  • Lw
      29th of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Well after 1 year the problem still exists. Totally sad! I too agree about class action.

  • Ni
      14th of Sep, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Have this problem also, says I have used close to 6gb out of my 2gb unlimited plan but I just paid my bill and the data never resets, very frustrating!

  • Da
      22nd of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    My phone is off I need my phone back on please

  • Mo
      10th of Jun, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Im paying for unlimited 4G and getting very slow speed

  • Km
      9th of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I just got off the phone with MetroPCS. I just upgraded to the unlimited $60 dollar plan 2 months ago. I also just got a new phone 4 days ago. Ever since then my data and hotspot are extremely slow. It takes longer to buffer and load than it does to actually watch any video. We have troubleshooted my phone about 6 different ways and they also reset my data and it is no diffrent. They said they put a "Ticket" into their i.t department to look into it. I read in the comments here that people are being punished for using too much data on their unlimited plans so I asked them about that and they did tell me that if you use more than 30 gigs in 30 days they absolutely slow your data down. I didn't look to see if that's in their terms and conditions but there I have it. They will slow data. However in my case I've only used 4gb of data on my phone so far so I have no clue why mine is slowed.

  • Qu
      17th of Aug, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Same issue so upsetting lets all file a lawsuit

  • Rh
      21st of Oct, 2018
    +1 Votes

    My data is being limited, actually I don't have any between 1:30 and 10:00 pm. No one at Metropcs or T-Mobile seems to care.
    I'm leaving as soon as I can and will NEVER COME NAC OR RECOMMEND THEM.

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