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Metro PCS / poor service!

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I called Metro PCS a few times simply trying to find the "mms" address associated with the subscriber service. If you are unfamiliar with an "mms address" then let me fill you in. It is simply your phone number @ a "dot com" "dot net" "dot us" address that allows you to send and receive pictures, video and email. Every phone & every phone has one you can see it clear as day based on this website that I found that lists them all for each phone company...

In any case, some goofball Keith who was ill informed on the product he customer services, got cranky with his own stupidity on the topic and hung the phone up on me... great customer service by the way. I wish I remembered his agent number, I'd post it. Any who, I call back and some lady answers... same dullard response, they both state that Metro PCS doesn't have and MMS address and it can't be done. Which is a bold face lie, because if you take a look below, oh my... what is this?? Looks like an MMS address for Metro "frigging" PCS... WOW! The exact thing I was looking for is right here... Way to go me for customer servicing my own issue, I should get their pay for today... So f.y.i. if you need your phones MMS address for Metro PCS here it is... any other service, visit this site

Metro PCS
Metro PCS

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  • Er
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Metro Pcs - Poor Service
    Metro Pcs
    2050 SR 436
    Winter Park
    United States
    Phone: 888) 576-3876

    I don't appreciate Poor customer service..............This Metro store manager and a sales clerk were very rude to me and did not help me but ripped me off..............2054 SR 436 Winter Park FL 32792 DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!! It's a long story but long story short I bought a phone cause mine wasn't texting certain people, well they suggested I buy one to fix that problem cause my phone was old...anyways I bought it and it still did not text certain people so I told her and I said I wanted a refund...she said sorry I can't do that!!!! I said I just bought it and you didn't tell me you couldn't refund this before the sale was finished......she continued to refuse my request same with her manager I asked her cause the sales clerk did not tell me I couldnt return it, anyways the receipt says return before 30 days!!! Hello I just bought the phone 10 minutes can only imagine what happened after wards....she still didn't help me, I had to go to another store and get help...they only gave me half the amount I paid for it too and I had to buy a different store...what a waste.......soon I will go to another cell phone provider because I got such crappy service and nothing has been done about it.....

  • Ka
      4th of Aug, 2008
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  • Yo
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    The reason merto's customer service is so terrible is because there is no one to hold the distributors, management or the associates accountable for their actions. If anyone from coorporate Metro is viewing the complaints you should remember that YOU HAVE YOUR JOB BECAUSE WE THE CONSUMER PAY YOUR SALARY. When enough of us get feed up and to take our business elswere you will be with out a job because metrowill loose money.

  • Un
      27th of Apr, 2009
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  • Me
      26th of May, 2010
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    ok, so i live in port huron, which has 2-3 diffrent Metro stores but still i get no xservice at times. It's like my phone just decided to go on roam for 3 hours& not send/ receive text messages, or calling.

    -i would understand if maybe i was out of service range, because i know in Croswell, there is absolutley none, but i have Metro, my mom, and both of my brothers also have it, and their phones work perectly fine.

    Also, when i go to the store and ask them whats wrong with it, and there is some old man in there that doesnt know ANYTHING about the phones themself.
    Another complaint is, my internet. Some times it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Usually if i turn off my phone, then when i turn it back on, and try to rebute the internet it works, but more or less you should NOT have to do that! if you are paying for the internet service, you should be able to load&go on it whenever you please too. Again, their excuse was "ohh, just turn your phone off and turn it back on, were not sure why its doing that?" WELL YOU SHOULD! YOU WORK THERE! SO FIGURE IT OUT, AND CHANGE IT OR METRO IS SLOWLY GOING TO GO DOWN IN BUISSNES. because i have already complained to all of my friends.
    all i have too say is...

    -Verizon here i come

    from, a highly pissed off customer.

    -p.s. i hope that the people from the Metro Stores everywhere read this, it would make my day for them to realize to do their job right and not have completly trashy phones, or dont do anything.

  • Jo
      27th of Nov, 2010
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    I had a poor expereince them as well. The manager was rude and they lied to me. They would do nothing for me on a new phone that was less than a month old I bought from them at that very store. Very unporfessional and rude. They should be fired. MetroPCS needs to clean house if they want to keep customers.

  • He
      25th of Jul, 2011
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    Metro PCS keeps coming out with the great deals??? well a great deat aint a great deal if the damn service network is ###. This company constantly has problems with text, picture message and their so-called Smart phone plans suck as well. the internet is so slow I could look it up in the library and it would be faster.
    This company is a bait and switch outfit and they skimp on service in order to give you these supposed good deal.
    A good deal is not a good deal if it doesnt work. ### Metro PCS

  • Ju
      23rd of Sep, 2011
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    The Metro Elite store located at Elite Metro, 2050 State Road 436 in Winter Park, FL 32792 are a bunch of Spanish ###, everyone working there is Fat and think they belong on the runway somewhere in an Alley.

    To start they sold my wife and two upgraded phones which they charged us $10/per phone to activate, total=$20. When I arrived home the phones weren't working. I called the store and told them the keypad was too small to read, they said "Fine, bring it back in tomorrow and we'll swap the phones for some simpler ones at NO Charge." I went back the next day and both he, and his store manager--some other Fat male Latin person kidding.. red lipstick and he had his eyebrows waxed.

    Another fatty who thinks he belongs on the runway somewhere in an alley with the HOBO's cheering him on as he shows off his Flourescant Green thong!

    Stay Away from this Fashion show gone extremely wrong, these people are bottom feeders and should all be behind bars for Croooked busiiness practices!!

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