Metabank/fingerhut Credit Account / issues I had 1250, Saint Cloud, MN, United States
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I have been faithful to fingerhut. This is ironic, in trying to resolve and issue with the bill. I paid a balance on mar 7th, 2012 and it was cleared at my bank. They have a no record of it. My complaint
Is this, to tell the truth about my company and how I might be able to use there resources.

Calling is not the answer, because I was told there was no supervisor, or cannot do that. This is not how any company needs to be represented. Because of this I will not do business with fingerhut again. The number to call is in the terms and conditions of the credit account. And nobody is going
Tell you that you have to write them in order to cancel. With the internet why? Please let people
Know that the credit account on fingerhut is through metabank.

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