Mercedes Benz SA / Dissatisfied customer - New CLA 220 with manufacturing issues

Johannesburg, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0718694689

Good day

I bought a brand new Mercedes CLA 220 in Nov 2014. These are the issue I experienced

1) I had contacted Mercedes in Constantia to book a test drive for the CLA 200. I called the day of the test drive to confirm my appointment and I was told they had thought I wanted to test drive the GLA. They had no CLA 200’s in stock and would get back to me. September and October 2014 went by with no contact. A friend referred me to Samantha Hudspeth in Bryanston to advise her to please call me as I wanted to purchase a CLA 200. Samantha contacted me immediately.
2) I booked a test drive with Samantha. The day I arrived to test drive the car, I was informed that the car had broken down. No-one had called to inform me of this before I left work early so as to go test drive the car.
3) I then purchased a CLA 200 paid R2500 to secure it without test driving it. The day I had to go pick up the car, I was informed that it had been sold to another client although I had paid R2500 to book the car. I had already handed in my trade-in vehicle and was without a car for a week. I had to cancel all my client meetings and work from home.
2) I then had an issue with getting reimbursed for my trade-in vehicle. This too took me a few calls of complaints before the transaction was finalised.
3) 01/02/2015 my car showed a yellow engine light. I took the car in the next day and they worked on my car from 02/02- 05/02/. I was not given a courtesy car because my car did not stay at the dealership overnight for 42hrs. I was collecting it daily as I had no other transport. On 05/02 I received my car and was told parts were ordered, installed, car rewired and all was fixed. On 06/02 my car showed the yellow engine light AGAIN. I sent an email to Samantha Hudspeth to complain and got no response.
3) On 09/02 I sent my car back to Mercedes to get it checked & was told the car is reflecting the same issue that had been supposedly fixed. Neil said he will ask if I can receive a courtesy car and once he has received a response, he will book the car in. It is 17/02 and I am still driving this car with the yellow engine light on.

This is clearly a manufacturing issue. I bought a new car for a reason, and I had thought I was buying it from a reputable brand. I want a new car or my money back. I am willing to go to BMW/Audi to purchase a new car that fulfils its function.

Feb 17, 2015

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