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Mercedes Benz Bedfordview — poor after sales customer service

To whom this may concern. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Mercedes Benz ML350heated seat on fire

The heated driver seat in my 2007 Mercedes Benz ML350 has
burnt through my seat causing damages to my coats, clothes and myself. I
scheduled an appointment for Mercedes Benz of Orland to fix the problem. One of their services Supervisors, Jason called back before I was scheduled to arrive the day of my appointment. I
explained my issue and told him how this seat has caused damages not only to my
clothes but body injury. He asked me should he move forward and order another
seat that would cost me $1200. I told him that I didn’t feel like I should have
to pay for any repairs. Jason told me that heated seats are a “convenience
feature” and my SUV was no longer covered under warranty. This leaves a bad
taste in my mouth regarding Mercedes Benz and the way the service departments are
managed. I’m sure Mercedes Benz does not want to send the message that they do
not care about their customers, but only money and greed.

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    Ken Garff Mercedes Benz of Salt Lake City — poor service and inattentive staff

    I have dealt with sales staff and service staff at Ken Garff Mercedes-Benz of Salt Lake City and close to...

    Mercedes Benz 2013 - C - Class 300 — lease owner

    I lease new c - class 2013 4 door 4 matic and trade in 2003 toyota camry. On april 2013 I arrived at service...

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Mercedes Benz R&D India — notice period

    Locking employees with 3 months notice period at Mercedes Benz R&D India Pvt. Ltd. No one is willing to join...

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    Mercedes Benzsbc breaking system

    Mercedes Benz E 270 CDi 2005, Fitted with a defective SBC breaking system on manufacturing of vehicle.
    The system allows a certain amount of break times, then "Time Out". Leaving the driver without any breaks to stop the vehicle.
    Luckily an accident was avoided.
    MBSA refuses to replace the defective part, leaving me with a replacement cost of more than R22000.00 .
    After some research on the web, I found proof that Mercedes has been aware of this problem since 2004.
    Yet MBSA refuses any assistance regarding this matter.
    I Feel this is a life threatening defect that may cost lives and people should be made aware of the risk they take every time they get in their cars.
    Contact info: Andre Hugo, [protected], [protected]

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      Mercedes Benz GL450 — fire under passenger seat

      My 2007 Mercedes GL450 caught fire under the passenger seat while we were sleeping. It was 2am and the car...

      Mercedes - Benz Glk350 — very high extra charge on lease

      We decided to lease a car for the first time, thinking less hassle. We went to a dealer and picked an SUV. We...

      Mercedes Benzpoor service and fraud

      It is shame. I was disappointed by the big house mercedes. I bought a mercedes c180 from the house merceds paris longchamp for export in january 21, 2013. After a few km it zqsi shown "topping liquid refroid. Cf. Manuals.' I contacted the seller and he told me sorry we did all the diagnostic and forgot to add water added it and you zill be ok. I thought his words because he works in the big house mercedes. I take my way to marseille to take my boat and 40 km even after, the message still appears therefore I continued my way by adding water at each stop with stress and panic.. When I arrived in tunisia I went straight to the house nearest mercedes"av grand maghreb nabeul 8000."it informed me that the problem is a seal and more worse when he told me that this is a defect in the mercedes c180 and we have not the seal in tunisia. I contacted the seller and I I sent the attached reference"a [protected]", but he sent me another one with another reference"a [protected]." this is not normal at all from a big house and your staff. I'm disappointed with everything around me and my family and children because the car is in the garage. I worked hard to have a nice car and go home but the house mercedes deceived me and betrayed me. Why???
      I did not want to buy elsewhere to be sure of the quality and the seller told me that the car is almost new and I thought his words then why???
      Sorry I do not have confidence in your company as my car is in the garage and now I can not use it. Every day I am forced to use public transportation I regret having chosen the mercedes. I know that 20 000 euros the price of my car worth nothing to you but for me it is my all money and I spent one year in an unstable country away from my family to have it and I do not wanted to buy a new car from another brand because we are I mean we were fans of the mercedes and I did not want to buy an unknown dealer and I chose the house because I trust, I mean I trusted in this house and its staff. But now I hate it and I will tell my case to all people with facebook twitter and all the web because I wrote a lot of messages to mercedes but they don’t care about us.

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        Mercedes Benz of Orland Park — bad business/deception practices

        My car was towed to the dealership for an inspection due to my purchase of bad gas from BP. I asked the...

        Mercedes-BenzI think it is terrible to have a $50,000 car and you can not drive it

        I have a E350 Mercedes Benz with less than 75, 000 miles and the transmission has gone out. Customer care in New Jersey, Ray, says basically TOUGH!! He offered no help whatsoever. I think it is terrible to have a $50, 000 car and you can not drive it.

        We have a Chevrolet with 212, 000 miles How does this compare to Mercedes….sorta puts them to shame???!!!

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          Mercedes Benz — design flaw

          A common problem with a design flaw that has been over looked for years and peoples voices have not been...

          Mercedes Benzpoor quality and sevice

          I purchased my Mercedes Benz 220CDI (Chassis No: WDD2040082R033977) in May 2008 from NMI in Pinetown, Durban, South Africa as a new vehicle.
          This was my first engagement with Mercedes Benz into what I was hoping would be a long term partnership. Regrettably, I soon experienced that this was not the case, and for my prospective experience this was and remains a relationship where neither the dealer nor Mercedes Benz SA are either willing or capable of resolving the Quality issues on the vehicle.

          For your perusal please find attached a summary of the service record on this vehicle. This can easily be verified against your records:
          1. First Service
          Radiator hoses not secured – the vehicle had to be towed back to NMI Pinetown where I requested the service to be redone.
          The Electronic Alarm system work at this stage as it indicated to me that the vehicle was overheating.
          The comment from the workshop manager (Trevor Hattingh) was that he has never seen this happen before.
          2. Windscreen washer switch
          Replaced at 12916km on 02.10.2008.
          The vehicle was returned at least twice for this – at some stage we had a discussion as to what window cleaner I used in the water as the contact was reported as corroded.
          3. Run flat, coolant light, windscreen washer fluid indicator
          Attended to at 33681km on 31.07.2009 (coolant light and windscreen washer had one common fault).
          The Run flat indicator was the start of a repetitive issue that was reported on numerous occasions.
          The coolant light was a once off, however the windscreen washer fluid indicator was a repetitive problem.
          4. Run flat indicator and focus head lamps
          Attended to at 39948km on 23.10.2009. Upon testing it was found that the run flat operation was normal.
          The Run flat indicator is still a repetitive problem and was part of the previous TIPS case. This is still sporadic as was reported at the last service (80 000 Km).
          Some of the corrective action taken by you was
          • Reset of the control software
          • Reload reset of the control software
          • Upgrade of the control software
          • This was the start of the headlamp issue as we both got valid and not valid errors as reported to you
          5. Air conditioner not working and automatic lock on central locking re-set
          Attended to on 15.01.2010 at 45662km.
          Air conditioner resolved
          central locking re-set once off and resolved
          6. Stop lights not working and material sticking at right front door pad and vehicle not starting intermittently,
          Attended to at 54468km on 12.04.2010
          Rear light failure. This issue is put very lightly this again manifested itself as both valid and not valid error (mostly not valid) – Please read this with point 6
          7. Tail lamp not working,
          Attended to at 55219km on 26.04.2010.
          • Rear light failure. This issue is put very lightly this again manifested itself as both valid and not valid error (mostly not valid)
          • cluster was replaced
          8. Right Front Park light not working,
          Attended to at 80228km on 15.03.2011.
          This issue is put very lightly this again manifested itself as both valid and not valid error (mostly invalid)
          I asked Pinetown at least twice to record this issue on my vehicle history
          9. Alternator replaced
          alternator was replaced March 2011.
          10. Speedo cruise malfunction,
          Attended to at 80310km on 16.03.2011.
          Once off failure of the steering column electronics
          11. Front light failure
          Attended to at 80310km on and emergency call out
          12. Front light failure (park beam)
          Reported as an invalid failure on 09.05.2011
          13. Front light failure (park beam)
          Reported as an invalid failure on 09.05.2011
          14. Security system failure
          Reported on 03.11.2011
          15. Clutch and Engine management system failure and poor transmission of phone kit
          Reported on 11.01.2012
          1 Clutch master and slave cylinders were renewed no external leak.
          2 The camshaft hall sensor renewed internal electrical fault as per fault codes
          3 No fault with cell phone reception tested on the road at different points and recorded communication.
          16. Receive incorrect Service notification
          Received a service notification for an un related vehicle via the dealer SMS system
          17. Water pump failure and overheating
          Water pump failed due to impeller blades disintegration. The repairing dealer indicated that the possible cause for this could be a lack of antifreeze. This is concerning as this vehicle has never used water and all services have been done in accordance to the Mercedes Benz’s requirements by an authorized dealer.
          The electronic warning system did not indicate that the vehicle was overheating with the temperature gauge well into the red. Surely this is one of the features of this vehicle – please refer to my complaints regarding the electronic warning system, I have expressed my concern on the reliability of this system continuously.
          As far the overheating of this vehicle is concerned, there is no indication at this stage what damage this caused. This is both immediate damage and the latent effect of fatigue as a result of the overheating.

          My analyses of the above information are as follows:
          • The radiator hose that was not secured properly is bad workmanship
          • If you look at the light bulb failure there is a direct link between the alternator been changed and this problem not occurring again.
          The question that we have to ask here is why the dealer would not have made this suggestion long before we involved Mercedes Benz South Africa. To them this was normal to have these many failures on light bulbs?
          • The Electronic warning system features in the above throughout the list of compliants, by example we had inconsistency on
          o The Window washer feedback
          o Run flat feedback
          o Light failure feedback
          o Speed cruise failure
          o Overheating failure
          • I consider the following failures as major and certainly not within the norm, especially when they all happen on the same vehicle
          o Alternator replaced
          o Speedo cruise malfunction
          o Security system failure
          o Clutch and Engine management system failure
          o Water pump failure and overheating
          • One of the principles of manufacturing is surely to produce consistent repeatable levels of quality and reliability. I shudder to think that this vehicle is the benchmark that Mercedes Benz subscribes to.

          My expectation of entering into this partnership with Mercedes Benz was certainly not to own a vehicle with these many failures that is inherently unreliable and would have expected a much higher level of support from both the dealer (MNI) and Mercedes Benz to resolve this. The general statements that we should expect failures due to the nature of the product is certainly not what you want to hear after spending close to ZAR 400 000 – 00 on what is perceived as a top end vehicle.
          My disappoint is also supported by various comments made by the staff of Mercedes Benz South Africa, your dealer network and private individuals by example:
          • Yugen Kistadu - it is uncommon for a vehicle to have these number of failures.
          • NMI Pinetown – This must be a Monday car.
          • Your dealer in Empangeni - this vehicle has had a lot of problems.
          • The reluctance of both Mercedes Benz South Africa and MNI to work together with me to find a resolution to this is unsatisfactory. This I have requested on numerous both verbally and in writing. Surely this is not only my problem.
          • The last reasonable recommendation that I made to get this situation resolved was arrogantly dismissed by Mercedes Benz South Africa with a statement that clearly show their lack of willingness to work within a partnership with their client base. For the record this was the last request that was
          sent to Mercedes Benz South Africa
          This issue must be resolved and for this purpose I want to propose the following options:

          • We, both Mercedes Benz South Africa and I, as partners in this dispute, escalate this to Mercedes Benz AG and the Consumer Council; Last Friday I requested Mr Maloi to escalate this to Mercedes Benz AG.
          • Mercedes Benz South Africa purchase this vehicle back from me at a fair price to both parties and allow us to end this unsatisfactory relationship
          • Mercedes Benz South Africa replace this vehicle with one of their fleet units of a similar specification, in this case both parties will have to ensure that this is done in a fair and transparent way – this will exclude any involvement from NMI.

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            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Mercedes Benz of North Americadefective vehicle

            I purchased a used 2002 ML 320. Recently all of the brake lights came on as my daughter was driving this vehicle on the highway. She said the car jerked and began to quickly reduce speed, a dangerous thing on an interstate highway. I restarted the car later that evening and it seemed fine. I headed for home and after driving for about 7 or 8 minutes all of the brake lights once again came on. I was forced to pull over. I turned the car off for a few minutes, started it up and proceeded home only to have all of the lights come on again after driving approx 7 or 8 minutes. I took the vehicle to the dealer and he said I need a new ESP Control Unit which would run me about $1, 700. With three in college I don't have that kind of money so the car sits in my driveway. I went on line and low and behold it seems a lot of ESP Control Unit complaints were lodged (among many other complaints) about the 2001 and 2002 ML in particular. I think it is clearly a safety issue and the company should be forced to conduct a recall to replace the ESP Control Unit. It seems to be a software problem, more so than a mechanical one and accordingly should not happen. I contacted MB and they said the vehicle was too old. I said given this is a software issue age is not a factor. I asked them to replace the ESP Control unit at their expense and they refused. This is my third MB and it will be my last. Even if I find the part elsewhere, they still soak you because they must "code the part to the vehicle". I am considering filing a class action lawsuit. If anyone is experiencing similar problems please contact me at [protected]

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              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Tom Masano Mercedes Benz — rip off

              Purchase $40000 vehicle... Had I for 1 hour... Found coolant leak... Broken gas cover And 1 air bag going...

              Mercedes Benz 2012 Online Promo/Mercedes Benz International Promo DrawI need the verfication details of this complant it is ture or not to claim or not

              This is the message which I need the true or not ture to claim or not

              This email is to inform you that your email address has just won you the 2012 mercedes benz gl 550 and lump sum cash prize of £1, 000, 000.00 pound in draw#0212 of the just concluded mercedes benz international promo draw that was held in london.

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              Agent name: esq. david fletcher
              Email: david. [protected]@yahoo. cn
              Tell: +[protected]

              Claims agent/announcer mercedes benz 2012 online promo.

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                • Sa
                  ......santhosh,,,,, d b Apr 20, 2013
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  please send me the details about the sending message

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                • If
                  Iftikhar ahmad qamar Jul 19, 2012
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I need the verification details of this complaint it is true or not to claim or not
                  Complaint Rating:
                  Company information:
                  2012 MERCEDES BENZ GL 550
                  United Kingdom
                  Phone: [protected]


                  This Email is to inform you that your email address has just won you the 2012 MERCEDES BENZ GL 550 and lump sum cash prize of £1, 000, 000.00 Pound In draw#0212 of the just concluded MERCEDES BENZ INTERNATIONAL PROMO DRAW that was held In London.

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                  Do Contact the claims agent with contact information stated below:
                  Agent Email: Email: David Fletcher

                  5.TELEPHONE NO:

                  Email: [email protected]
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                  Claims Agent/Announcer Mercedes Benz 2012 Online Promo.

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                • Sa
                  ......santhosh,,,,, d b Apr 13, 2012
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer



                  Santhosh D B
                  Indian country

                  Respected sir
                  I am santhosh d b from Indian country Karnataka state in Bangalore city i have received the message of that i have won the prize which i have attached below weather it is TRUE or FAKE send me the details about this message to my e-mail ID of - [email protected]


                  RESERVE BANK OF INDIA
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                  Dear Beneficiary,

                  The transfer department of the Reserve bank of India has decided to bring to your attention, that you were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of outstanding debts incurred by outstanding debts incurred by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT from 207 to 2011 According to your file, Your payment is categorized as: contract type/ Lottery/inheritance/unpaid contract funds/ undelivered Lottery fund. Payment file: RBI/id1033/09. Payment amount: 500, 000GBP. But recently, on the 05th of Nov, 2011. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Dr D. Subbarao, met with the Senate Tax Committee On Finance RBI Mumbai branch. Regarding
                  unclaimed funds which have been due for a long run, at end of the meeting (RBI) Governor, Dr D.Subbarao mandate all unclaimed funds to be release back to the beneficiary stating that it’s an unfair practice to withhold funds for government basket for one reason or the other for tax accumulations.

                  Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that 500, 000GBP {FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS} will be release to you, as it was committed for (RBI) Governor that Beneficiary will have to pay crediting fees only. So you are therefore required to pay 15, 500 INR ONLY. To credit your account immediately making a decline for 2 working day after date of receiving this mail. Also reconfirm/provide your bank account details-for crediting. GET BACK TO ME
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                  This is the e-mail i am sending to the for verification details it is Believable or Un-believable (TRUE or FAKE) and send me the details to claim or dono’t claim to my e-mail to my ID of [email protected]

                  Thanking you
                  Santhosh d b

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Mercedes Benz Mississaugahorrible service

                By: KARAM

                Not buying another Mercedes moving on to a BMW I hear they have amazing customer service. My lord you pay so much money to drive a Mercedes yet when when you go in for service it takes them 2 days I don't hear from them, I had not authorized any work to be done since I was waiting for call first then finally when they decided to return my calls (Derek) explained to me that they had spent 4 hours and still couldn't figure out why I had a battery draining issue. And I would need to authorize another 2 minimum hours at a rate of $170 dollars an hour now totaling just a little over $600 dollars just to diagnose the the problem I later explained to him I was not pleased as he was to call me first. Fine I agreed to continue. Then today I call back and is put on hold for about 17 minutes only to be hung up on. Another adviser decided he would handle it from here on as (Derek) was new and apologized on his behalf So finally they isolate the issue and tell me it would cost another $1500 plus tax. I then again agree. I asked if I am gong to spend 1500 plus tax I would like a guarantee he then said I would not get one. I expect to hear that from no name dealers not Mercedes Benz but in any case I refused the work since the part was not available any where in Canada. To me that was enough hassle and money wasted yet the car is still dying so I guess. Now I am going to challenge them on the labor hours. As I believe fix it and I pay. You don't fix I dont pay. Shame on you Mississauga Mercedes Benz.

                NOTE. I was told 2 hours were all the time I needed another bad call.

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                  • Bo
                    Bogomil May 20, 2014

                    They never do a diagnostic, they just replace parts. My vehicle MB R500 left licence plate light burn every month and every time they replace light bulb and never try to find why they are always burning out. I asked the question and guess the answer. They said that it is more easy to replace light bulb more than finding the root cause. They replace one part and they always create another issue.

                    I will never buy a Mercedes Benz anymore, will go for GM. My 2003 old Impala is still working like a charm and never got lot off trouble with it. And if I have some little issue, GM dealer fix it very well.

                    Shame on MB, all MB dealer have some issue, but MB Mississauga is the worth.

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                  Mercedes Benz Bryanstonextremely bad service

                  We intended to purchase a ML350 from the above dealer based on an advert the dealer placed in the Autotrader. Once all paperwork was finalized it was arranged the dealership would deliver the vehicle to us no later than Tuesday 20 March 2012. The vehicle was intended as a gift with various arrangement with the dealership to make sure the delivery did not occur after Tuesday 20th March. Only to be informed at 15:00 that no driver was available to deliver, we were told we can collect it however. Arriving for collection a MORNE communicated to us that we still cannot take delivery as they don't accept delivery / release notes from ABSA (Barclays) Bank where the vehicle would be financed through. They needed their bank namely Nedbank first to vet the document. Needless to say no delivery took place Tuesday and all the effort for arranging the suprize for thus gift car was nipped in the bud by this MORNE. He stood by his story even after senior officials of ABSA bank contacted him & emailed him to enquire why he doesn't accept the industry norm and official paper work from South Africa's largest bank. Absolutely crazy!

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                    Mercedesa Benz — 2003 sl500 gas tank

                    My Mercedes 2003 SL500 developed banging noise in my gas tank, in January 2010, having less than 20, 000...

                    Mercedes Benzpoor after sales service

                    very poor after sales service from mercedes benz sa.13 june 2011 -shocks and shock mountings plus bushes replaced after laying complaint to merc sa, dealership at that stage could not find fault.6 months later 12 january 2012 -same problem surfaces again-complained to dealership-said nothing could be done right away-vehicle needs to be booked in which was for a week later.complained to merc sa thereafter, they have asked nmi umhlanga to sort out vehicle.nmi umhlanga asked me to drive car up from stanger to umhlanga approxiamately 70km away inspite of suspension problem on vehicle.notified them that insurance company will not cover vehicle if i had to drive it in that state.still awaiting any sort of response from nmi old fort road, umhlanga and merc sa

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                      • De
                        De Simon Sep 09, 2014
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I had my mercedes serviced by VV Motors on Motril, Spain for a leaking hydraulic suspension pump. They fixed the first leak bat the front but caused a second further back even though the seals were all changed. Took itback and had all the seals changed and the leak was worse. Blamed it on overtightening! I can guess who did that especially as they not only caused the new leak but used my mercedes official workshop manual to do the work which didn´t specify the torque settings.
                        Complained to Mercedes Customer Assistance who said VV Motors in Motril wasn´t an official Mercedes agent although VV Mercedes Granada was, even the former with all the Mercedes logos and flags appeared kosha.
                        However when I sent copies of the bills to Mercedes with headings and stamps showing VV Motors Granada on them they confirmed that this made it officially a Mercedes service and they would take the matter up.
                        · weeks later I telephoned and was told that this was a delicate matter and they were waiting for a response from VV Motors.
                        A week after that I wrote to Customer Assistance and Head Office in Germany for prompt action. No response.
                        The long and short of it is that Mercedes care more about their agents than their customers. After all they´re the ones that sell their cars which have gone progressively downhill since the W123 and 124 series through which they made their name.
                        My next car will definitely not be a mercedes. I´ll probably opt for a top of the range Chrysler.

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                      • De
                        devilcoach Apr 12, 2012

                        MB service was bad before and after sell in Hong Kong. No effort was made to provide me with a test drive of the C300, despite my request, with the dealer stating that there was none available, a statement that I found quite unbelievable. And insurance matter. Where to send my complain to MB headquarter in Europe? Thanks

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                      • Pt
                        ptceli Jan 19, 2012
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Could not agree with you any more MERCEDES BENZ IS THE WORST RUN COMPANY EVER. It's used to be # 1 now it's at the bottom of the barrel//// MERCEDES BENZ SUCKS!!! DO NOT BUY A MERCEDES BENZ !!! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST THE TRUCK SUCKS NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS 4 TIMES IN 1 YEAR PROBLEM AFTER PROBLEM

                        0 Votes

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