Mercantile Adjustment Bureau / collection of charged of debt from 2005

TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 877-230-8371

A lady called my job and a co-worker fwded the call to me, did not give her name, stating that she wanted me to pay 5100.00 on Citibank credit cards that were charged off in 2005. She said I have to pay even though they are charged off and said "Well, we have your company information and will garnish your wages". I told her this was the first I heard of it and she said they had been trying to call for awhile. I told her last time I had CCs was back in college 15 years ago from that co. and like she stated was charged of in '05. She was rude and persistent. I finally hung up on her because threatening my job and stating that I have to pay. I understand that she is doing her job but her approach, threatening and being rude will not accomplish anything. Thanks for everyone who have posted about this co. Their tactics are over the top!!

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