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christ hospital, incontinence test, january 3, 2017-deductible and charge amount

Christ Hospital scheduled an incontenence test Jan 3, 2017 advising patient did not have coverage insurance...

I am complaining about service

I've been called numerous times stating my account was in arrears by your legal team ... I was told in...

debt from hospital. I do not owe

Letter was stating I owed 88.34 for a hospital service on 6/25/2015. I paid the balance. I do not owe this amount. I called the hospital. They stated there was no balance due, it was paid in full for that date of service. The hospital service was for surgery on my knee. I had to pay $345.00 out of pocket before the operation could be done. This was my portion of the bill that insurance would not pay. So how could I still owe $88.34

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    Shirley A. Temple May 02, 2018
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    I'm having the same problem with a hospital bill. Being billed for hospital debt I do not owe. I was approved for one day of Inpatient care by my insurance company. After eight months the hospital changed to outpatient and now say I owe the $75.. My copay was $250, which I paid. They are claiming I owe the extra $75 because the copay for outpatient was $325.00. This was turned over to a collection agency CBCS in Columbus, Ohio. I am appealing this amount since I have a statement of proof that I was approved as being an Inpatient for one day. Why should I be responsible for this amount when I was approved for Inpatient care at time of discharge from hospital??
    Shirley Temple, 17935 W. Deneen Way, Surprise, Arizona A/C 302237938-416 Abrazo Arrowhead Hospital, Peoria, Arizond.

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Received a letter dated August 21, 2015, sayiing I owed $26.84 for an old Baltimore Gas and Electric bill...

Resolved debt collection

I alfredia started reciving, collection letters from CBCS around the end of 2011, stating i own AT&T $3537.04. i asume it is for a cell phone i never applyed for. I am currently using a Metro PCS, thats been in use for the last five years. i have no plans, or had any plans to pay for a contract phone. To me the only way this could have happen is apone moving, mail with information could have been tampered with.

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illegally taking money from my account

CBCS illegally took a total of $358.92 electronically from my account on 2/17/2011. How they got my account number is beyond me. I called numerous number trying to contact the company and failed with everyone. I did some research online and found out that CBCS works for Verizon. I called Verizon and got their number. They asked me for an account number... I don't have one.

They had no way of pulling up any information about me. They were extremely rude to me. Trent the first guy would not even transfer me to a supervisor so that I could get more information about this EFT. After threatening with a lawyer I finally was transferred to Maria who was yelling at me to fax my banking statements and my voided checks to them. She also told me that there were pages of people with the same name as me and they probably had charged my account for someone else's debt. I have a hold on my account and my bank is holding all money coming in or going out. I am getting married in 8 weeks and am now out almost $400.

Looking back at my bank statements this is not the first time they have done an EFT on my account. They total $1789.59. They didn't have permission for a single penny.

My next step is to lawyer up and handle this in court.

fraudulent collection notices

They sent me collection notice and called me about owing 1300.00 to an old Verizon account from over 12 year...

Resolved illegal attempt to collect a debt

This company sent me a collection letter for a debt that has been DISCHARGED in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This has been going on for 3 year despite sending validation letters and cease and desist requests. They are reporting this collection on my CR, as both in collections and Discharged which is seriously hurting my credit rating

Resolved repeated phone calls

I continue to get phone calls from this collection agency even though when I was finally able to talk with a...

Resolved fraud and harassment

I get frequent calls on my cell phone and home phone from "Bob Jones" of CBCS. I had a small (less than $100) debt for medical services that apparently got sold to this company. Long story related to moving and mail being sent to the wrong places. Anyway, I paid it in full shortly after I learned that it had been sold. Yet they (CBCS) still call, and call, and call.

I don't know what they think they're going to get out of me. Even if I DID still owe the money, I'd pay it directly to the medical practitioner because I will NEVER give any money to a collections agency, on principle. CBCS, I hope you enjoy wasting your time and resources calling me ten times a week... you'll never get anything other than hung up on. *click*

Resolved terrible company

From what I've read, many others have received a phone call similar to the one I just received. Not only...

Resolved fraudulent activity

I have no idea who CBCS corporate is...but I have received bills from them for quite a long time. I of course chuck them in the shredder as there is no identification with them. No explanation of whom or what their bills are related to. I too have received numerous phone calls as well as messages left on my machine from 'Steve' and 'Chad'.

The worst message I received was coming home to find a note on my door from our next door neighbor which read... my name and my husband's name...Steve has been trying to contact is important that you call and then the note had the ph. number. which of course was toll-free.

I called the number...asked for the name and was told he is not in. I was asked my ph. number - I would not give it and followed by saying you obviously already have it.

I then said to give 'steve' a message for me. Told them that I did not know if they are an actual collection company for a debt owed by me to anyone else, but that I was certain their practice of looking up people's neighbors and calling them to leave notes was illegal and that I would consider any further contact from them be it through neighbors, family, friends - to be harassment and would take any steps available to me to get them in court. While telling the person this, he was shouting to me that what they did is perfectly legal and then began demanding to know if I screen my calls as well as cussing at me. The only thing I responded to was when I said yes indeed I screen my calls because of bogus thieves like you.

This month I get a bank statement. There is a charge off of my account to ----CBCS. What do you make of that! How did that happen. I am stuck on what to do.

Resolved unauthorized charges

CBCS attempting to collect debt for Alltel Communications, however, cannot produce evidence that I owe the money. Contacted Alltel and verified debt was sold to CBCS. However, Alltel cannot provide proof that I owe the money either. This harassment has been going on for 4 years. Has negatively affected my credit score (784 to 654). I did get the credit report corrected after several months. I believe this is a scam for the following reasons. Collection agency contacts me I dispute the debt and ask for proof of debt. Never hear from that collection agency again. However, a few months later a different collection agency contacts me. I have reported this to the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau of Ohio. Next step is to file complaint with Florida my home state.

Resolved fraud and cheating

These guys have been calling me for a month, out of the blue demanding payment for a Bell South account. I...

Resolved terrible scam

I received a letter stating I owed $81.99 for a bill from 1997 from AT&T broadband. They were willing to...