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I went to return a bottle of hair dye that I bought at the taylor michigan store and didn't need.. I wasn't sure what I did with the sales receipt.. I went to the customer service desk and was greeted by barbara.. I told her I needed to return the item.. She asked for my drivers id and scanned it thru the register and then rudely informed me that I returned an item last month and I was at my limit for returns with out a receipt.. She then continued to tell me that this policy had been explained to me the last time that I came in.. No one ever told me anything about this new meijer policy the last time I returned an item. I looked on an old receipt that I had in my purse and that is not stated on the receipt about items returned with out receipt and it is not posted any where in the store and the 5 other employees I asked about store policy couldn't answer the question..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Taylor, MI I talked to the store manager and she couldn't really tell me store policy and not give me any reason why its not posted anywhere.. She also informed that service rep handled me in the right manner.. So it is ok to be rude to me treat me like a criminal in front of the other customers and make me feel less than a dog.. Well I looked around in my purse and at the bottom was the sales receipt for the item so I returned to counter got my money back and left a buggy full of unpurchased groceries at the customer service desk.. I have never had a problem like this before at any other retailer.. I left there and drove 10 miles out of my way to go to krogers... I am not a frequent shopper of krogers so I asked them there store policy before I shopped and was told not to worry if I loose my receipt to bring the item in and I would be given store credit.. I then proceeded to tell her about my experience at meijer's and she said it was uncalled for.. But to make a long story short I won't be shopping at meijer any more because it is obvious that they could care less about me as a person..

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  • Ni
      Jul 27, 2009

    hahahahahahahahahahaha. I have never laughed so hard. wow that is soooooooooo funny. that would only happen to you wouldnt it lady? you are so funny. you and your stories, haha

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  • Lo
      Jul 27, 2009

    Rolling on the floor laughing.

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  • Li
      Aug 01, 2009

    The policy actually is no receipt no refund. but they give you the option to return it for the last sales price, and for store credit. You can only return items a few times before you no longer are allowed to return anything without a receipt. You can say you wont shop and meijer again...but im pretty sure you will!

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  • Tr
      Oct 28, 2017

    @liltmack Actually I was told that you are only aloud one return without a reciept even though my return was a gift I didnt want.

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  • Ja
      Jan 06, 2019

    @liltmack ...10 years later.

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  • Ju
      Sep 06, 2009

    yes you are right Miejer does treat people like that because they don't care and i have seen Miejer go down the tubes since they have been around and that is why they wont last much longer... As for the return policy they don't have it posted and none of the employees could tell you it because not one of them knows or can tell you the same thing... Bottom line is Miejer wont be around much longer because THEY SUCK!!!

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  • Db
      Jul 26, 2010

    Policy is that a return will be allowed WITH a receipt dated 90 days of the purchase. There is no policy for returning items without a receipt. However, depending on the items returned and the price of the items, they may return them onto an in-store credit. Also, they have the option of looking it up on a credit card or check. If you pay cash you may be out of luck, but the service desk working should be able to tell if a return is legit or not. But anyhow, the employee should have explained to you the first time that the policy is with no receipt no return will be made, but they commonly do a one-time on a in-store credit to accommodate the customer, anything else is subject to manager approval. I don't understand why she treated you so poorly because a manager should have been called and handled the situation. I work at the service desk in Findlay Ohio and I never tell a customer "no." That is a manager's job and they can make that decision. Anyhow, I think you could understand if you realized how many people come in and try to return items that are so often stolen and that gets under my skin. No one should be treated like a criminal though and anyone should be able to tell whether you are trying to pull something or if you just misplaced a receipt. Easier said than done

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  • Sl
      Nov 28, 2010
    meijer's - Santa Buck not honored
    Store # 164
    United States

    I attempted to use a Santa Buck to discount the purchase of a $100.00 T-Mobile prepaid phone card. The checkout attendant was unsuccessful in his attempts to run the Santa Buck for it, and agreed that there is NO disclaimer printed on the coupon that would indicate that it could not be used toward the purchase of prepaid phone cards.
    Let me state clearly that the checkout attendant was at all times courteous, respectful, knowledgeable and friendly. Not so was the store "manager" he contacted for assistance. We'll call the "manager" "Mr. no".
    "Mr. no" examined the Santa Buck and proceeded to give me some lame excuse that prepaid cards are not "general merchandise" and that a Santa Buck cannot be used to discount the purchase. I asked "Mr. no" politely to call HIS manager and he said he would not call "corporate", and Santa Bucks could not be used on prepaid phone cards, with no other explaination. During the following discussion I asked him TWO MORE TIMES to call "corporate". "Mr. no" REFUSED. TWICE! I proceeded to pay for the two items I really needed, successfully using Santa Bucks for each, and left all the rest of the items I had in my cart at the Service Desk for "Mr. no" to deal with restocking.
    Within 1 1/2 miles of store # 164 there is a Target, Super Wal-Mart, Krogers, Walgreens, Home Depot, Office Max, Shoe Carnival, and many smaller specialty stores. There is no compelling reason to visit this Meijers, other than it might have an item on sale. In the future I will AVOID Meijer stores unless there is some loss-leader on sale I want. In that case I'll purchase that loss leader item and make my other purchases elsewhere. I'll Post this experience on the appropriate Web forums, and will discourage friends & family from visiting Meijer, s.
    So the result is this: A friendly and helpful checkout attendant is hamstrung by wrong documentation and poor "management", directly hurting the bottom line.

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