Meijer / service I received...

On 5/25/18 I was at Store #123 in Southgate, MI. Elizabeth rang up my groceries. I specifically asked her three times not to put thru the whole bill of $202.78 on my debit card just $150.00 and the balance I would pay with another credit card. She put thru the whole bill and said oops. She called a manager over named Michelle. I explained I needed the $50 to be put back on my debit card and I would pay the $50 with another credit card. I explained my bills would bounce. The manager said it wouldn't matter and I could bring my bank statement in if anything bounced. I got very upset and told her how will that help me now. I didn't have money for this. I have been a very loyal customer and shop at Meijer every week and have all my prescriptions thru Meijer and us MPerks. The manager didn't try to solve the situation at all. I will never shop with Meijer again. I was treated so bad I can't believe it. I wasn't offered anything for my inconvienence.

May 29, 2018

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