Meijerproduce management

I have witnessed a few things that should be brought to the corporate offices attention! First thing was I witnessed Lindsay the manager tell an employee they were to punch out for break to use the restroom which I thought may be a policy, a few moments later I watched a young man come up to her with a coffee and the two of them proceeded to head outside together I was just finishing my shopping and went to my vehicle and I look over two cars away and those two are out there kissing. I don't know if she doesn't have to punch out for a break or not but she was extremely rude to her employee about using the bathroom then does this. I shop at Meijer because I thought you guys were better than Walmart maybe I was wrong. The produce department is the best around and all your workers are extremely friendly. I'm blown away that you allow your manager to be like that towards your workers! I have been back shopping since then and both times your manager was standing there with this young man and coffee holding a conversation and I couldn't find any organic bananas I looked around and saw 3 employees who were working very hard so I figured I'd ask her about the organic bananas. She was very rude to me and made me feel like I was bothering her or something. Another customer made a comment to me about how poorly I was treated I'm still in disbelief. I'm not one to normally complain but how I was treated really struck a nerve with me! I have a few small businesses around town and I buy my employees food from your stores a couple times a week! Your other two stores I shop at weekly are great and the managers are much more inviting and friendly they make me feel like I'm family. I can't help but wonder how poorly the shaver rd produce team is treated behind the doors.

Jun 09, 2018

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