Meijer / photo dept lenox #242

Mount Clemens, MI, United States

Arrived at 5:30pm entered a graduation invitation order. Walked around for 20 min came back and they forgot to "release" the order. Waited 20 more minutes, ran out of paper at 33/40 invites. They searched everywhere for paper and couldn't find it. We asked politely if they could just charge us for the 33 and we would get the rest when they figured it out. 2 people working back there couldn't figure out how to adjust the price, 1 cashier muttered F--- under her breathe and called a manager after 10 more minutes another "manager" came back with lunch in her hand and told them to call
Another manger! Now 6:52pm. 4 people and no one could help us, or apologize or offer a solution! Absolute horrible service. Would like a call back as we need these invites. [protected] Bill Smith order# 5554925.

May 1, 2017

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