Meijer / meijer pharmacy (mike pharmacist)

I picked up my prescription on Tuesday at 4:45 pm Before pulling away bloomed st my prescription (because I have gotten the wrong medication before ) and noticed the bottle wasn't very full (90pills ) I counted them and there was only 60 I pulled right back around (drive thru) and told the young man. He sent the pharmacist over snd he asked me a few questions and went back away then came back and said he would "fix" it but because it was a control substance he want to perform a count (Xanax) he corrected my amount and apologized (I asked for a number I could report this too and he said he would handle it )but I feel something needs to be reported. This is suppose to be a double check process and it failed, so what happened? Why was I short ? Where did the other 30 pills go, was the staff tested and was this reported !!

Jul 25, 2018

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