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To Whom It May Concern,

On March 13, during my shopping experience at Meijer, I noticed a large special display in the end aisle that had Knorr Selects rice packages. The sign above was clearly marked 10 for 10. After double checking, I placed two in my cart.

As I checked my receipt after arriving home, I noticed that I was charged $1.89 each bringing the total to $3.78. I was mildly perturbed, as I had purchased them under the understanding they were on sale.

I shop almost exclusively at Meijer, and have always found your customer service above reproach...until today. I took my receipt to the customer service desk, and mentioned to the person my belief that I was overcharged. She informed me that even though the sign said 10 for $10, $1 each, the packages were indeed $1.89. She indicated that she knew what display I was referring to, and had seen the sign...she did not recognize the misleading nature of the display, even though I pointed out it clearly was marked $10 for $10, and refused to acknowledge Meijer's false advertising.

I am disappointed. Shopping at the Three Rivers & Coldwater Meijer stores have always been pleasant. Sigh.

I would appreciate it if you would honor the $1 cost & refund me $1.78. It's the principle.

Thank you for taking the time,
Michelle Brokaw

Mar 18, 2017

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