Meijer Greenfield WIemployees

I started going to the #Meijer gas station when they opened in Greenfield Wisconsin because it's closer to home. I actually go there quite often but have had incidences occur not knowing that it was an employee of the station. There was 3 occasions that I had walked past a strong "marijuana odor." The first 2 times, I thought it was a high school girl with bluish colored hair since she was outside both times when I walked past her and smelled it. The last time (a few days ago) I was in the store and there was a female employee inside and she couldn't keep up with the amount of customers. She went to get someone else from outside. Well, needless to say, the blue haired girl came in and went behind the counter, so now I knew she worked there. When she walked past me to go behind the counter, I could swear she smelled as if she was holding a lit marijuana pipe/cig as she walked by because the odor was so strong. So, I may have to adjust where I shop and might have to go back to Walmart or Woodmans since it seems #Meijer allows their employees to use illegal drugs while employed with them.

May 02, 2017

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