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I called the Bakery to see if I could order a customized cake. The first customer service representative from the Bakery started to take my order and when I asked if they could something in the style of a Jack Daniels Label I was told that it would be a copy right issue, but she would let me speak with the cake decorator to further discuss my request. I spoke to the cake decorator and I asked her specifically "I have a question about ordering a customized cake." Then I asked her the same questions I had asked the previous worker and she also said they couldn't because of copy right laws. I said" Okay, could you do a name and Old No. 30 on it with some designs?" then she began asking me questions about the name, in a very rude manner, like she was perturbed to be taking my order. I began spelling my the name and she said, "NO!" I said "excuse me!" she then paused and began to spell back to me. At that point I said "thank you but I will call someone who is more professional."

I would like you to understand that I worked a number of years in retail and customer service and I have never spoken to a customer the way I was spoken to today. I have noticed that since the Meijer opened in our town their customer service has gone down as well. I was actually referred to the bakery at Meijer to order a cake. This was not what I was expecting. I would like my complaint to be addressed and if it is not I will continue the send this complaint until I get a response. If I was excepted to be held to a certain rapport during my experience with customer service, then so are your employees.


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      Nov 16, 2017

    This website is a public consumer complaints board and not directly affiliated with Meijer. You will need to contact them directly for assistance. You may want to ask for the bakery department manager or the store manager if they do not have department heads. At most what they can do is to give her a verbal warning if she admits to being rude or someone can confirm your statements.

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