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My goal is to inform you of the horrible customer service I experience with your call center rep and supervisor. It saddens me that I have to take the time to stress my concerns of poor service versus quality customer service. I'm honestly aware of the great reduced rates but didn't think it represents the customer service of Mega bus in general. This experience has me not wanting or referring anyone to deal with this madness in my professional opinion. We always hear you get what you paid for but in this case I don't feel I got that..

I made reservations to travel from Nashville TN -Chicago IL round trip.

I was staying with a friend near O'hare airport 45-60 min aware depending on the traffic. I was well ahead of schedule until I received an email stating the bus will not be departing at 8:50am as my reservations indicated. This was odd but was ok with being told at the last minute the bus will now be leaving at 9:50am. As I'm in route to the bus depot, I get another last minute notification the bus will be leaving at the original departure time at 8:50am. I was alarmed by this last minute conflicting information so I called customer service and made them aware of these emails and wanted to verify if there was a courtesy grace period for this internal glitch. I made him aware I was running ten minutes behind due to the emails and now expressway traffic coming form the suburbs. The heavy accent guy from New Jersey guy assured me the bus was still scheduled in the system to leave at the later time 9:50am. I'm not sure what happened by the call was dropped.

We arrived closer to an hour early close to 9:10am when we are told by another driver the Nashville bus left on time..

I then call back and speak to a representative Jay D. who seemed professional and immediately told me she will reach out to a manager to find out what can be done or at least express the miscommunication. I was told to wait like 15 min for a call back in which I received a call back from a supervisor Asha who presented herself as non caring, unprofessional and I'm not trying to hear it attitude. She stated she reviewed my calls and mentioned a call was dropped so obviously it was not fully logged with details.

Please understand I was upset, giving incorrect information and now being treated with no compassion or at least apology. I was with a friend who heard this whole thing and we were in shock that she was a leader of Mega Bus as this is poor representation. I was cut off numerous time with no excuse me or I'm sorry or lets try and resolve this matter. Yes, I did yell and screamed because she was feuding the fire with her non caring attitude. Having no option, I had to buy another ticket..

I didn't expect anything free but I expected to be treating as if I was a valued customer. I have rode the Mega bus a few time and all my experiences were arriving late so weird how punctuality comes up a lot in her rude comments. Please be advised Asha needs customer service skills or training on how to actually care about people or her job. I'm undecided at this time if I want to print out Mega Bus emails, this email and telephone records and file a complaint with the BBB because of this whole situation. I was supplied incorrect information, treated poorly and then had to pay for another ticket. If you guys would at least said I'm sorry can we offer you a cd off the fair or this is a problem we will look at or even its clear you are responsible by calls showing on our end. If a person is not honest they would waste time sending this emails or arguing with a unprofessional supervisor for 45 min. I do apologize for yelling at her but as a leader she should be at the professional growth level to handle or defuse the situation. Mind yo all the other reps supplied their name and last initial and she said she can give that information out. Once again not a leader behavior if she is confident in her job and how he handled. Please have someone in "upper management" contact me to understand how this issue should have been handled or resolved.

Billy Dodson [protected] or [protected]

reservation email address: [protected]

Nov 22, 2016

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