Megabusemployee stealing money and incompetence at bus stop

N Nov 22, 2017

I was scheduled to take the Megabus from NYC to Philadelphia today (11/22) at 12:25 (reservation number: AGP4GEY). While I your there in time, last call wasn't announced clearly and as a result me and three other passengers missed the bus. The staff were rude when we told them they hadn't done last call right.

After this, we we're asked to get onto the 12:50 bus, paying a change fee of $5. After last call for this bus was announced, I payed the fee in cash (receipt #3507, tix #[protected], agent #8763 - renald). I paid in cash using a $20 bill and the agent said he would give me the change when I got on as he didn't have change right then. The bus started and I never got my $15 change back.

From incompetence to downright thuggery has been my experience of Megabus today and it is disappointing and infuriating. I expect reimbursement.

My email address is [protected], phone number [removed]

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