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McAfee / scam billing

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 866-622-3911

I bought my Dell PC in 2004, and it comes with McAfee virus detector. It expired, and I let it. I wound up getting Norton instead. Well, today Nov 14. 2008, I was looking at my checking acct statement and saw that I had a debit from McAfee for 42.31 from the week before.

I had been having problems with a virus that had infected my computer, but NEVER purchased McAfee to fix it. So when I found McAfees # and debit on my statement I was shocked and called them. I was surprised to hear that option #2 on the automated directory was for refunds... yeah, that's not suspicious!

Anyway, before he could pull up my acct, he needed my name and credit card number. When I refused to give him my card number, he asked for my email address instead. He didn't have that address in his records, but had ten others that I had since 2004. How that was in their records, is unknown. I've never updated and given them any information... especially not my acct number.

Anyway, he informed me that I had a Dell, and thatteh debit was part of the automatic update that comes wiht the product. He also let me know that there was another debit for 37.00 that would be taken out today. I was shocked, and told him that I did not even have McAfee on my PC, hadn't for years.

I questioned how they got access to all my info, and all the guy said was that my debit card would be refunded within 4-7 business days and that they would cancel my service. I continued to tell him that I did not have service, and don't recall how they would have gotten my information.

He said that he'd send me an email to confirm the cancellation. I did not get a verification, but a link for a download instead. And the worst part was, the name of the product that was sent to me by email so happened to be the same name of the virus that had infected my computer a month earlier.

I don't know the connection, but am curious to know how 'McAfee' got my information and how long they've been stealing money from me. And what the connection between my computer problems and McAfee's updates are.


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