Maytag Washer 5000 Series with Steamkeeps breaking down: f70, f71 codes

Maytag 5000 Washer - Model MHWE500VW11
In year 5 of the machine it started having interrupted wash cycles throwing the F70 code. For a few months I was able to deal with it by powering the unit down and starting over. Huge inconvenience but it did the trick. Then it started getting worse and more frequent. Then it starting throwing not only F70 but also F71 codes. At the same time the matching dryer went out. I had both units serviced: Dryer heating element with parts and labor $260 and washer user interface board - parts and labor for $386. Totally sucked but dealt with it. Then 5 months later I started getting the same codes plus F35 and SUD. What the heck?! I called for service again, now the pressure switch and CCU board needed replaced for another $256. One week later - more trouble shooting codes. I called Maytag and the only thing they were willing to do was sell me new parts at 50% off. At this point the only thing left to replace was the pump. So, I spent more money on labor and parts for a new pump. The service people said I should be good now. It's basically a brand new machine since we have replaced every major part. Well, guess what?!? It's been 6 months and my washer isn't working AGAIN. F70 and F71 codes - which means it the electronic boards again. I can't imagine spending another $500+ in fixing it again. I have no confidence that it won't happen again. I can't continue to dump this kind of money into repairs. I should have just bought a new washer (but not a Maytag or Whirlpool) when it first broke. Of course I would have never purchased the unit in the first place if I thought it was only going to last 5 years. My last Kenmoore set lasted more than 15 years and was still working when we replaced it - trying to upgrade to a high efficiency machine. High efficiency comes with high repair cost and not so clean clothes. I'm highly disappointed with the washer, the Maytag/Whirlpool customer service and their product integrity. They obviously don't have faith in their products either or they would do more to help. Either the machine is a lemon or they are all built poorly and meant to be replaced every 5 years. INSANE! I might as well just buy something cheap and plan to replace it every few years. I just wish the company would step up and replace the machine or at the very least do the repairs this time at no charge on service and labor.

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